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  1. I know this may seem silly but the first thing I thought off when I saw this was weight. I remember when Chevy came out with the Vega and people where putting V8s in them, very cool in a straight line but good luck cornering.
  2. I stand corrected, of all the pictures of it that I've seen no box was shown. I just googled the pictures of it and some do show a box, Still looks like a cub scout derby car. I'll stick with my F150
  3. OK, Why is this thing that looks like a cub scouts carved car called a truck ? If I'm hauling 4x8 plywood or drywall where would I put it. Is it a truck because of big tires? I can put big ass tires on my Mustag doesn't mean it's a truck, because it can tow? so can my Mustang who gives a shit. You want an electric truck fine, make it a truck first, until then piss off I feel so much better now.
  4. Agreed, but a trim level that affects supension and off road ability, Not just an appearance package.
  5. Anybody know what happend to " Timberline" ?
  6. The Denali trim code is being used by the GM pickups.
  7. I have 237k on my 97 F150 5.4. and have had no problems with "spitting plugs". The Ford manual says 14 foot pounds torque and that's what it has gotten. Ford added the extra threads on the head in October of 2002, Yes a bit late but better than never. Then they started using the glow plug looking spark plugs which was even worse,
  8. Ron W.

    New Escape

    Ummmm, no pictures ............. ?
  9. Ron W.

    And the GT500 is how much?

    This I agree with A.D.M. or not.
  10. Welcome to California Agreed, Nor Cal is just as bad.
  11. And once again we will wait for what seems like forever for a real photo of what it's going to look like.
  12. My guess is the majority of people will not even be aware of this.