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    Ford probably had that slide 3 years ago. It is frustrating when Ford has ideas and plans that take so long to come to fruition that the competition has time to catch up.
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    If you ask Twitter, it's about 10% support today.
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    You must have missed a few visits to your optometrist.
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    F-150 is North American Truck of the Year and Hyundai Elantra is North American Car of the Year. https://northamericancaroftheyear.org/nactoy-reveals-winners-of-the-2021-north-american-car-truck-and-utility-vehicle-of-the-year/
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    They’ve certainly been working on E Transit for several years and they announced cloud based fleet management services were in development at least a couple of years ago. They’ve been installing modems in vehicles since 2016.
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    Here's the thing: we don't know what Ford have been telling their customer base with regard to these capabilities in the run up to actual production of the Transit EV. GM is great at what I call "engineering by press release", while Ford seem to prefer doing the work in the trenches with their fleet customer base. All that said, it's a giant 'we'll see' in terms of whether Ford are prepared, and know this market as well as they claim. Things will come into focus (no pun intended) as this year progresses. I'm somewhat concerned that Ford might not have adequate battery supply lined up to support what appears to be burgeoning interest in this segment. Again, we'll see how well they have planned. I have to admit, based on past performance, when it comes to planning, I'm not confident about this.
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    Do it online. They can accept a picture taken with a cellphone as well. Just be sure your marriage License hasn't expired. LOL
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    Now the BIG question is - what does THIS guy think of'em?!?!? 😂 -Ovaltine
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    F Series Going Back To Steel

    I work for a company with over 5000 trucks in service with a fairly even mix between International LT (Cummins X15), Freightliner Cascadia (DD15), Volvo VNL760 (D13), and Kenworth T680 (Cummins X15). I can assure you Navistar keeps making sales because of the extended warranty, warranty kickbacks/spiffs and warranty coverage in general. . The Internationals operating CPM and down time numbers far and away worst in the fleet, the only reason they make any financial sense is because of warranty and lower purchase price. The Internationals are also traded off at a younger age than the other trucks due to their overall lack of quality. The quality issues extend far beyond MaxxForce/N13. My point being that highlighting what Navistar does in their OTR tractors is not the benchmark you want Ford or anyone else to follow.
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    This is an interesting van. The GVWR is under 10,000 lbs. so it is Class 2b like Transit, Sprinter, Promaster, and of course GM's own ancient Express. Going full EV means GM can have a clean sheet design without front engine compartment. This gives GM more cargo volume without adding overall length and height, and keep the weight down. The spec says "over 600 cubic feet" of cargo volume... that is a GAME CHANGER. For comparison, Transit max out at 487 cubic feet and Sprinter at 530 cubic feet - and they do it by going high roof, which requires heavier chassis counter weight. Basically, GM is giving FedEx a Class 2b van that has the cargo volume of its Ford F59 stripped chassis van with utility body - which has GVWR of16,000-26,000 lbs. and comes with Class 5 or 6 operating costs. Since FedEx probably doesn't need the weight (FexEx boxes are mostly air) of a Class 5 van but they do need the cargo volume, a Class 2b van that carries as much as Class 5 stripped chassis utility step van is going to be a really attractive option. Ford has much homework to do with its Transit EV...
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    I agree. There is no spending more wasteful than donating to politicians.
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    Ford Politics

    Indeed. I applaud Ford, there's too much corporate money involved in American politics.
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    2022 Ranger speculation

    I think it's a powertrain / cooling mule using the existing Ranger body with the next-gen front clip (or at least fascia / grill). Look at the greenhouse. The way the dogleg on the rear side window gradually slopes upward is from the current Ranger. On the next-gen render, it is a sharp angled dogleg. Current Ranger: Ranger Render: Prototype / Mule: That camo'ed body really looks to be the current Ranger. Gotta be a powertrain / cooling mule.
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    Nah, its basic math. If people want to personally donate THEIR earned money for things then have at it. The company is always trying to cut costs and reduce waste. NOT giving money to politicians improves both.
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    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Then there are the media giants that for lack of any sense run with the full Orwell effect....
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    Dammm it!!! cal50 there you go now you`re on the hit list... with those conservative opinions and common sense
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    Ford and all other companies should not be giving ANY politician any money, period. If they have "extra" funds how about putting it back into the business , products , R&D, quality or the employees ????
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    Results, Fact not Fiction

    The faces of control, influence, power, racism, division, hatred and yes, wealthy white privilige. Has anyone of these individuals got any other intention of forming the world into their own kingdom? Greed has pulled them from reality because they can`t see how CCP is using them. But, History will repeat itself as it has in the past when a man woke up one morning and then proceeds to use influence, power, division and hatred to form the world in his likeness. Lets hope these faces don`t follow the writings in Main Kamf. Take a close look at what’s driving the division … these faces are fueling it. Then the media has no policical friends just policital tools. Gramma Pelosi got a taste of the media`s agenda Sunday on 60 mintues. Why did you sit on the assistance checks for 8 months, was asked by Gramma Pelosi`s female media friend and supporter of Gramma`s views for the last 4 years... Gramma had a little meltdown like on the PBS interview with simular questions... Then local media outlets are asking questions of the newly elelceted senator`s religios youth camp? domestic violence allegations? Now less than a week after promoting the candidates attributes? Sheepies have been bullshited again. Media = ratings Book of Faces, Twitter, Google, The Tube = likies, friendies and blind followers All about the greed and control, thats all, period.
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    F Series Going Back To Steel

    I think you're in the minority, most people I know consider the Aluma-duty the best looking HD on the market.
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    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    It's no problem, that's why I'm here. You can rebump your thread and ask for another update after the 22nd if you wish.
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    I've unfortunately seen a couple in person, it's not any better in person....
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    The face of that Hyundai Elantra is ugly. Ick.
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    Good solid efforts for MACH E and F-150... let's hope Ford keeps up this level of product development mojo for the rest of the line up.
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    Congratulations Ford! Two out of three is not bad, especially when Ford doesn't even compete anymore in that segment. Hope you get your new grabber blue Mach E soon rperez.