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  1. I love the commonality of the grill since i think it really speaks to their heritage and believe there's not a chance in hell you will ever see one without 7 slots. Agree it shares nothing with the original but the name. Still trying to figure out the back side profile and rear end, and keeping in mind this in a concept. Doubt much will change and see a lot I like-the inside is stunning and Jeep's brand name is as good as anything in the industry.
  2. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2020/09/01/report-ford-cut-1000-jobs-north-america-restructuring-plan/3453113001/ Looks like this is not related to Covid-hope the people that get let go are one's that are willing.
  3. I totally agree and think the new product is definitely there but it is going to take more time to change the brands perception, because they just left it for dead for so many years. And maybe Jason's correct-a 25 year old doesn't have as much of a negative perspective since they don't remember all the crap products Lincoln pushed into the market. Entirely different topic but it sure has been fun to watch Lincoln's renasiance. Now they just need to update the Navigator to keep pace with the new Escalade.
  4. If you ask a 25 year old if he thinks Lincoln is in the same class as Audi you wouldn't like the answer. They've come a long way, but not in the same class or perception.....think this will take another 5 years or so of solid marketing, fresh products and dealerships that need facelifts.
  5. That might be the understatement of the year with this thing being the longest roll out I remember since the Thunderbird. Saw it at the Detroit Auto Show and by the time it came to market it was way old news. But I would rather them wait and get the Bronco launch correct because that is something they cannot mess up and I don't think they will.
  6. In West Point Georgia about 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. The Palisade is made in Korea surprisingly.
  7. A lot of this is tied to how strong and large Ford's dealer network is compared to Kia/Hyundai. Have a friend who was looking at either a Land Rover or Audi and went out and bought the SX Telluride for maybe $1k over invoice and is thrilled. My coworker traded in her 5 series for a new SX also. Like Akirby said, they are straddling the Explorer/Aviator segment. No doubt it is a hot vehicle and the way I look at is if Ford reacts like they are than we the consumer will benefit from a much better product. Sales numbers don't tell the entire story but nice to see the Explorer doing well in a very hot segment. The white Limited to me looks great and is very noticeable and see a good number of ST's on the streets in the Atlanta area-relevant speaking where everyone owns a damn import.
  8. That's funny....everyone play nice and we all get a little worked up here because most of us care about Ford. And this is my site to decompress! FR739-welcome to the site and Akirby is a great moderator but is pretty passionate at times:)
  9. Totally agree....Hell no they would not be reducing them but you would be seeing just the opposite-slow incremental price increases. I also think you will see others react or minimize their price increases-especially Toyota and maybe even GM. GM needs to add standard safety equipment and have been hesitant to do so-same with Jeep but I'm sure they will address that with their updated Grand Cherokee's/Wagoneers.
  10. You are absolutely correct and to Akirby's point-the fact that they adjusted the price is the bigger statement and shows that they are willing to retreat where they've made mistakes. Good to see this happen and hopefully this continues to be the trend and maybe even act faster on a course correction. Not a Tesla fan but sure do respect how quick they are to react to changing market conditions.
  11. I am not arguing! You are saying they were testing the market-I call BS on that-they fucked up and missed the mark and are playing defense now.
  12. I don't see that data to support they are the clear market leader-not sure what you are seeing? And again, i've never seen Ford or really anyone in the industry push out pricing and then drop it signficantly because they are testing the market-why would they do this-even as you said, they own it? If they owned it-they certainly would not have to test the market. They overpriced the vehicle and are now adjusting it to better match current competitors and to ensure they continue to stay a major player in one of the largest segments and most profitable.
  13. I cannot believe they would purposely start high and see what the market will bear. This is one of the first times, i've ever seen Ford back off pricing this large. I just think they overplayed their hand and now re-positioning their vehicles to be more realistic in the market and lower their discounts. I agree, they don't need or want to go head to head with the Koreans-but they don't own this segment by any other indicator besides sales from the past 15 years. Nobody owns this segment like the old days-way to many competitors in the midsize SUV market.
  14. Thanks for sharing and pretty slick! Like silversvt said-a lot of buttons in that center console area-not a fan of not having physical buttons for my ventilation systems or some main radio controls.
  15. Yes it looks better-but I think that panel gap in the top left by the push button start is still there? I've sat in several and it is painfully obvious and seems to be really that one spot-why the hell couldn't they of at least had it on the other side so you wouldn't see it all the time!!
  16. Yes that makes a lot of sense-BUT......look at all the crazy configurations for the Bronco. It will be a miracle if they don't screw this up. It seems like companies are starting to add in more choices these days though-you can look across the industry and models are being added to give the customer more choices-mid night editions, etc.
  17. You are absolutely right and i'm also not a fan of the tech in the CX-5. I'm in a 2016 Cherokee and it has been a great vehicle but want something larger and more powerful-so I've not shopped either vehicle besides checking them out. I actually like the look of the Escape but it is a little soft in the styling for my tastes. Glad you are happy with it-that's all that matters:)
  18. Good point and sounds like a sarcastic comment....having said that, Focus sold great around 2012-18 and look how that turned out for them!
  19. My neighbor has an Econoline van and wants to upgrade to the larger vans out in the market-mentioned the Transit and he said not a chance-due to this issue-he's buddies with someone at one of our local dealer's and just said these driveshafts last about 30K. This is where Ford fails miserably and looks like they've learned nothing from previous fuck ups.
  20. Well the saying goes...."there is an ass for every seat!" .....i'd take the CX-5 but to be honest, none of those vehicles in that segment do much for me.
  21. Are you really going back 35 years and referencing the Taurus that they got right at the time and totally fucked it up afterwards?
  22. You know how to do it!!! I'm just sipping some Knob Creek and thought about lighting a cigar!!
  23. It has been going on forever but definitely a big day for Ford and hats off to all involved. This is good for the industry and consumer also-since it will only make all the products stronger. I think Jeep has done an excellent job protecting their brand for the most part and it is a very solid product. I'm sure Ford will get there in most aspects, pass them in others and in the end.....we get a better product. Ford definitely needs the cash so i hope this prints money. Can't come soon enough. Thanks for the perspective Premier!! Kyle
  24. i stay way off the radar for these type of things but read that yesterday and said WTF. Only around 100 idiots that don’t know they work for an automobile manufacturer.
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