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  2. Spy shots show body changes but likely evolutionary and no word on interior since it was all covered.

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    I have a 2021 on order. I don't care about the electronics upgrade, just hoping there aren't major body or HP changes in the 2022!
  4. Nice sweeping generalization. Our 2020 Explorer and Escape are not rattle traps, and I am highly critical of rattles and noises in my vehicles.
  5. It makes sense when the government is actively encouraging electrification, batteries are a major foundation element
  6. Similar situation elsewhere, I’d they don’t use the entire budgeted funds, next year gets cut to the level spent
  7. Very impressive, you are very lucky FordBuyer sir! Newly introduced or redesigned, 1st model year Ford vehicles tend to be rattletraps.
  8. No sir. Exactly the opposite is true. Explanation from CR below.
  9. Today

    just make some upgrade

    The wider stance gives it an aggressive look!
  11. TrentM

    Crazy Navigator story

    Thanks! Yeah there are 18 and 19 inch alloys that will fit I am assuming. But none that I was looking at. If you want to see the new wheels I put on go to the Black Rhino Wheels website. I did the Glamis Matte Black.. 20 X 9. Very happy with em. I have 5 full inches of sidewall now instead of 3. Not so squishy in the turns and curves. More solid ride. Tires and wheels better suited to Idaho country,, not Miami freeways. Had a guy offer me $600.00 for all four factory wheels and tires! I said 'C'mon! You can do better than that.!! He said "Nope... those wheels are so ugly I should only offer you $400. !! Ha ha!!!!!

    Rubicon 392 Launch Edition to start above $70k

    The competition between manufactures is great for all of us...
  13. tbone

    Explorer King Ranch

    Funny how people view things differently. I like the current light and grill arrangement.

    2022 Super Duty Reveal

    Sounds like we all are going to have to wait a few more weeks to find out!
  15. I’ve seen that before as a city councilman.
  16. blwnsmoke

    Rubicon 392 Launch Edition to start above $70k

    It is a $800 cost difference between the 2.7 and the 5.0. add in a few thousand for suspension (doubt it's that high for an upgrade) and you are far from the 10k you mention let alone the $15k difference in price.
  17. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    7m-don't confuse vertical integration with the rush to embrace electrification. And I agree with you on everyones rush to "have an engine",-and a transmission too- but everyone is reading the same playbook now. For sure I see all the advantages of an electric motor at each wheel position but in due time. Unfortunately it seems the question of the electrical grid and the battery industry to keep up seems to be an afterthought. I guess R. G. Letourneau was born about 50 years too soon. And for you young guys, he designed and produced a line of earth moving equipment in the 40's that featured Detroits powering a generator that fed traction motors. I think their last year of production was in early 60s after company was sold to Westinghouse.
  18. Flying68

    Another new V8 ?

    If the are keeping the same bore and going to a shorter stroke it allows you to run higher RPM's with less stress on the rotational components. Adding forced induction makes up for the lower torque inherent in a shorter stroke.
  19. Decker

    Who`d a Thought....

    have a president to give his duties as commander and chief have the capital of a country under armed military guard, with barbed wire, carrying and driving anti personnel armaments' have citizens hate at a level of division seen in multiple over thrown societies No I`m not referencing Myanmar....
  20. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    Because they can make money doing it that way. Ford has done this for what? Nearly 20 years now? It's not as it it's some massive investment to add a badge on the outside and change a grille.
  21. FR739

    Explorer King Ranch

    To a point I agree. But having a bespoke model for simply a different color of material for the interior has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Nobody is choosing not to buy the Explorer platinum because the color of the seats isn’t brown.
  22. Decker

    Who`d a Thought....

    Ok... I know it`s real cold and we have had our share of snow but... Did someone forget to tell me HELL has frozen over I mean, the NEW YORK TIMES running these types of article NY Times Opinion: School closures have been an epic disaster for children (and Democrats are to blame) (hotair.com)
  23. Mithras

    Explorer King Ranch

    +1. That interior doesn't hold a candle to an aviator's.
  24. Executive order was signed by President Joe Biden today to address supply chain risks. Executive Order on America's Supply Chains | The White House Section about HV batteries for EV.
  25. rperez817

    Explorer King Ranch

    Yes sir silvrsvt. It's the largest ranch in Texas. The 4 sections that comprise it have more land area than the state of Rhode Island.
  26. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    I mean. This essentially is the other trims with a different interior color....
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  28. I'm glad to have a cousin as the Sr GM of my local Ford store... it makes things SO much easier.
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