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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. caplanm

    2022 Owners manual

    You're welcome
  2. caplanm

    2022 Owners manual

    The full owner's manual is built into the 15" screen. You could download a PDF here: Untitled (fordservicecontent.com) I also attached it to this post. The only hard copy that I got with my 2022 Platinum is a supplemental manual 2022-Ford-Expedition-Owners-Manual-version-1_om_EN-US_11_2021 Printing 1.pdf
  3. caplanm

    In Production for over a week?

    My short length Platinum was listed as in production for about 2 weeks in August. Released from the plant on 8/30, and arrived at my dealer this morning 9/12/22
  4. caplanm

    Multi Contour Seats

    My 2022 Expedition Platinum could not be scheduled for production without the Multicontour Seats. I asked the same question, and was told there was no retro-fit for the seats. It has been noted on a few forums that the supplier that supplies the actual massaging components to the main seat supplier, went belly up. There's been no confirmation of that. Some of the 2023 MY order guides still show the required MCS delete.
  5. It seems that ALL models with the Multi-Contour massaging seat options will no longer have them as an option. I have a 2022 Expedition Platinum on order and only the massaging feature is dropped. The seats with luxury leather are still available. There was some chatter in one of the forums that mentioned the sole supplier of those massaging seats has gone belly up.
  6. For those lucky owners who received their 2022 Platinums, what items were removed? Multi-Contour Massaging Seats? Auto Start/Stop? Second Row Climate Climate/Heated Seat Controls? Active Park Assist 2.0? Foot Activated Liftgate? TIA
  7. caplanm

    Active Park Assist 2.0 still on hold?

    As an update, heard from my dealer this morning. Active Park Assist is still on Commodity Hold. He confirmed that the rear climate controls/rear heated seat controls are off of commodity hold
  8. Based on Ice Capade's post, we know that the 2nd Row Climate and Heated Seats controls are no longer on Commodity Hold. But does anyone know if the Active Park Assist 2.0 is still on Commodity Hold? l told my dealer that I didn't want to remove it, back in early April, because I have gotten so used to using it on my 2018 Platinum, plus I believe it ALSO removes reverse braking assist and cross traffic assist. I have emailed my dealer, but have not heard back.
  9. caplanm

    2022 Expedition Platinum

    @cyberdman Thank you for all of your help over the years. I can totally understand that it has been overwhelming lately. Good Luck on your "retirement" In reading all of the posts since I wrote the comment above, I realized that you were part of Ford's reduction in force. I've been there more than once in my career of a Chief Information Officer for public companies. As someone in the forum said, it may not seem so, but you will be better off. Things will be better, and you will land on your feet. And don't take it personally. Good Luck!
  10. caplanm

    2022 Expedition Platinum

    Hi Cyberdman, Can you take another look? Dealer Number: F11463 Order Number: 0092
  11. caplanm

    option code 88R

    According to Ford and my Dealer, Expeditions will be built without the rear climate controls and, in the case of Platinums, 2nd row heated seat controls. However, unlike the Multi-Contour massaging seats, the rear climate control will be retrofitted at no charge, once the parts are available which is predicted to be between 12 and 18 months from now. Your dealer should be able to amend the order.
  12. caplanm

    Platinum Interior

    I have this one of the dash and front seats
  13. I've never had a problem with the wireless charger on my 2018 Expedition, with either an iPhone 8 w/Otterbox case or iPhone 12 w/Otterbox case. My only complaint is that dropping the phone on the slanted charger is sometimes a bit cumbersome.
  14. caplanm

    Expedition production

    Everyone, I'm with you. I have a 2022 Platinum on order. And I know there's a ton of frustration out there, including with the dealers, for individual Expedition orders like myself, and traditional buyers who are used to walking up to a dealer on a Saturday afternoon, picking out a vehicle and buying it. I think you all, who have a 2022 Expedition on order will agree, we really want the vehicle that we ordered, with ALL of the features that were stated to be available at the time that we ordered it. If you don't, you can reach out to your dealer to remove certain features, such as Active Park Assist 2.0, Emergency rear braking, 2nd Row Climate/Audio controls, etc. Ford is Before you remove content based on Ford's scheduling enhancements, think a moment. Do you really want, as in my case, to purchase a 2022 Expedition Platinum, to live without certain content which may or may not be exclusive the model (Platinum in this case)? After a few years, do you envision purchasing a new vehicle, and expecting the best trade in possible, to trade/sell the Expedition, and you want the best possible trade-in, retail sale price? My question is, that what would you give up on the selling/trade-in side to get your- 2022 Expedition (sans much content) to have one today, without some major options that are being removed. I would not give up on the Expedition, in terms of availability or Ford, for that matter. Things are pretty bad, right across the board, including GM- and Stellantiss. This is just my 2 cents.