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  1. MTP'er

    Bye, bye Gary jones

    The ass hat is gone! https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/11/20/gary-jones-resigns-as-uaw-president/4252063002/
  2. MTP'er

    Ratification Meetings & Voting Dates

    Another 51% to 49%. Shoot even KCAP and LAP voted against it. 🤔
  3. MTP'er

    Ratification Meetings & Voting Dates

    Map ISA vote Nov 7 & 8. 5pm to 5 pm.
  4. MTP'er

    CAP Vote

    So you voted "yes" because of the $9000 signing bonus? And this Dec bonus? There is no Dec bonus. There's a 4% lump sum in stead of a raise. All you seen was $$$, who cares about the rest. Keep drinking the kool-aid
  5. MTP'er

    Ford, UAW reach tentative agreement

    I'm passing out the kool-aid, line forms behind me. 😎
  6. MTP'er

    GM contract highlights

    It's always 51%
  7. MTP'er

    GM contract highlights

    LIB increase??
  8. MTP'er

    Signing Bonus

    LTNS Furious, welcome back!
  9. MTP'er

    Signing Bonus

    Triway go back to your best buy job and leave us alone. Be happy with your $11 job.
  10. MTP'er

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    Jack Nasser was making $65,000,000 total comp. Yes he was getting to big.
  11. Do you think the infrastructure will be in place by 2020? Or better yet, will the electric grid be upgraded enough to handle all these electric vehicles? I doubt it.
  12. I think maybe this topic needs to get locked. It's way off track.
  13. MTP'er

    GM/ IUAW contract negotiations

    1.5% that's a definite no vote for me. Nothing less that 3% per year.
  14. MTP'er

    Signing Bonus?

    Let's do this, how about anyone that got hired after 2010, have them go through a 2-3 day class sponsored by the uaw and let them see what we have fought for and gave up through the years. Give them a better understanding what the UAW is all about. The future for legacy employees will depend on what they negotiate for us.