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    2020 F350

    In a single cab F350, the 7.3 can be as low as $1,700 option
  2. Hey guys, I think he might be reading posts through a translator program
  3. Think rugged / Bronco versus softer/Mustang and then add Lincoln as a third choice. flexible leasing Broncos and Mustang and Lincoln’s oh my....
  4. Trust me, Broncos is that good..... you’ll understand when you see high series
  5. Just a feeling but I think a lot of people like you are gonna go aww F.... when they see Bronco, especially the higher series..... easy solved, just get both 🍿
  6. Of course, tow ratings on a mustang are vital information.... vehicle is still 12 months away, plenty of time
  7. You’ll get part of your wish with coyote hybrid, let’s see how that goes first.
  8. Doing an EV like this on the existing coupe or architecture as in four door or SUV would arguably do more permanent damage to the brand. At least this way, the purists keep their Mustang coupe and the new crowd get their BEV SUV. Rather than a BEV Mustang coupe, what about folding a BEV Shelby AC Cobra into the family as an extreme mix of new and Retro.
  9. Carbon neutral is an interesting term, I bet there’s a lot of flexibility on what is done to achieve that as opposed to what people think it means. The world is not running out of oil and gas quickly enough for the extreme greens, they want more now and that’s going to force contrived expediency on legislators.
  10. Look at where most of the population lives and who is the target audience. Offering more than a compliance vehicle gets the BEV sales out there justifying expansion of the charging network but folks are right to question the availability of charging stations, you can have thousands of them and still not enough for volumes hitting the roads so home based charging and staying withing total range is going to be important over the next decade. No one is forcing people to change and there will be lots of ICE/hybrids sold in the next decade, those will remain valid choices well into the future.
  11. AC locomotives actually generate AC that's rectified to DC and then an inverter makes constant frequency AC for traction motors. Old school says hold my beer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhgHrDbN4EU
  12. Up until Tesla 3, all previous Teslas exclusively used AC induction motors, the front motor on the 3 is still AC but the rear is brushless DC hybrid. On reflection, a Brushless DC is not really a DC motor, it has to be supplied with something resembling three-phase power at an appropriate frequency. It's really closer to being an AC motor than a pure DC motor.
  13. Mach E has AC drive motors, if I recall correctly, Tesla saved money with the 3 by giving it a hybrid design DC drive motor.
  14. PDL is just pissed off that no one invites him to anything anymore, he's just not that influential anymore.... Mustang Mach E is mostly on Jim Farley so yeah, you can see Pete is really boiling mad...
  15. How Ford's Mustang Mach-E came to be November 18, 2019 12:00 AM 2 HOURS AGO MICHAEL MARTINEZ https://www.autonews.com/design/how-fords-mustang-mach-e-came-be DETROIT — Two years ago, Jim Farley visited Ford Motor Co.'s Dearborn, Mich., design studio to review a long-range battery-electric crossover that had been in development for the past three years. The new CEO, Jim Hackett, had just tapped Farley as president of global markets, a job that includes overseeing the company's electric vehicle plans. Ford was behind in the segment and sorely needed an EV that could compete with rivals such as General Motors and Tesla. What he saw — essentially a wagon version of the Focus Electric — wasn't going to cut it. "He took one look and said, 'No way, no how. You guys are rebooting this program,' " recalled Jason Castriota, brand director for Ford's battery EVs. The quick rejection was a gut punch for the development team. But Farley's criticism also sparked what the vehicle would eventually become. He wanted it to be inspiring and performance-oriented, not just another compliance car. "Think Mustang," Farley told them. Ford was scheduled to reveal on Sunday, Nov. 17, the byproduct of that advice: the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, a battery-electric crossover with a range of at least 300 miles. It's the first utility vehicle to carry the iconic pony-car badge, and the nameplate is a play on the performance-oriented Mach 1 moniker. Castriota said it will be Ford's "best-handling vehicle" and boast driving specs comparable to those of a Porsche. The Mach-E represents a full pivot in Ford's product strategy under a compressed time frame. The design team basically had to start from scratch, changing everything from the quality of the exterior mirrors to the size of the interior display screen. "The day we decided this would be Mustang-inspired, we saw everyone light up," said Darren Palmer, Ford's global head of product development for BEVs. "It upped the ante hugely." ‘We own Mustang' After Farley ordered the about-face, the development team started by defining whom, exactly, they were building the vehicle for. It was no longer primarily about environmentally conscious buyers. "Let's take out everything that leans green," Castriota said. "Let's see who this customer really is." Instead, they visualized a forward-looking, tech-positive progressive with a "growth mindset." The descriptors matched the type of buyer for Ford's iconic pony car. "This was a major, watershed moment," Castriota said. "We found Ford BEV customers were very, very like Mustang customers. We decided it's got to be Mustang-inspired. We own Mustang." The designers went to work. They accentuated the rear haunches, lifted the nose and pulled back the A-pillar. They pulled the front wheels forward 70 mm and pushed the rear ones back 20 mm. And they added the Mustang's classic tri-bar taillights. From two years to four months Design development work was condensed into four months instead of the usual two-year time frame. The sketch for the initial 3D model, said Chris Walter, the exterior design manager, was created in less than a week. The interior was also completely reimagined. The initial design that executives rejected included a 12.4-inch portrait-oriented touch screen. It featured a number of carryover parts to meet financial targets, including the same steering wheel as the now-discontinued Fiesta. But in switching direction, the interior team tried something new: It brought would-be customers into the studio for the first time to experience the vehicle up close. A trip to China revealed that customers wanted a larger touch screen, so the team developed a 15.5-inch monitor with a specially designed knob at the bottom. The Mach-E also features the next-generation Sync infotainment system, crafted by a 15-person group to be as customer-oriented as possible. Back in Dearborn, early prototypes were outfitted with plastic foam pieces that could be switched out quickly, depending on customer feedback. "We were swapping parts out like Legos," said Josh Greiner, the vehicle's interior design director. Call it a Mustang Feedback from consumer clinics persuaded the team to go beyond "Mustang-inspired" and make the vehicle a full-fledged horse in the Ford pony-car stable. Executive Chairman Bill Ford signed off on the decision, and developers settled on the Mach-E name as a nod to the performance Mach 1 pony cars of the past. "It's Silicon Valley meets Route 66," Castriota said. The Mach-E features the iconic galloping horse logo on the front and rear, as well as the Mach-E name on the side. Among its Mustang-specific design cues are a double-cowl instrument panel and "ground speed" markings on the cluster. Ford is introducing a new ordering process with the Mach-E. With a $500 refundable deposit, consumers can reserve a spot in line for a special "first edition" model and configure their vehicle ahead of its arrival next year. Ford said the Mach-E will go on sale across the U.S. all at once, not concentrated on EV-friendly states such as California. Pricing was not released, but officials said it will be $40,000 to $50,000 before the $7,500 federal tax credit. Ford has been preparing its dealer network to service the Mach-E and other EVs that follow. Officials said Ford now has 9,500 trained EV technicians and 2,000 dealerships certified to work on EVs. "The goal was to make it awesome so the demand is natural," said Ted Cannis, Ford's global head of electrification. "We're set up for glory."
  16. Some good info in that link about motors and batteries, maybe its own thread?
  17. Context. I know that, he was quoting Re Field's January '17 announcement, and wondering where it was going if not FRAP. My link was December 2017 changes by Hackett that confirmed it moving to Mexico. i think there's been a conflating / confusion by some of Mach E going to Mexico and mid sized BEVs going to FRAP that may or may not be happening now.....good old Ford changing plans again?? I wonder if Fields screwed up cancelling San Louis Potosi, giving Ford less freedom to shuffle products.
  18. Interesting that specifications have a mix of imperial and metric.... Headroom - Front...............................38.86" - Front with pano roof......40.47" - Rear................................38.26" - Rear with pano roof.......39.25" Legroom - Front...............................41.69" - Rear................................38.11" Shoulder room - Front...............................57.64" - Rear................................55.87" Hip Room - Front................................55.35" - Rear.................................53.27"
  19. Yes and by December of that year, it all changed again. The Autonomous Transits were transferred to hermosillo and Mach E to Cuautitlan and after that, the two mid sized BEvs were announced for Flat Rock... and now rumors that Ford thought about closing Flat Rock before approving NG Mustang. I think there's real issues with upgrading FRAP for new products like the BEVs and wouldn't be surprised if another announcement comes out next year...
  20. Two years ago, Ford announced that the new electric vehicle would be built in Mexico, not in Flat Rock. https://money.cnn.com/2017/12/07/news/companies/ford-electric-cars-mexico/index.html Mind you, Ford seems to change plans every year.....
  21. Welcome to the brave new world of electric vehicles.
  22. Never mind, akirby has covered perfectly
  23. It could be argued that the EPA hastened the demise of small cars by imposing CAFE targets that were too tough to meet in respect to the cost staying ahead of those limits in what are price sensitive segments. Very few non-Detroit based car makers are building compact cars in the US, most tending towards lower cost areas like Mexico. Since the demise of thirsty V8 powered large cars, there's been little if any need for CAFE offset on Ford's cars as each vehicle segment now has defined CAFE targets based on the vehicle's footprint ,it's also why Dodge can sell Charger and Challenger without small cars as offset. the whole world has moved on from the 2000s and cars are just fading away ti a far less important sales role. The relaxation of CAFE targets for trucks and SUVs was more about delaying increases and simply allowing manufacturers more grace to spend their funding on better long term solutions rather than continuing to meet inane increases that are becoming totally unrealistic. Electrification is the future and the present so embracing it ASAP is key to moving forward.
  24. That's the mobile charger you get with the vehicle, the home charger is 32 miles of range per charge hour.