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  1. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Please do tell............. You do realize the former president it the only one in history to never have one year of 3% GDP. Do you really think things just turned around after he left office or that the new president changed taxable charges to corporation and regulation favorable for businesses? A better economy and lower taxes done with ZERO democrat help or support / go figure,lol
  2. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Ford? You must be confused because Obama bailed out GM and it only cost taxpayers around 14 billion in direct loss. The problem is not the current president , its Ford's CEO.
  3. cal50

    Covid-19 testing

    Type O blood has an advantage.......... https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.11.20031096v1?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=940a706391eb6835eb096babeb90930941fa6b00-1584454093-0-AfvNJ9E2T3EtDjOSK6SDhqHgQN6MFa2fPjmtC7KKLlljyDeVTBfAE1Kvza7Y7n7KTT38UJ0YnoW7UUj94hlnA1tf-663l3v5m8Y2prowUuuXkcOfXoF_Waw_lJCliDLny_mF5hJCRny1UiEZj380IvuREcvNY-KNHYuW-XPXpZwTDxuFx3hKwPnyOiKPDesDXXEaXtmZHwgDfI3ADzjdvOfCNaCxcPkNKFheZGrVQVG6E_we53xJxVXopjXrPwZO034f_OVVzTzv4Q_eZIhFZnHlwctBWUFYucwBK_6j3BSLTTK7pcDWEmp-0RXDBsyCH7U5MHQZrUSA-PqTQa_Or-o
  4. cal50

    Local 2000 Special Election

    So the person with the record has "experience" ?
  5. cal50

    Covid-19 testing

    The cafeteria is no longer self serve.......today you can buy food BUT no one can eat it in the cafeteria. Eating on the plant floor is better.........not.
  6. cal50

    Did Joe Heinrichs Retire or ?

    CAP has / had multiple major issues from repeat sexually harassment lawsuits to launches so bad people should have been fired long ago. Another failed launch is really no surprise. I am really surprised it stays open and continued new product sourced there.
  7. cal50

    Did Joe Heinrichs Retire or ?

    Joe Hinrich's was one of the good guys from people I talk to. I wish Joe was our current CEO.
  8. cal50

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    The days of people hiring in at age 18 , working 30 years and retiring at 48 are over. Actually if someone did retire at 18+30= 48 and retired for 30 years they would be 78'ish and god bless them. Very little has been added to the pension fund for the last +20 years for legacy employees and the union is into lump sums Vs real pension benefits.
  9. cal50

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    I lost count how many people died at work or that just retired and never got a single retirement check. The house always wins.
  10. cal50

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Eat right , exercise , die anyway.
  11. cal50

    More federal investigations

    5 million a year paid for "promotion" ? I would love to see the real breakdown and line items for that total..................lol
  12. cal50

    They Were Blind, Now They See....?

    The rank and file membership has decreased. Has the IUAW staffing decreased by the same percentage ?
  13. cal50

    They Were Blind, Now They See....?

    Everyone involved should burn~ UAW living large on members dues~
  14. cal50

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    A lot is not everyone but I would bet anyone a beer its 30% minimum. About a year back some area managers were supposed to be chewed out for people leaving early in their areas. The area managers were gone also. They all got talked to and it lasted a few weeks.