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    Sport reservations are fractional to those of 2dr 4dr... but how many Escapes were reserved prior to production beginning? CR-Vs? RAV4s? It's a very important product, especially given the market changes between its design and launch. Those I know don't have any doubt it will do for them what they need... and neither do I.
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    Sounds ambitious and won't miss Hackett at all, nor will WS. Let's see how they execute, since Ford doesn't have the luxury of time on its side. The next 5-20 years (at most) of the auto industry is going to be revolutionary in more ways than the past 100 and will be interesting who survives the onslaught of the Chinese, move to battery powered vehicles and other obstacles.
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    They had to increase the number due to website problems that allowed too many to be reserved. Still sold out AFAIK.
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    Unifor contract update

    Despite the age of the basic architecture, the only respect in which the Modular/Coyote lag behind Boss/Godzilla is in bore spacing. The Modular has proven over and over again to be one of -- if not the -- most physically robust V8 architectures ever mass produced. I can think of no other V8 architecture, domestic or not, that has been taken over 3200 HP on OEM cylinder head castings and OEM block castings like the 4.6 4V has. I would take a Coyote on a 4.2-4.4 inch bore spacing over any variation of Godzilla for GT500/Raptor any day.
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    Shelby GT350 Production Ends

    Per the notice released to Ford Dealers this morning. We wanted to inform Ford Dealers and the Field Organization that stories will be posted in the media today announcing the Shelby GT350’s last model year is 2020. The stories will go live today Thursday, Oct. 1 at 6:00 a.m. EDT. “With the 760 horsepower Shelby GT500 now in full stride, we will finish production of Shelby GT350 and GT350R this fall as planned. This makes the way for new additions to excite our passionate Mustang fans for 2021 model year – including the limited-edition Mach 1.”
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    I started lurking in late 2001. P71 and OtisFordSucks. Good times
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    Unifor contract update

    You need to factor in the exchange rate. Canadians measure a week differently.
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    I know lots of Tesla owners. After the novelty of using the Level 3 public charger a few times, very few of them actually go out of his or her way to use it. Most of them just plug in at night because it's way more convinent. You shouldn't buy an EV unless you also plan to install a 220V outlet in your garage. Tesla's supercharger network is a selling point for non-EV owners to overcome range anxiety but it's not a real significant benefit once you adopt to EV lifestyle. Eventually, there will be A LOT more CCS charging stations than Tesla so what is now a selling point may become a liability later when every brand can charge at common charging stations but Tesla owners are restricted to the properitory network. Ford lowered the Mach E MSRP because they are gearing up for a fight with VW ID.4. As part of Dieselgate settlement with EPA, VW agreed to build its own nationwide charging network (Electrify America), which ironically gave VW an advantage because it allows VW to offer 3 years of free charging to ID.4 owners. Ford can't match that so it is lowering the MSRP instead. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/new-vw-id-4-250-mile-range-3-years-free-fast-charging/ BTW, Electrify America is part of Ford Pass too... but Mach E can't charge for free on it like ID.4.
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    it was started in 1998 or so in its first form as fordworldnews.com https://www.wired.com/1999/09/blueovalnews-com-wins-in-court/ Seriously...LOL
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    '21 NACTOY Nominee's

    I'm assuming it has to be in production before the end of the calendar year, thus its exclusion
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    Unifor contract update

    People were saying the same thing in 2011, it wasn't true then and it isn't true now.
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    Personally I think this what is going to happen: The 2/4 Bronco will have a very strong demand the first 2-3 years it is on the market then taper off...I think 75-125K units a year is realistic The Bronco Sport might start off slow, but will grow as time goes on. I don't see any reason why it can't hit at least 125K or so units a year regularly. It won't approach the number of Escape sales (200K or so a year), but will be a nice complement to it.
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    I never got why most people dwell on where to charge their car when most won't take it on a long trip anyway. I can't think of anything more convenient that charging it at your home. Imagine how much easier if you could pump your gas in the driveway with your current car.
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    A link to a report posted earlier on page 1 suggests that Ford is happy with the level of inquires regarding the Bronco Sport. Of course they couldn't say otherwise but I'm willing to wait and see how it goes, could be more of a grass roots model that sees growth once the vehicle is on sale and buyers have a chance to see it.
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    I started lurking around 2002, my senior year of high school. At the risk of getting things back on track... The Sport had damnwell better catch on. The way Ford has modeled it, it's arguably the most important component in their small utility strategy.
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    If the T-Bird returns, it should return as a 4-door coupe. Much more sales/profit potential.
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    They and Toyota are having a similar issue where the high profit upper trim sales have all but evaporated as this buyers went to SUV’s as well as CPO luxury sedans. Why drive an Touring/Titanium/XSE when you can have a 1 or 2 year old Audi/BMW/MB/Lexus for the same price. Maybe Honda is going back to have boring styling and Acura will get the style again. Short of the humungous badge the RDX and TLX look nice.
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    I do think another "easy" thing Ford could do is to have Ford dealers across the country add chargers in their parking lots for customers to use. Which would in effect be Ford's "owned" network. They'd "instantly" have a huge network that way.
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    You do know he was being sarcastic?
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    It did not. To clarify what akirby mentioned, the 13,500 charging stations listed by FordPass are operated by other companies or individuals, not Ford. FordPass simply aggregates data for those charging stations to list which are closest to a customer's location, based on criteria such as distance or proximity to places like restaurants and shopping. To your point, only a small percentage of those 13,500 charging stations are DC Fast Charge using the CCS standard supported by Mustang Mach-E. By comparison, all Tesla Superchargers are DCFC.
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    No kidding; if one lives in an area full of retirees, then -what do you know!- a lot of retirees drive this or that. I live in an area that is young and active, and Teslas are thick as fleas on a dog's back around here.
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    Maybe your area. Teslas are all over down here, and not driven by just retirees.
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    Anyone who thought otherwise is an idiot. But I do think Bronco Sport sales will end up a lot closer to Bronco sales after a couple of years than some might think, primarily because of the lower price. After the initial pent up Bronco mania dies down of course.
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    Ford is swamped with Bronco orders which was the point of today's Bronco article. Some are estimating close to 200,000 orders and counting. Article compared it to Mustang debut 50 years ago or so. The Bronco Sport is ho hum in comparison.
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    New Fusion rendering?