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  1. BlackManta

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    I think it seeps in from the trunk. There are spaces between the rear seats on either the right or left, that are open to the trunk. I've stuffed microfiber towels in there and will see if that helps.
  2. BlackManta

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    obtw, I use only two local stations, one being Shell and the other Exxon. Same results using either station.
  3. BlackManta

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    Thanks for the comments. The smell is reminiscent of rotten eggs. Question is, though, why am I smelling this in the cabin, what with the cabin air filter and the like?
  4. Good day to you all. Question: Has anyone had a problem with nausea-inducing fumes on the 2017-current Ford Fusion Sport? It begins after moderate to strong acceleration and does not dissipate until the car is shut off. I've taken it to the dealer a couple of times for this issue, but am told that the issue was a breaking-in period issues and would go away after 8,000 miles or so. Well, I'm at 10,000+ miles and the issue continues. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  5. BlackManta

    Rear Deck Speaker Cover?

    Hello All. I bought a '17 Fusion Sport just two weeks ago after trading a '16 VW Jetta GLI (long story...). Anyway, the VW had a really nice speaker cover on the underside of the parcel shelf, accessible from the trunk. It prevented items placed in the trunk from tearing wires off the speakers, tearing holes in the speakers, etc. I just looked at the underside of the rear parcel shelf speakers and they are completely exposed. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a cover for this area, or if not, is there a place to get one? Thanks...
  6. BlackManta

    New Fusion Owner Pics and Impressions

    From beautiful southern Maryland. My new '17 Fusion Sport! http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/923/sUuwRI.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/924/uYr1gV.jpg
  7. A few years ago, I suggested the name "TransContinental."
  8. BlackManta

    Lincoln MKM Coupe

    I know it's not very good, but I thought I'd try.
  9. BlackManta

    • LTC •

    Oh no....mine was almost finished. Your rendition is uncannily similar. Great concept.
  10. I had a top line Black one yesterday. Nice!
  11. BlackManta

    Lincoln Dreams

    Who knows.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. I plan to attend the show and wanted to know if there was any intel concerning Lincoln. Any news is most appreciated.
  13. Just some thoughts. A little rough. By rrhselux at 2012-02-26
  14. BlackManta

    2012 NAIAS

    If you're planning to stay a couple of days, try Romulus near the Detroit Metro Airport. The Fairfield Inn is great. There's a greek restaurant near there that has really great food at reasonable prices. Any place closer and you'll have a tough time finding something... Good luck! I'll be there on the 12th for Industry Day...