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  1. 1 minute ago, mackinaw said:

    Bill Ford's thoughts on the Mustang Mach-E:


    "I certainly wasn't sold at the beginning — far from it," Ford said on the sidelines of the vehicle's reveal Sunday night. "They came to me and said, 'We really think we can make this Mustang-inspired, really Mustang-like.' I said, 'You guys aren't telling me you want to call this a Mustang.' No one would say yes, but nobody would say no, either. I said, 'No, I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt the brand. This is not going to be a Mustang.' "


    "When I drove it, I knew it had to be a Mustang," Ford said. "Frankly, I was getting there before because I believed the team when they were laying all the specs out. As it evolved and I started to see the performance characteristics, not just the 0 to 60, but the handling dynamics, the driving dynamics and the styling kept evolving, at some point I realized: Yeah, this is a Mustang. The pony could go on the grille."


    "It doesn't replace the Mustang car I love," Ford said. "It's an addition to the family, and it's a really important one."


    https://www.autonews.com/cars-concepts/bill-ford-didnt-want-call-mach-e-mustang-until-he-drove-it?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=automotive news&utm_content=5b022b0f-4a35-45fe-bb0c-7f9efe6ce7c4

    Meh, what does he know?

  2. Just now, brucelinc said:


    I agree.   A Mustang inspired sports sedan or "four door coupe" would be a great addition for those who are not attracted to SUVs, CUVs minivans, station wagons or other utilitarian type vehicles.


    But it was called "affordable" which to me means Focus/Ecosport pricing.  If they wanted to do that with a sedan they'd just keep the Focus or Fiesta.

  3. 4 minutes ago, probowler said:

    Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if this whole subbrand thing offers any value to Ford.  Do we need this?


    You don't think baby bronco will get more publicity and be better received as a "Bronco <whatever>" than it would be as a Ford <whatever>?


    Mustang already has sub models - GT350, GT500 plus upcoming hybrid and probably a BEV coupe.


    F series has been a sub brand for decades.


    It's called brand equity and it's stupid to waste it on one vehicle given a choice.  

  4. 6 minutes ago, 351cid said:

    I fall into three of the four catagories, so my personal view is jaded.


    My sister is as far removed from being a motorhead as can be. She fired off a text to me this morning asking what I thought about what Ford has done to the Mustang. I explained that this wasn't "the new Mustang" but just a vehicle carring the Mustang name. Her response: "That's stupid."


    I think this is Ford's second marketing blunder this year. It really should have been named "Ford Mach E"


    Do you honestly think this will prevent people from buying a Mustang coupe?   Do you think people who would have otherwise bought a "Ford Mach E" will refuse to buy it because it's a Mustang?    If the answer to both is No (and I believe it is) then it can't be a marketing blunder.  May or may not work out but expanding the Mustang brand awareness to other vehicles that have similar (or better) performance as traditional sales are dropping and BEVs begin to replace ICEs seems like a wise move to me.  

  5. 15 minutes ago, NLPRacing said:


    The "That's not a Mustang" crowd is paying attention to a vehicle that they may not have cared about had it been called anything else. And I think that's the point.


    First you have the folks that hate BEVs in general because they don't want to lose ICE vehicles.   Then you add the folks that love cars and hate SUVs and crossovers and the folks who think "Mustang" is a sacred name that can only belong to one vehicle plus all the general Ford haters.  None of those people were actually potential buyers, just internet whiners.


    This would be a lot more understandable if the traditional Mustang was going away, but it's clearly not.  I bet they'll get at least 3 years worth of pre-orders.


    If it does backfire somehow, they can easily change the taillights and take Mustang off of it and make it a different vehicle.

  6. 8 minutes ago, NLPRacing said:

    What else could they offer under the Mustang name?  They already have a 2+2 coupe/convertible & a 5 seat performance "SUV" (to me it's a CUV, not an SUV).  Maybe a 5 passenger, 4 door "coupe"?  A 3 or 5 door "hot hatch"?  


    I'm wondering if the new "affordable vehicle" will wear a Mustang badge of some sort?

  7. 14 minutes ago, 351cid said:

    Flame me if you want....


    I showed the pictures that ice Capades posted as "Ford's new car" to my wife. Her response was: "I thought they were killing off the Fusion?". Then I explained that it was all electric. Her response: " How many miles per charge and how long to charge?". When I told her 200-300 and several hours she asked "Why anyone would buy that with such a limited range and that long to recharge?".


    The I gave her the name Mustang Mach E. Her response: "They picked the wrong horse...should be Pinto Mach E....I should know, I had a Pinto. Boy, Ford offers almost nothing that's appealing to me anymore".


    Needless to say; we won't be buying one for her. Now...in defense of her thoughts; she drives 325 miles one way every month to deal with her 84 year old mother's needs. Her mother lives in a retirement home, so there is no access for her to plug up.


    BEVs are not yet designed to be vehicles you can drive anywhere, everywhere all the time.   Although it is possible if you're willing to plan your trip around recharging.


    The use case for these 99% of these vehicles is charging it overnight at home and driving less than 230 miles per day and having access to an ICE vehicle for longer trips.  That way charging time and public charging access is irrelevant.  I bet that covers at least 95% of potential customers (driving less than 230 miles per day).


    This isn't geared towards traditional car buyers so it's not surprising that some people hate it.  That doesn't mean it won't be wildly successful.

  8. Ga used to charge 6%-7% sales tax on new cars plus yearly ad valorem tax that usually ran $100-$600 depending on the value of the vehicle.


    A few years ago they did away with the annual ad valorem and replaced the sales tax with a one time 7% ad valorem tax.  So for new cars it was a wash and you saved the annual ad valorem tax.  Good deal.   But they made it up on used cars - now you pay the 7% on every used purchase (one time).


  9. 17 minutes ago, Maegar said:

    Niccee.  Anyone have any ideas on when more details will be released? Article mentioned it'll be different than traditional equations. 


    Probably not until closer to launch late next year.  I would expect a very small discount for X plan (maybe $500) and up to 4% on A plan but that's just a guess.   There is no "dealer invoice" and "msrp" here - just msrp.  Dealers are paid a commission for each delivery.

  10. 14 minutes ago, bbf2530 said:


    Hi Maegar. This is personal opinion and not official information: I would take an educated guess that A/X/Z Plan will not be accepted during the initial "VIP" sales phase. Yes at some point later on, when it is not a limited production vehicle, but not initially.


    Good luck.

    I said the same thing and we were both wrong.  Ford has officially said that A/Z/X plan will be available on Mach E.