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    2020 Escape Order Guide

    2020 Escape Order Guide View File 2020 Escape Order Guide Submitter ice-capades Submitted 05/14/2019 Category Escape  
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    I drive that hill all the time - make no mistake it is brutal. I agree there were concessions to keep America's favorite mid-size in the game - I think the Toyota was maxed out, could not have done that run one second faster. The Ranger on the other hand was constrained by the TFL ground rules that they are not allowed to exceed the speed limit - and per their own rules they have to back off at a certain speed. The sound meter was the give away -the Ranger was barely breathing heavy and could have gone up that hill 75 mph or better. One thing for sure it proved something I have always wondered about all Toyota trucks - low gears! 3:91 rear, are you kidding me? That Toyota V6 was right at the red line all the way up! When I tow my camper (2500 lbs + internal load) up that very same hill in my 2008 Explorer 4.0 V6 5R55W, 3:55, I just go manually to 3rd gear and run it up till the tach is 3500-4000 and keep to the right hand lane out of the way. The old Ford maintains around 55 mph all the way up. I could push it a bit harder but I don't see why I should.
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    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Just because it doesn't throw a code doesn't mean they cant diagnose it. They can hook up their computer and command each injector to turn on/off while running. They can drive it or rev it and see all the injectors performance. There are plenty of things they can do to check each injector/cylinder performance. I hate the "if we dont have a code, there is nothing we can doc excuse. There is plenty they can do.
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    My question is: why are they even selling midgrade? Nothing in my fleet or friends and family cars need that fuel. It basically a hold over from the switch to unleaded. Leaded regular was 89 octane. Todays cars need regular or premium. If not, fuel isn't your issue.
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    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    Lots of deleted bits and pieces, it's easy to tell when a Ford car is being killed.
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    Powershift transmission law suits

    Yeah, I've been vocal about the dropping of cars, too...but if I ultimately decide to bite the bullet and get a CUV, it will have a blue oval. It sure as heck won't be a Toylet.
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    Thank you for the link.🤗 The last paragraph says it all for me,
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    That would be helpful
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    It's dumb on so many levels. "Trailblazer" spent 3 years as a trim level of the Blazer, then the nameplate was used on the Blazer's GM360-based replacement midsize SUV, which itself was replaced by the Traverse. Now the Blazer nameplate has been resurrected and slapped on a FWD, overpriced midsized crossover, and the Trailblazer name will come back and slot *under* this. So the lineup is likely to be: Trax / Trailblazer / Equinox / Blazer / Traverse Lord Jesus. All the facepalms.
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    Version 11/01/2019


    2020 Explorer Order Guide