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  2. twintornados

    Slight vibration idling in gear

    ...if you are a troll.
  3. I can at least see a case for keeping Chrysler if they badge engineer Peugeot, Citroen, DS, or Opel products for the American market, and not sell those brands here and keep Chrysler as a North American brand.
  4. And Lancia as well which is only sold in Italy.
  5. Today
  6. That’s exactly what I meant by compliance vehicle.
  7. Maserati has been hurting for years. They want to be viewed as a high end brand, but folks that are willing to spend 100k+ on a luxury vehicle rather buy other brands. CNBC has a good video about Maserati, and how they plan to get back to some level of respect. Check it out here. Given the issues laid out in the video, I doubt 10 years is really needed to determine if Maserati is worth saving.
  8. fmccap

    Who`d a Thought....

    Can we move on? There's nothing to see here.
  9. Robin Hood

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I had a clause added to my order stating I could cancel and get a refund of my deposit if not delivered by October. I don't mind waiting, but I wanted an out, just in case the supply issue gets worse. I am going to sell my 2017 now since the KBB on it is so ridiculous. I don't want to take the chance of diesel prices starting to climb and the values dropping.
  10. I kinda just wanted the email confirmation honestly. I dont expect any of the estimates to be remotely accurate.
  11. Yes sir Clinton77, Lincoln was the lowest rated brand in the most recent Consumer Reports automotive reliability survey. The launch of 2020 Aviator in particular was an epic disaster. I think Ford & Lincoln management were genuinely embarrassed at just how bad things got with Lincoln product quality last year and have taken actions to remediate. To answer your question, the people directly in charge of Ford and Lincoln product quality are Chris Brewer (Executive Director, Quality) and Ron Johnson (Product Launch Manager).
  12. There are others who have tried, but they were going after the low price -high volume segment. GM and the bolt for example. They went for the lowest cost with a decent range, but still missed the mark because it wasn’t refined enough, or low enough initial cost to compete with traditional econobox on price. It appears 50k or so is the current sweet spot. Even Tesla dropped/never built the lowest price model 3 configuration. At 50k, it allows the mfg, to add enough equipment to be competitive in segments with premium powertrains. Less than a week away from the lightning reveal and seeing what Ford has planned for the f150. It should be able to fit nicely into the pricing and powertrain matrix. Hopefully with higher volumes than the power stroke. Maybe similar sales numbers to Raptor.
  13. Unfortunately the link doesn't work.....
  14. petemill

    Dearborn Shutdown?

    Or maybe that's exactly the look they want to give, so that the federal government diverts more resources to get US chipmaking off the ground / auto makers.
  15. JMC heavy trucks was selling rebranded Cargos
  16. Anyone have /had this issue thanks
  17. Anyone have /had this issue thanks
  18. The quality of some of these vehicles (Aviator) for example. Are ridiculous They need to hire someone who truly cares For what they cost They should be embarrassed
  19. Radio

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Well, bummer. When I ordered on 4/7 my cheery, optimistic salesman said "End of July!" and I smiled and said "Labor Day". He may have meant build date but I was talking delivery. I made myself a promise not to worry unless it went past mid-September. Trying to stick to it. Christmas is still another day closer. Remain encouraged, brethren.
  20. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Hah- as long as the Transit and Ranger are HEADED to China and not COMING from China. As for Ford selling the Chinese heavy truck business, more of the Ford definition of "commercial vehicles". They should start using the phrase "Light" commercial vehicles in any reference to trucks.
  21. Not sure I would trust the Ford Tracking App to give you Any indication of when you will get your truck. My F150 , 2wd, 5.0 was ordered Feb. 11, 2021, Has been in production since April21, 2021, and as of May 10th, says will be delivered in 8 days !? Estimated delivery to dealer is May 18, 2021. My dealer has No info that supports these dates. The circle that says has been built, has never been checked. Thankfully I am not in a big hurry either, but did have a trip planned in mid June to be In Wyoming, not looking to promising.
  22. N2Wind

    Dearborn Shutdown?

    That directly contradicts what I have been told by Ford's "Executive Offices". I think that most people in the forums know more about what is going on in the company than they do. "The information I received was that they are prioritizing retail orders as the parts become available." "They are not bypassing built orders to build units currently on the line." Complete lines of PR BS.
  23. Decker

    Who`d a Thought....

    Inflation fears grow for White House..... now who`d a thought
  24. Really wish they had gone with "OvalDrive" but I'm a big fan of puns
  25. Regardless of battery range, the rules assume the worst case, that PHEV owners drive with a discharged battery or in charge sustain mode, both of which jack up fuel consumption and emissions. No amount of battery range will overcome the assumption embedded in the rules.
  26. Broccoli Rob

    New to this forum

    Hello all, I started out on the F150GEN14 forum late last year while doing research before buying my first new new vehicle, a 2021 F150 Platinum PowerBoost etc, etc. I have since joined the many thousands of people who have had their trucks "produced" and have not received said truck or any update on it from Ford, via a dealer or otherwise. To kill the time, I've since branches out to the F150 forums and now here, always on the lookout for a way to glean more info on where my truck is in the ether!
  27. jpd80

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    That’s not surprising considering that the chip shortage has been going on most of this year, people trying to buy new cars this year have been living with the reality that a specific order may be months away and grabbing something close in dealer inventory is really their best choice for now. How weird is this, dealers asking full price for almost anything they have yet seeing sales evaporate as supply of vehicles dries up, some would be wondering what next.....
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