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  1. cal50

    Report Out On Your Slush Fund?

    Irony: Making a new hire production employee wait 6 years to reach top rate. IUAW staff stealing dues and getting 6 years or less prison time.
  2. cal50

    From your Prez of the union

    " The UAW, just like the companies, is an employer. " Who do they employ on their own dime and not dues from members? They are employed by the employees / all of us.
  3. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Its worse than the flu yet more people die yearly FROM the flu ?
  4. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Smokers get a mask with a hole in it......
  5. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Amazing that since #19 deaths appeared the coronary and other death rates dropped................
  6. cal50

    Stay at home order

    It's pure BS and the actual numbers back that numerical assessment up. The China economy was tanking and they nuked the world to drag everything else down. Thanks in part of having a president that is not a career politician or went into public service for personal enrichment for decades. The USA should not rely on foreign countries to supply our prescription drugs, manage domestic food supply /companies among other things we use. Lobbiests, politicians and corporate America shifted a lot of things away and padded their pockets and screwed our country and workers. Hopefully it's a wake up call.
  7. cal50

    Stay at home order

    They are master of that also , for sure.
  8. cal50

    Stay at home order

    I hope president Trump tells China to just write off any debt we owed them for starters. Still pretty amazing that a virus that traveled around the planet never made it a few miles away to China's manufacturing and executive living city. Its as if they had some immunity to it..............or planned ahead. As to the killer virus Ohio now has 250'ish deaths with a population of around 12 MILLION. 250 is 0.00208333333% of 12,000,000
  9. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Some career people are mad certain politicians are being voted out , SCOTUS and fed judges being replaced so less activism from the bench. Japan , Sweden and some other countries are not shut down and functions yet the sky is falling here in the USA. Never let a good crisis go to waste. People try to advance their agenda on both sides ,I really do not trust any politicians and we are all along for the ride.
  10. cal50

    Stay at home order

    The math does not add up~ 4/2/2020 Ohio claimed corona deaths = 81 Ohio population = 11.6 million Want to guess the percentage?
  11. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Just looked at our pay-stub online and there is a sub statement / application that looks like it needs filled out and returned to the plant. You would think this would be automatic in this recent context / event.
  12. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Math. Try it sometime. More people working for higher wages and lower taxes without one single Democrat vote. I am sure you will do the honest thing and return your savings to the treasury. That pesky math thingy again...lol Where do you think NAFTA #2 came from? You know the same one that Ford supports, the company that employs us.
  13. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Calling the president a racist for stopping travel early on while some people laughed at the action and encouraged MORE travel.
  14. cal50

    Stay at home order

    Please do tell............. You do realize the former president it the only one in history to never have one year of 3% GDP. Do you really think things just turned around after he left office or that the new president changed taxable charges to corporation and regulation favorable for businesses? A better economy and lower taxes done with ZERO democrat help or support / go figure,lol