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    J-150 reacted to akirby in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
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    J-150 reacted to akirby in Ford And GM's Decision To Abandon Small Cars Is Already Costing Them   
    I doubt it.   I mean, they were making $2B/qtr with Focus and Fiesta and they made $2B last quarter without them, so what does that tell you?
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    J-150 got a reaction from jpd80 in Ford rivals say Bronco doesn’t worry them.   
    GT levels of secret skunkworks project here. No one saw this coming...
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    J-150 got a reaction from jpd80 in Ford rivals say Bronco doesn’t worry them.   
    GT levels of secret skunkworks project here. No one saw this coming...
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    J-150 reacted to rmc523 in Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st   
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    J-150 got a reaction from Stampede.Offroad in How Ford has transformed its Product Development Process   
    And yet a Bronco based on existing architecture and powertrain takes how long?
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    J-150 reacted to twintornados in 2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed   
    What is the advantage of this?? I would be willing to bet that a certain someone will bemoan the fact that they aren't made of of a certain variant of cast iron...

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    J-150 reacted to 02MustangGT in More Good Press :(   
    Posting for the sake of posting.  
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    J-150 reacted to probowler in Ford Patent Shows Removable Top   
    Hopefully they use a strong sturdy material like Fiberglass, secure it with dozens of hex bolts, and integrate a permanant third brake light for safety. It should also require 3-4 people to lift and remove so you know it's tough.
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    J-150 reacted to rmc523 in Coyote/Koenigsegg Connection???   
    Paragraphs are your friend.
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    J-150 reacted to HotRunrGuy in Ranger Rear Seat Delete   
    A few years ago, I had a Ram QuadCab as a company vehicle, and built a simple, plywood platform to create a flat floor for the Lab,,,
    Pretty simple to take in & out when I needed to use the seats.

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    J-150 reacted to SoL93GT in Coyote/Koenigsegg Connection???   
    White99GT is 100% correct. It blows my mind that Ford enthusiasts even a moderator on this forum can't comprehend and have never read about or seen any evidence that Koenigsegg designed, and built their own engines ever! Christian Von Koenigsegg is a engine design patent thief! All of the engines that have ever been in any Koenigsegg have the same exact architecture as the original Ford Mod Motors he began using from the beginning! The article he wrote on his website, and the first thing you see attempting to convince anyone that goes there that his cars have all Koenigsegg design, and built engines. Even though he claims that because they changed enough of "our" original engine's design (referring to the Ford Mod Motor) therefore they feel comfortable enough to call them all Koenigsegg designed, and built engines proves that he is a engine design patent thief! He refers to patented catalytic converters, a dry-sump oiling systems, a crankcase evacuation systems, as some of the things that he changed on the original engine design which have nothing to do with engine design! It's insane how many Automotive enthusiast, and Automotive journalists can't see what is a clear act of engine design patent theft it's crazy! Many other low production boutique auto manufacturers that have made supercars have  properly made agreements with other auto manufacturing companies to use their high performance engines like the AMG V12 (Pagani Zonda, and Huayra), BMW M1 V12 (McLaren F1), the Brabham BT62 produced in the last year resulted in an agreement with Ford Motor company to use their 5.4L Mod Motors. Ford has allowed them to call it a bespoke Brabham engine. Instead of what Christian Von Koenigsegg did by copying Ford's all aluminum 32 valve DOHC Ford Mod Motor which has been used in racing applications to produce up to 3500+ HP by ACCUFAB Racing John Mihovetz (4.6L 281ci Teksid '93-'98 block, Ford GT heads CNC'd, and up to 3000 HP using the stock steel Kellogg Ford crankshaft with twin turbos on methanol) just like many other American engine builders. Which has allowed him to run 5.88 @ 255+ MPH in his 1998 Ford Mustang Pro-Mod for 5 years now, and 2300-3500 HP for 20 years without ever having a single engine failure for him or any of his customers at ACCUFAB Racing. L&M Racing Engines is just another example who have the same capabilities as ACCUFAB Racing when building Ford Mod Motors for racing/street applications using the original OEM Ford Mod Motor production blocks, cranks, and cylinder heads (4.6L, 5.0L, 5.2L, 5.4L, and 5.8L DOHC engines). Why Christian Von Koenigsegg has never been called out on it by the automotive media is mind-boggling! Designing a pneumatic operated system to open the valves or making intakes, valve covers, and front engine timing chain covers out of carbon fiber have nothing to do with changing into design either LoL! And comments made on this forum defending Koenigsegg are absolutely ridiculous, and idiotic! Every Ford enthusiast that visits to blueovalforms.com should be furious!
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    J-150 reacted to fordtech1 in SD Frame failure   
    This is the crap that concerns me with all this 37000 lb towing capacity. Sure it can pull it but can it stop and steer safely. That takes a lot of force to break that frame. 
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    J-150 got a reaction from MY93SHO in NEXT-LEVEL 2020 FORD SUPER DUTY - 475 horsepower and 1,050 ft.-lbs. of torque   
    Maybe their new partner Navistar can rework the 444 for them
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    J-150 reacted to akirby in '20 Escape First Drive Review   
    To some degree.  But honestly just look at what is selling right now and it should be no surprise that Ford is going this way.  The biggest advantage is people will want baby Bronco and they won’t have to discount it very much and with Escape providing the volume they can keep production levels in line with demand.  It’s a relatively low risk project with high potential.   But we will have to wait and see if it works out.
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    J-150 reacted to Harley Lover in news coming....   
    I read this to be that there will be 2 ranges offered (and thus 2 different size battery packs, one for each range). As someone posted earlier, perhaps the 'standard' range is 150-200 miles, and the 'premium' range is the 300+ mile range we've heard mentioned.
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    J-150 reacted to Bob Rosadini in New Baby Bronco Will Be Called Bronco Adventurer   
    Well remember they will be selling the class 4,5 and 6 "chebys" as Internationals.  When it comes to marketing you might be surprised what owners will do to get more volume.  I may be wrtong but iof you are equipped to service a class 4, not a huge stretch to go down to 1-3 IMO
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    J-150 reacted to silvrsvt in Baby Bronco spotted testing   
    I just hope Ford threads the needle when it comes to comfort vs off road capabilities with the Bronco. I don't plan on off roading with mine, just looking for something that is good in the snow when that happens, but I do like the convertible like options it should offer-but I also want to be quiet when I have a hard top on it 90% of the time. 
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    J-150 got a reaction from silvrsvt in Baby Bronco spotted testing   
    Let's be realistic. Wranglers and Land Rovers are pavement queens. If they go mud bogging, they are several years old.
    Very few buy a $40k+ vehicle to trash it.
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    J-150 reacted to rmc523 in 2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks   
    lol, and you do?
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    J-150 reacted to blwnsmoke in 2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks   
    Yes, google says so.
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    J-150 reacted to Ididntdoit in UAW extends Ford, Fiat Chrysler pacts; strike possible at GM   
    GM needed to make a cut in labor cost, they just cut a weeks labor cost without having to pay anyones vacation time on the UAW's dime. IUAW needed to be relevant to it's members and find away to spend some strike fund money to continue at the higher dues rate. The longer they take to stall the inevitable the more creative the rumors sound.
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    J-150 reacted to jpd80 in 2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek   
    I've warned so many people to watch out for Jeep, while they're running great sell them and walk away a winner.
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    J-150 got a reaction from jpd80 in 2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek   
    That's all you need to read when deciding to be empathetic to their plight.
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    J-150 reacted to Bob Rosadini in New light & medium duty news   
    Whatever!  One thing we can probably agree on- Jac was an arrogant guy who appealed to the press with his far out ideas.  I probably posted these gems before -among them......he bought the auto salvage yards-better known as junk yards- so..."we can better analyze parts failures"-or words  to that effect.   Another beauty...he visited Boston and the Boston Globe interviewed this big cheese and he said he wanted to..."get a better understanding of the the consumers "likes" in the kitchen.
    And back to Ford's position in class 6, 7 and 8, I don't think class 8 was ever more than 10%.  I do have a May 1988 addition of HDT and in the Truck Sales Report,  section it showed Ford at 9.2% (fifth of 11 brands reported), in class 7 Ford was at 34.5% (first of 13 brands reported) and in class 6 Ford had 16.2 % of 12 brands reported -GM with Chevy and GMC had a combined 40.8% and International had 33.1%