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    When I posted this last August I had no idea at the time that I wouldn't be driving it off the lot until March. But I can finally confirm the last sentence by saying from experience.... I've driven a Lincoln and it's the best car I ever owned!!!
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    I guess I'm illogical in my car buying then. I go for what looks good and drives the best IMO. I'm sort of being tongue in cheek here. I just don't put that much stock into fuel cost when I'm already spending tens of thousands of dollars. Guessing you may be from the FW area of Texas from the 817. I grew up there.
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    Part of that suspension tuning issue comes from using integral-link in the rear which is very unusual when most competitors use multi-link. It is due to packaging issues, but what I want to point is it actually could've been used as an advertisement just like Honda advertising they had double-wishbone suspension for sportiness even though that actually degrades the ride comfort, but a lot of people bought into it since it was different from competitors. What I'm more surprised is how Explorer's fuel economy is the best-in-class - 24mpg for 2.3L RWD, 23mpg for 2.3L AWD; good enough to beat Pilot, Telluride, Atlas, etc. The new Toyota Highlander is matching those numbers, but Ford could be making a very big deal that U.S. cars having bad fuel economy is a thing in the past or however they want to spin it. I see so many other advertising opportunities such as using RWD unlike others that are all FWD-based (perhaps except for Durango) so that it's a 'driver's car', or that other guys recycle the platform (Pilot which looks like Odyssey which looks like Ridgeline which looks like Pilot) while Ford is using the latest and greatest platform. There is also a heavy, heavy usage of aluminum (no pun intended) right on par with Mercedes and BMW. These are the stuff that indeed cost a lot to Ford to develop and engineer, so why not advertise about it? The only ads I see is the guy wearing space suit on his 'Exploration Vehicle' to pick up the kids and do automated parking, but those are features that competitors already do, no? Consumers may not care about these engineering details, but the point is to show that the Explorer has a really solid engineering beneath the skin and hopefully that can divert some of the attention away from the poor interior.
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    No idea on that except that most rentals are base models. I don't know, I'm a Ford/Lincoln guy, and if it comes down to it, GM guy. Just not a fan of Korean, etc. made vehicles. All subjective. I think the reviewers have an axe to grind with Ford. I am sure, without scouring this forum going way back, that many would agree and disagree with that take and that it has been debated.
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    There is supposed to be a move to switch from 98 RON E0 to 91 RON E10 which was supposed to be as early as 2023, but that is looking unlikely. 'By the end of this decade' is about as specific as it can get for now. The big changes were for 2017 and 2008, but nothing regarding using E10. (https://www.epa.gov/fueleconomy/basic-information-fuel-economy-labeling)
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    Yep, I went to JT Stevens, Wedgewood, SHS for 9th grade. PHS 10th-12th after we moved. Know the area extremely well.
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    Wow, that is so cool Black Label sir! Your old neighborhood is on the other side of Candleridge Park from where my family and I reside, within a short walking or bicycling distance. Both my sons attended Southwest High School, just down Altamesa Blvd. from where you grew up. Small world indeed! 😎
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    I grew up on Del Prado in Wedgewood! Used to ride my bike to French Lake. Small world. 🍻
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    Yes sir Black Label, you are absolutely correct about the 817. I'm in SW Fort Worth, Candleridge neighborhood a few miles south of Hulen Mall.
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    It does try to account for E10, but do note that E10 won't be directly used until 'later in this decade' and it is simply a correlation from the E0 tests. I am willing to bet not all OEM's have the same degree of degradation from E0 to E10, and a good chance that Ford has a particularly bad degradation. Not only it's about between E0 vs. E10, but it's also using 98 RON (~93 AKI) instead of 91 RON (the 87 AKI that I'm sure almost every Ford customer pumps) which has its own correlation that EPA tries to account for, but Ford has likely optimized for 98 RON and doesn't care whatever happens with 91 RON.
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    MPG is not a linear measure of fuel consumed. That means a 1 MPG increase with starting point of 20 MPG has a much greater impact on fuel expenditures than a 1 MPG increase from 35 MPG starting point. So consumers shopping for gasoline powered midsize and fullsize SUVs that have MPG ratings in the low 20s or below are being very logical when they pay attention to 1-2 MPG differences among models.
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    What I've found is that ecoboost engines tend to have a wider range of "real world" mpg based on how they're driven. Whereas a NA V6 might range from 18-22 the 2.3LEB might range from 16-24 depending on how it's driven. Drive it hard and don't coast and don't use auto stop start and you might be at 16. Drive it easy, coast a lot, keep the speed down and use auto stop/start and you can get 24. With my 2018 F150 3.5Leb I can easily meet or exceed the EPA ratings. Don't forget the EPA ratings are done with pure gasoline instead of E-10 (which I think is stupid because it's hard to find E-0 and it's way more expensive). That's probably 1 mpg right there.
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    Congrats! Make sure you post some driving impressions and a pic.
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    I realize it's probably a step down from what you normally do, but I'd recommend looking into delivery driving at dominos or pizza hut. I've worked at both over the years when I wanted extra cash and you can make a very decent amount just in tips. I'd often make around $100 on friday and again on saturday (not even including minimum wage) and I worked in a small town. I recently saw a news article that dominos was looking to hire 10,000 people during this happening. Just throwing that out there for really anyone reading who might need work.
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    I'm always surprised when fuel economy numbers are down in the low 20s range that some people put that near the top of the decision on what vehicle to buy. When I bought my Expedition and Navigators I couldn't care less about the MPG ratings.
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    Heard MAP is going to try to resume production April 20.
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    I don't disagree that the media created a panic, but I don't care who is seeking medial attention - you don't admit people to the hospital unless they are legitimately sick and you certainly don't put them in ICU unless they're critically ill. This is a crisis for hospitals in areas with large infection rates. And without quarantine and other measures now, we'll end up with more and more of those hotspots like New York and Seattle.
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    The panic started with this clown. People need to get back to work and life. https://www.dailywire.com/news/epidemiologist-behind-highly-cited-coronavirus-model-admits-he-was-wrong-drastically-revises-model?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro
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    What specifically are the design engineering flaws that you mention?
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    Bob Rosadini

    7.3 teardown

    No doubt the 7.3 makes all kind of sense as a truck engine-push rods and all. But as for OHC, what makes the Ecoboost concept so valid? IMO all kinds of torque at low RPM. My SHO (3.5) could hold a higher gear and drop down to 1200 RPM as long as you had a light foot. Now my 3.0T doesn't seem to drop as low but it still works at lower RPMs. To those who say Ecoboosts suck as far as fuel economy I say, it should be called.."Eco or boost". Drive with a light foot and you get good MPG's . Want to feel that power? Pay the price.
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    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    I love that their millionth vehicle rolled out of their...tent. And the alignment of that frunk lid is awful. Par for the course, I suppose...
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    7.3 teardown

    Well what ever the reason I'm glad they did it. Now put it in the Mustang.
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    I think it's more of a cult following then anything else. Owners would be hesitant to complain about their ownership experiences.