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  1. MTP'er

    Signing Bonus?

    You think Ford is going to give you signing bone-us $18,500 - $30,000 . Phuk NO! Cause with that much money most of you all won't show up to work !!. Keep dreaming. Never happen !
  2. MTP'er

    Signing Bonus?

    Ford giveth, Ford taketh away ! Ford will do whatever Ford needs to do, contract or no contract. Promises are made to be broken, remember that !!
  3. MTP'er

    Retirement LIB

    So Fatso, your one of those. One of those that say be glad you have a job.
  4. MTP'er

    Retirement LIB

    Keep your $1500, and stick your nice words. If that's all we're going to get out of this contract the IUAW CAN GO F THEMSELVES.
  5. How about the minute per hour we gave up for our break.
  6. MTP'er

    Kanye West knows how to Save Ford

    And who are we, a bunch of Eddie Haskells?
  7. MTP'er

    30 years of dedication finally pays off

    At least you have a cafeteria.
  8. MTP'er

    First Post

    Glad to have ya. Tell us something about yourself, like what, where and when at Ford.
  9. MTP'er


    July of 88 here when it was Mazda too. Glad I'm not there anymore.
  10. MTP'er

    4% bonus

  11. MTP'er

    4% bonus

    In the highlites it sez September of 2018
  12. MTP'er

    Jimmy's new job

    Settles has been named group executive in charge of neighborhoods "I thought there's one person in this town who for 50 years has made sure everyone in his union was taken care of," Duggan said. "By the time his career was done, he was representing 100,000 Ford workers and he made sure everyone of those 100,000 union members was treated fairly. As my signature sez
  13. MTP'er

    Sadd Shame

    Hey fuzzy, your not going to be alone. Everyone returning is going to be in the same boat as you not knowing where anything is at. You'll be fine.