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  1. I have a Bronco on order. It will be the last ICE I buy. Im even worried I will get hosed when time comes to trade it in.
  2. I have a Bronco on order, but keeping my Flex. 136K miles still runs great. I have three kids 18,15 and 14 YOs. One of them will be driving it. Best car I ever had.
  3. Gnostic

    Bronco Price Gouging?

    Im paying invoice in NY. I changed dealers a while ago, but like was mentioned above you can change anytime before March when all orders are due.
  4. Yeah, I mean I had an 89 probe gt, 2.2 l turbo. only had 160k mile when I traded it. original turbo. They must have gotten worse since then
  5. Gnostic

    Another new V8 ?

    You mean like turbo charging, Di, variable valve timing, hell ecoBoost is practically a flathead 🙄
  6. So I suppose you dont like trim names like GT350, GT500, Bullit, Mach 1, Boss 302.
  7. jet fighter grey ! or as the USAF calls it air superiority grey
  8. I would hope mustang would be the template
  9. Have they started doing preproduction builds at MAP yet?
  10. According to a guy at bronco6g the plastic is pre-production and the real plastic will have texture.
  11. i seem to recall they would take turns spinning. Or maybe that was just my shitty set up. LOL been a long time since my racing days.
  12. I had a beat up 93 mustang convertible, with cloth seats. I used to carry garbage bags to put over them if I left the top down and it rained.
  13. Gnostic

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    they should call it Brunk, ha