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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. giddyup05

    November Bronco Order

    Waiting to hear back from my Fleet guy that's on vacation
  2. giddyup05

    November Bronco Order

    So I ordered early November 21 when I can expect a build date?
  3. giddyup05

    2021 Front air deflector

    I put a tremor one on my truck and works and looks good.
  4. giddyup05

    Ford Are you Listening

    Didn't have a hardware issue, Have a dealer issue ! Took too different dealer and they installed the software update and problem is fixed. Will never take my truck to Northside Ford for service or repair. End of story
  5. I hope someone at Ford is listening ! Have a 2021 Ford SD, 6.7 with 15000 miles on it and the dealer is telling me my Transmission needs pulled and pulled apart ! Are you shitting me? It's because someone has not fixed the issue that now I am finding out about ! 15000miles and my wrench light came on 3 times but my tranny has been working fine! Dealer will not install update software because it has over 5000miles on it, what kind of BS is that. This will be my last Ford I buy due to the lack of taking care of the problem before its sold to customers. Remember the 6L ? Ford Focus Tranny? I would lemon law this but have too many miles on it. LAST FORD I EVER OWN.
  6. giddyup05

    Upfitter wire location.

    Make it easier to access Upfitter wires under hood and inside cab. I have still not found inside cab. Plus add a ground block inside cab.
  7. giddyup05

    2021 SD 10 speed Trans Issue

    November 2020 build date.
  8. Well up until Saturday I was very happy with my new 2021 SD 6.7 ! But a wrench light came on and my ford app said something about a Transmission module reduce power and call Dealer. So I did and he said that my transmission may have to be rebuild !!!! WTF 9300miles and rebuild a transmission BS. Wench light went out after I shut off my truck. Trans is shifting perfect temp is normal WTH. Anyone else having an issue?
  9. giddyup05

    6.7L Oil leak

    My truck was a 2017 and have sold it now and replaced with 2021 SD
  10. giddyup05

    2021 SD Platinum received 12/16/20

    Here you go it happened. E2763DF5-AEB5-464B-8DFA-99020FBFEAB6.heic
  11. giddyup05

    My 2021 off line date

  12. I hope this reaches the Men & Women at ford where my new 2021 SD Platinum was built !! I received my new truck last week and after going front to back it was perfectly built, I have found nothing wrong and fit and finish is great. Thank you all for a job well done.
  13. Dealer says my my new 2021 SD 350 is due offline on the 23rd Im pumped.
  14. giddyup05

    6.7L Oil leak

    I am not a happy camper right now, I just found out to fix my oil leak they to basically take my engine apart to fix! My who at Ford decided to use silicone as a pan gasket? They should be fired.
  15. giddyup05

    Ran out of fuel 6.7

    So I have a new 2019 6.7, last night wife in way home , fuel display showed 55miles until empty low fuel light came on and with 1 mile truck lost power and shutdown, gauge still showed 55 mile until empty. I put 5 gals diesel in cycled key 3 time and it fired up and showed 178 mile till empty. Not good any ideas? Now check engine light came on. Truck has 3500miles on it. thanks for any help