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  1. jason8225

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Could you get the sticker for my 2009 Crown Vic please? 2FAHP71V69X146361
  2. jason8225

    2019 Corvette vs GT

    The GT wins with unbelievable grip and braking. On a road course the power barely matters, 97% of lap times are driver skill.
  3. jason8225

    Adaptive Cruise Control. yes or no?

    Loved it when driving my mom's 2015 Taurus Limited.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been kind of a silent observer on these forums for a very long time. I appreciate all the insights and technical tips I've picked up over the years! My Ford fleet currently includes a 1994 Crown Vic, 2009 CVPI, 2018 F150 FX4 3.5EB, 2016 F350 SD FX4 CC 6.7 Diesel, 1994 Mustang GT (track prepped for road course) and my wife's 2018 EcoSport & 2016 Fiesta ST. Looking forward to joining a lot of the conversations here!
  5. jason8225

    Thank You

    Just wanted to thank those that built my Mustang. Just bought a new 06 GT Coupe a couple months ago - absolutely love the car! Great job! B)
  6. jason8225

    Bye-bye Taurus

    What's with all the Taurus hatin' :mellow: