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    J-150 reacted to silvrsvt in '20 Escape First Drive Review   
    Public comment sections of automotive pages are freaking open sewers of stupidity. 
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    J-150 got a reaction from twintornados in Great Marketing Video by Henry Ford III   
    Point is, as a marketing tool it's as bad as the Chevy "real people".
    Oh you hate Ford? Here, drive a GT. Not, hey drive the vehicles that make you hate Ford.
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    J-150 reacted to silvrsvt in Ford vs Ferrari trailer   
    New Trailer
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    J-150 reacted to AGR in Chevy Silverado 'Invisible Trailer'!   
    I wish they would develop technology that makes those ugly Silverados invisible.
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    J-150 reacted to twintornados in Ford and GM's plans for Electric Pickups   
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    J-150 got a reaction from hwyman3 in New Small Pickup prototype ;)   
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    J-150 reacted to jasonj80 in Mach E battery range about 330 miles   
    The best part is that it is all thanks to FCA and GM making Tesla profitable. 😂
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    J-150 got a reaction from passis in Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco   
    I dont like it either, but Jeep has pulled off putting their name on a Fiat 500.
    Porsche is selling a helluva lot of tarted up Volkswagen SUVs and still asking an insane amount for their cars.
    It can be done with success, as long as the base brand remains class leading.
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    J-150 reacted to Anthony in End of the Line for the Dodge Journey? Journey Loses its V6   
    It is at the end of its life, but more likely the result of losing the V6 was not enough people were buying it.  Journey at this stage is pretty much the cheapest CUV of this size you can buy.  Most likely people are not buying these to get all the options (because even optioned out, this thing is way outclassed by pretty much everything out there), but for basic transportation for a family that needs something a bit bigger. ...and since it is so cheap, I'm sure they are also trying not to compete internally with the Durango and Jeeps (since most are shared dealerships). This is a value buy whereas the Jeeps and Durango are seen as a bit more aspirational.
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    J-150 reacted to Anthony in 2020 Porsche Taycan Finally Debuts   
    The fact they are using the Turbo badging just seems ridiculous on an electric engine.  As I said on Twitter, might as well just call it HEMI or DOHC.
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    J-150 reacted to rmc523 in Ford to expand F-150 touch screen by 50% to counter Ram   
    I wasn't aware GM Truck Month stopped since it started 5 years ago....
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    J-150 reacted to akirby in Ford to expand F-150 touch screen by 50% to counter Ram   
    Only in months with 28 days.
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    J-150 reacted to Deanh in Selling New Cars Proves Unprofitable For Most Auto Dealers   
    no offence, but its always fascinated me how everyone is an expert in the business barring those that actually participate in it...and it reflects todays entitlement attitude...I can assure you, any one that deals with the general public in a day to day fashion, and face to face, garners a hell of a lot more respect from me than someone stuck in an office or using a keypad....classic is my Wife working for the DMV...want to talk about what she puts up with?....yet all you will ever read is the other side...how bad THAT experience is. Customers always right though correct?... 
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    J-150 reacted to jpd80 in 4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?   
    That wasn't the point i was making....
    F150, towing 7,000 lb trailer @ 70 mph
    2.7 EB...8.7 mpg
    3.5 EB...9.1 mpg
    5.0 V8.....10.1 mpg
    F250 6.2 V8 ...12,500 lbs....8.6 mpg....
    I have to believe that the 6.2 V8 engine would be much better on gas when towing 9,000 lbs and 7,000 lbs
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    J-150 reacted to YT90SC in 2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek   
    Those are virtually the same numbers as the 7.3 had stock in Super Duty. With 4 speed automatics. 
    Remember GM twins have the only clean sheet diesel here. They moved their bar towards efficiency. FCA and Ford would rather tow more but they are using existing engines that happen to fit between the frame rails and meet NVH requirements. 
    If they were just chasing MPG numbers they would be smaller and less capable most likely. 
    These things are to satisfy the "gotta have a diesel" option, nothing more. There is no real reason to buy one.
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    J-150 reacted to probowler in How the New Ford Escape Drew Inspiration from BMW Motorcycles   
    Of course Ford would base their vehicle design off the ugliest, dorkiest looking motorcycles on the road; if only Ford knew Moped was a thing, we could have had something really inspired!
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    J-150 got a reaction from ANTAUS in How Ford has transformed its Product Development Process   
    And yet a Bronco based on existing architecture and powertrain takes how long?
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    J-150 reacted to silvrsvt in Acura Type S Concept   
    I see the Camaro in the front and the BMWness to the side flanks.
    Its the best looking Acura since the 2004 TL
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    J-150 got a reaction from loubif in Ford's cool side   
    I love hearing stories like this 
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    J-150 reacted to atomcat68 in Ford's cool side   
    Even Ford's biggest detractors can't say this isn't a great thing. I've never heard of GM, Toyota, Nissan, or anyone else doing things like this and this isn't the first time I saw an article like this on Ford. If they did, please share as good stories are nice to hear.
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    J-150 reacted to Deanh in 2020 GT 350R Upgrades.   
    screw that...if Im spending 100k on on a car Im contacting Earl Schibe.
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    J-150 reacted to twintornados in GM Looking for Investors to Pay for Fast-Charging Network Stations   
    And how many manufacturers paid other manufacturers for the unleaded fuel neck design back in the 70's? Answer; none.
    Elon wants to control fuel delivery plain and simple so that he can "enhance investor value" of Tesla to drive up the stock price. His design is nice, but by no means should other manufacturers be held hostage to a design that is only designed to fatten his wallet.
    Hard pass.
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    J-150 reacted to blwnsmoke in Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel   
    DO build a pump that can handle 25k psi if that is what you are requiring, DO build a pump that does not destroy itself, DO build a fuel system that does NOT send the metal particles through the whole fuel system (aftermarket has already come up with solution so it does not), DO build a fuel system that can handle American diesel, DO build a water separator that actually separates water (aftermarket has done this prior to 2017MY), DO honor a warranty on the junk pumps instead of sticking customers with a $10k bill because Ford doesnt want to design a proper filtering system.  DO state that additives are REQUIRED in order to prevent a grenade if they are indeed required.
    I've spent years reading owner after owner getting stuck with a $10k bill when they havent done anything wrong (yes, there are some that have no clue what a water separator is).
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    J-150 reacted to twintornados in New light & medium duty news   
    Not completely accurate, yes, the first generation (Series 7300) Ecotorq engine design was in fact a "buy in" from Fiat, but the second generation (Series 7400 and 9400) are designed "in house" and have nothing in common with the Fiat "buy in" motor other than they both burn diesel fuel.
    This is like saying that the original "Power Stroke" Ford diesel V8 that was designed by Navistar means that the current "Power Stroke" diesel that was designed and built "in house" by Ford is still a Navistar engine.