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    He can't help it. He has a very specific requirement that doesn't fit Lincoln's vision, therefore it's a failure.
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    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    screw that...if Im spending 100k on on a car Im contacting Earl Schibe.
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    LOL You miss the important part: 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque This isn't a hybrid for gas mileage-its for adding power If your trying to compare a minivan to a luxury CUV...well you'll have problems. The Pacifica starts at 40K or so, the Aviator GT is nearly 20K higher then that.
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    The 50 km doesn't matter in the US or Europe, it only matters on the export version sent to China. To me the hybrid is just a small bonus. I drove the regular for an entire weekend on all types of roads. It blew my wives Q5 Quattro away by a very large gap IMO. It cost 10K more, and the features and ride in the Aviator was well worth it. When I jumped back in my F-150 contour seats, I almost thought they changed them with the oil, the difference was that pronounced. THe tax rebate will be 6K or 6.1K depending on how the IRS does the decimal rounding. The difference in price between a loaded GT and a loaded regular after the rebate is $2,125. The GT is a no brainer for the better gas mileage and fast fun factor. 20-25 or 30 Miles in EV does not matter to me. If it mattered, I'd wait a year or two.
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    Here's a thought...let your wife drive it and see if she likes it. If she does, buy the damn thing for her. If not, move on to something else.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    No one is doubting that part...just don't expect it to show in from the factory in any Ford cars....
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    We’re definitely seeing evolution over completely new designs in mid-sized trucks, it will be interesting to see what Toyota does to Tacoma but I’m pretty sure that they’re not ready for what Ford has planned for next gen T6 Ranger.
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    Hm. Well, these articles (there were more, but they all said the same things) were from last June, but came from Marchionne himself. That said, things very well could have changed since then. https://thenewswheel.com/update-next-generation-of-dodge-charger-and-challenger-models-will-not-be-switching-vehicle-platforms/
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    You raise a good point here. If Lincoln had been able to hit its other design goals while also meeting China's minimum all-electric range requirement (understanding that few in their right minds would actually drive this performance SUV as a BEV), it would be even better. But if they had to compromise between range and performance, they made the right choice ... for this vehicle.
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    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I'm not getting that myself; from what I could see through the camo, they look pretty much like the current generation's headlights. Camo does strange things, though--but I guess that's what it's supposed to do...
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    I seriously doubt that cost was the determining factor for limiting the battery size to 13.6 kwh and leaving it about $1000 short of the maximum tax credit. There were other very important design eliments that may have limited the available space for a bigger battery. Like: the rear drive layout with uncompromising rear suspension setup very similar to the Mustangs; the 19 gallon full tank and PHEV battery under each side of the car that allow the exact same inerior space as the gas only models (have you seen the hideous trunk layout in a Fusion Hybrid); and an efficient PHEV system that instead of compromising performance over the gas only models... it blows them away!!! Talk about having your cake and eating it too... the Aviator GT is looking like a true game changer!!! In addition Lincoln knows that battery sizes will continue to shrink as the technology advances, so they'll be able to increase battery capacity within the same footprint in future model years... and current owners could probably upgrade if so desired.
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    Ford will have a green option. It’s called the Mach-E and I’m sure Lincoln will get its own variant too.
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    Says you? Quit whining and enjoy the power. This is a joyous occasion. Lincoln is officially at the adult table now.
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    Based on the following article, We don’t know the all-electric range yet, but Lincoln did tell us the size of the battery pack and the electric motor’s output. Aviator PHEVs will be working with a 13.6 kWh battery pack and a 101-horsepower electric motor. With this amount of power, something in the 4- to 5-second range seems likely for a 0-60 mph time. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/12/lincoln-aviator-official-specs-more-power/?yptr=yahoo
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    Happy Birthday Bronco!

    Hop aboard the Bronco hype train!
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    New light & medium duty news

    I think that would be safe to say.......
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    Yeah...but of what year???
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    Hello from the Seattle area!

    Once you learn the hair conditioner trick (especially nice on that darker shade of gray), you will never wax again, and you will hate yourself for all the time in your life you spent waxing cars... Congrats on the Ford- welcome home Toyota guy!
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    Did VW need an Edge?

    Since it's a shortened version of the 3-Row VW Atlas, maybe call it Alas....the preposition of sorrow and regret.
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    They already have a 2 door - it's called Challenger.
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    Continental Delivery Delayed

    It was worth the wait... arrived Monday.
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    Of course it’s a marketing ploy. That doesn’t change the definition of standard.
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    Everything you said I just said. I'll agree to disagree in that it is still a marketing ploy/gimmick.
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    If you order it and don’t check any other option boxes then what you get is standard. The other engine is optional. Doesn’t matter if the option is more expensive or less expensive it’s still optional.