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  1. Exactly, but.... I've seen many dealers/salespeople quote KBB and NADA, or their little black book on the used car prices on their lot. Just as these sources are estimates for consumers, dealers must also remember their sales price is just an estimate. If the dealer wants to hold firm on their sales price based on these sources and factors, there is no reason a consumer shouldn't as well. EDIT: As for the vehicles listed, I'd only look at purchasing a Wrangler or the Challenger. Otherwise none of the others interest me one bit.
  2. Top image looks to eggish shaped and has a very Santa Fe design (front clip), which isn't bad, but would like to see something more unique to Ford. The 2nd image makes the rear windshield to have a crazy aggressive rake, which looks nice. But looking from the profile (3rd), it appears to be an illusion based on the angles. Still there, but doesn't look nearly as pronounced. Not bad for a concept, want to see how the design changes for the production model.
  3. V8-X

    2015 Chevy Colorado

    From an exterior style aspect, this truck actually looks kind of nice IMO, much better than the Silverado. Like the fact a new mid-size is hitting the market, but don't ever think I could purchase a Chevy. I'd love for the new Ranger to hit the US market and would truly consider purchasing one. But as stated above, I don't think I could ever purchase a Chevy product unless we're talking old school like the '69 Camaro I owned in HS. And there is one of the major factors why I couldn't purchase a Chevy, the interior. That dash and center console screams 90's GM plastic to me and is simply unappealing. Agreed, that kick up on the rear doors to me is draw back on the exterior styling. Unless those Tacoma/Frontier owners want a vehicle that has been updated within the last decade. The Frontier/Tacoma are still good trucks, but long in the tooth. The former Colorado was a horrible truck, IMO, and many Chevy owners stated such. So if this new Colorado is a significant improvement over the prior model, I could see it attracting a lot of those people who moved to the Silverado for the sole purpose that the former Colorado was a POS.
  4. V8-X

    2013 Escape Leaking Roof

    Your father is a wise man, and I follow this advise. No matter how much people want to say the quality and reliability is so much better today, 1st and even many 2nd MY of a redesigned vehicle still have many kinks to be worked out. Not willing to put my hard earned cash down and be the beta.
  5. Where did I state that was a positive? Does nothing for me and my hopes for Lincoln means I do not like it, and if this is the style direction of Lincoln, my hopes would be diminished. This in no way was directed as fact and this is how the masses with feel nor how it will impact Lincoln from a sales perspective. And if you've read any of my posts, never stated this was a bad product, just that I disliked the style. Again, read the entire post, not take that one portion out of context like I stated nothing else in the post to further illustrate my dislike for the style. Vehicle could have a wonderful interior and excellent powertrain and affordable MSRP, making it a great overall vehicle. But this doesn't mean I like the style. And I do not find others here to be inferior. To me, we have differing opinions and I leave it at that. I simply look down on the attacking of ones personal opinion as if the others opinion carries more weight. And why am I here, because I'm a Ford fan who has purchased 5 new Ford products, and is hoping the Atlas (if it comes out) will be #6. Looks too much alike and similarities are two different things. Saying a vehicle has a similar greenhouse doesn't mean they look too much alike. Heck you could say something like the vehicles have similar rims but it doesn't mean the body look alike. Something is too much alike, means their are nearly twins, or bear a strong resemblance to one another. Similarity in certain aspects means they have a feature that resembles one another, it does not mean they are nearly identical. Thanks for resting your case though. sim·i·lar·i·ty 1. A comparable aspect 2. A corresponding aspect or feature
  6. Says about me and my view of the rest of the people here? How do I view the rest of the people on this forum again? Most I have no issues with, whether I agree or disagree with them, or at least they have made no mention. There are only a select few, less than a hand full, that I really have had any negative interaction with. And my comment was in general that yes this type of name calling does happen and it goes both ways, nether side is without fault. Personally, I attempt to refrain from using those names, as it does nothing for the thread. If some want to point the finger though, they too should expect such actions in return. I typically only use such phrases, as I did above, when making mention to the double standards that exist. And I'm not here to change what people think, as others won't change my opinion. All I've done is provide my personal opinion, from my point of view. And if others on the forum think I have attitude simply for defending myself and my point of view, I am sorry. This is not my intent, as I'm simply providing my opinion on the style of a vehicle. Didn't know someone could have attitude problems simply because they provided their opinion and defended that opinion. And I understand this is a Ford site, and have no issues with that from being a Ford fan myself. I understand there will always be more leeway on one side of the aisle on items such as this. But IMO being positive and unrealistically positive to a fault should carry a difference type of response. Amazing that simply providing your opinion on the style of a vehicle that such offense is taken by others.
  7. Again, I have no problem if others disagree, as you shouldn't if I disagree with you. We have clearly different opinions. Problem I have is others trying to force their opinion or point of view on me, which is not going to change my feelings about it. Please read my initial post again below. Never said the MKC looks too much like the Escape, I simply stated I see similarities in certain areas. Like brothers, they may have similarities, doesn't mean they look too much alike. And stating the MKC doesn't do anything for my hopes for Lincoln from a style standpoint, in no way implies that overall Lincoln will go down the toilet and that the product won't sell. It's simply a comment about this one vehicle and my opinion from the style aspect. Show me anywhere that I stated this won't sell and everyone will hate it? Again you are adding content and intent to my comments that was never made nor implied. If the new MKS comes out looking more like the MKZ and less like the MKC, that's an extreme positive in my eyes, from my perspective and opinion. And if the MKS does look more like the MKZ, doesn't mean it'll be a good product, just means in my eyes, it will be more appealing. Again I stated I personally didn't like the vehicle style, and it did nothing for me or MY hopes for Lincoln. Same thing you just said for pete's sake. As to your last comment, where did I ever say this was a bad product and wouldn't sell? See you want to read into my comments and extract statements that were never made. As I've stated all along, the style does nothing for me, period, end of story. Why are you trying to make this into me saying Lincoln is doomed, no one will ever buy their products cause their chitty and because I dislike the style of one particular vehicle, everyone should dislike it. I get it, you like the style, you think it'll be a hot seller that could increase Lincoln sales by 50%, great. Your statements of thinking it'll be a big time seller are more objective than me saying I personally dislike the style of the vehicle and it does nothing for me. Sheesh, look in the mirror and your own comments before calling others out.
  8. I agree, maybe one comment won't do it. But at the same time, show me anyone who has been called out for drinking the aid after just one comment. You won't find one there either. If you see bad in all Ford products, then you're most likely a negatard. If you see nothing but good in every Ford product, you are most likely drinking the kool-aid. There has to be some middle ground there, as not everything is doom 'n' gloom, just like not everything is always peachy.
  9. V8-X

    15 Mustang

    Beautiful. I agree with the other comments that the rear, something just doesn't seem right, or maybe not enough done in the to set it apart from the current gen. Either way, the closer we get to release, the more and more I'm liking these renderings. If any of the latest renderings are close to the real product, I think we're all gonna like this new beauty.
  10. And as posted, it was all regarding "my hopes" as in the style direction. Where did I imply that this would hurt the hopes for Lincoln or others? As stated previously, I love the design of the MKZ, and that vehicle would attract me to a Lincoln dealer if I was truly in the market for a mid-size sedan. Not a potential buyer right now, but the appeal factor would warrant at least a test drive IF I were in the market. From what I can see from the MKC, and I understand it is still camo'd, but it just doesn't produce the same excitement or appeal to me as the MKZ. So having hopes with the MKZ and being disappointed by the MKC isn't okay and I'm now implying the doom of Lincoln? Difference is when Ford/Lincoln fans defend the product to no end and can't see a products flaws, always seeing every new product as the best thing since sliced bread. That is when they become a gullible fanboy. A Ford/Lincoln supporter can be objective and see the good/bads of any product and won't simply defend every move Ford/Lincoln makes or every product they produce. Critics or doubters will always be out there. And why should you have to prove anything, shouldn't the product itself do that? If someone doesn't like a particular vehicle, that's their opinion, why should anyone attempt to prove them wrong and try to change their mind? Aren't we all entitled to our opinions, right or wrong? Simply agree to disagree and all will be happy. But I understand there will always be those from both sides that can't drop it at that and have to continue to push their objective cause they think they are always right. Me, I'm on both sides. Love many Ford/Lincoln products, and can see various flaws in those products but I still like them. I dislike some Ford/Lincoln products, see the flaws in them, but they still sell well. Just like if you have one negative comment, regardless of how many positive comments you've made about other products, you are a troll. 2-way street.
  11. This is why I frequent many Ford sites. This is only one source of information and surely not the end all be all nor the authority on all things Ford. So while many hear disagree with me, that's fine because many on these other sites agree. Doesn't make them right, doesn't make this site and its users right, just shows we all have a difference of opinion. Can you please show me where I stated the MKC was going to be a success or failure again? And because I dislike a segment because the products aren't appealing to my liking or needs, means I can't see the likeness between the Escape and MKC? Really? Exactly what in that post was I supposed to articulate regarding the design/features? It was a basic post about not liking small CUV's. Didn't know I was supposed to go in-depth on every aspect about the segment and what likes and dislikes I have and why that is. Curious, if I have to do this about why I dislike them, shouldn't everyone who likes the segment or vehicle go into equal depth of explanation as to why they have such an opinion?
  12. Or maybe learn the dimensions of your vehicle, adjust your mirrors appropriately to see where your vehicle is at when parking. I back into my garage with the F150, with the passenger side mirror maybe 3-4 inches away from the wall. Have plenty of items stored behind the truck and must pull in just enough to ensure the door shuts. People are always amazed when they see how close I get to the wall and wonder how I get the truck in/out. The tennis/wiffle ball has always been a good tool, but never needed them.
  13. V8-X

    Lemon law resales shinanigans

    Dude that sucks big time. Wishing you the best of luck on a good outcome.
  14. I know fellas, I'm just having fun with the topic at hand. As for these smartphones, it kind of makes me hope for those self driving vehicles without steering wheels, seeing how many people can't concentrate on driving. Then again, I hate such technology, because I enjoy driving (except when surrounded by these drivings concentrated more on their phone than the road). So double edged sword.