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    1967 Ford Mustang Order Guide

    Version 1.0.0


    1967 Ford Mustang Order Guide
  2. robertlane

    1967 Ford Mustang Order Guide

    View File 1967 Ford Mustang Order Guide 1967 Ford Mustang Order Guide Submitter robertlane Submitted 11/06/2018 Category Mustang  
  3. robertlane

    1966 Ford Mustang Order Guide

    Version 1.0.0


    1966 Ford Mustang Order Guide
  4. robertlane

    1966 Ford Mustang Order Guide

    View File 1966 Ford Mustang Order Guide 1966 Ford Mustang Order Guide Submitter robertlane Submitted 11/06/2018 Category Mustang  
  5. Yes - the site is re-indexing a lot of material. . .back to 1999. It will take some time.
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    Welcome. I live in Orlando myself!
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    Shelby GT500KR

    From the album: Robert's Stuff

    Shelby GT500KR #10 being stripped down for performance upgrades.
  8. robertlane

    Shelby Terlingua with Carroll Shelby

    From the album: Robert's Stuff

    The Shelby Terlingua with Carroll Shelby in Terlingua, Texas.
  9. robertlane

    2008 Shelby GT500KR

    From the album: Robert's Stuff

    2008 GT500KR #10 was used as a test mule at Shelby - we put a 3.6L blower on it and had to slightly lower the engine and use a SuperSnake hood for clearance.
  10. robertlane

    2007 Shelby Terlingua

    From the album: Robert's Stuff

    2007 Shelby Terlingua after an outing in Texas where the bugs are not forgiving! đź’€
  11. Adding Photos / Media to a Post Starting with this new version, you can drag files to the file bar (at the end of the post window) OR you can click on the "Insert Other Media" drop down bar if you wish to insert media that's already been uploaded or choose to insert an image from an outside URL / Website.
  12. Lincoln Aviator Trademark Application more @ Lincoln Aviator Forum
  13. I purchased what Ford calls a VIP plan and had to sign one of these as well. It's a simple agreement that you won't sell it OR if you decide to sell it, Ford gets the first right to purchase the vehicle back.
  14. Next Generation 2018 Ford C-MAX Production Headed to China It seems that despite rumors, there will be a next generation Ford C-MAX Read More Here: http://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2015/07/09/ford-focus-uaw-contract-mexico/29918345/ Ford C-MAX Hybrid Forum: http://www.FordCMAXHybridForum.com Ford C-MAX Energi Forum: http://www.FordCMAXEnergiForum.com
  15. The Mustang is suffering from a severe blood bath - wow.
  16. I was thinking the same thing. These vehicles are dealer owned, not Ford owned.
  17. robertlane

    More recalls

    It was common (maybe it still is) for suppliers to deviate from Ford's requirements.
  18. Lincoln’s Chief Designer: We Don’t Want to Follow the Germans LINCOLN CONTINENTAL.org from Car and Driver: It was launched in concept form at the New York auto show last year, and the series-production version was unveiled at the Detroit auto show this week. We are speaking, of course, about the Continental, Lincoln’s new flagship. We spent some time with the brand’s chief designer David Woodhouse, a Brit by birth but who has a deep understanding for American-style luxury. Based on a front-wheel-drive platform but decidedly larger than the MKZ, the Continental is designed to take on the premium offerings by Audi, BMW, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz. But while Cadillac has—with much success, it must be said—tried to beat the Germans at their own game of building superior performance sedans, Lincoln will not follow that path. You won’t find front splitters, carbon-ceramic brakes, or performance-data recorders on a Lincoln. “We are an American brand and decidedly don’t want to imitate the Germans,” says Woodhouse. READ MORE HERE
  19. Ford's Lincoln Will Make SUVs In China Despite Trump Pressure Ford's Lincoln unit will start making an upscale SUV in China by 2019, a move made despite President Trump's pressure on automakers to produce vehicles in the U.S. The decision to produce in China means the automaker wouldn't be hit with a 25% tariff that China slaps on vehicles made outside its borders — similar to the border tax Trump has called for in the U.S. Ford will build the car in collaboration with Changan Automobile Group, already a partner with Ford, in the city of Chongqing. U.S. automakers that want to make cars in China can only do so if they partner with a company in China. READ MORE HERE
  20. Ford F-Series, SUVs and Lincoln Drive January Retail Sales Gains; Overall U.S. Sales Down 1 Percent Ford Motor Company U.S. retail sales of 120,400 vehicles for January represent a 6 percent increase; fleet sales down 13 percent; total sales down 1 percent Ford F-Series sales increase 13 percent, with sales of 57,995 trucks; best sales start for F-Series since 2004 Overall Ford brand SUV sales up 6 percent in January, with retail sales up 11 percent – a record start overall for Ford SUVs Lincoln up 22 percent last month on total sales of 8,785 vehicles, with gains coming from MKC, MKX, MKZ and all-new Continental Full January 2017 Release and Charts DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 1, 2017 – Ford Motor Company’s U.S. retail sales of 120,400 vehicles are up 6 percent in January, while total sales declined 1 percent. Fleet sales of 52,212 vehicles, including daily rental, commercial and government segments, declined 13 percent. The fleet decline reflects a strong year-ago comparison, with fleet customer orders front-loaded at the beginning of 2016. Ford F-Series sales totaled 57,995 trucks last month, a 13 percent increase, supported by strong retail gains from both F-150 and Super Duty. F-Series was up 19 percent at retail, with gains in every region. January represents the best sales start for F-Series since 2004. “The new year brought strong consumer demand for F-Series, Lincoln and record SUV sales, especially high-end models,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “This drove near-record company average transaction prices for Ford, up $2,500 versus a year ago and far outpacing the overall January industry increase of $550.” Retail sales of Ford brand SUVs were up 11 percent last month, driving overall SUV sales up 6 percent, with 53,224 vehicles sold. January marks the best-ever overall start for Ford SUVs. Lincoln sales totaled 8,785 vehicles in January, the brand’s best start in a decade. Strong performance from the all-new Lincoln Continental, with 1,167 cars sold, contributed to the brand’s overall 22 percent increase. Additional contributors included Lincoln MKZ with sales of 2,090 sales – up 7 percent – Lincoln MKC with 1,668 sales – a 16 percent gain – and MKX with 2,928 sales – a 43 percent gain. Note: Ford is adding additional data to our news release, including stock and fleet percentages. In addition, Ford is reporting both dealer stock and gross stock levels, as some automakers report dealer stock only and do not include inventory in transit to dealers.
  21. Who is in favor of brining the EcoSport to the U.S.? Poll and comments /
  22. robertlane

    Ford website slips GT500

    The next bad Mustang may not even be called a GT500 or a Shelby GT500. Regardless of the name, It will come out swinging pretty hard and you will absolutely love it as it will be the baddest Mustang EVER. Yes, ever.
  23. 2017 Ford Edge Production Information 2016 Ford Edge Final Orders Due: 08-05-2016 2017 Ford Edge Order Banks Open: 08-15-16 2017 Ford Edge Production Scheduling Begins: 09-22-16 2017 Ford Edge JOB1 Production Begins: 10-24-16
  24. robertlane

    2017 Ford Mustang JOB1 Date Set

    2017 Ford Mustang JOB1 Date Set 2016 Ford Mustang Final Orders Due: 04 March 2016 2017 Ford Mustang Order Banks Open: 04 April 2016 2017 Ford Mustang Scheduling Begins: 14 April 2016 2017 Ford Mustang JOB1 (start of production): 02 June 2016 does not pertain to Shelby GT350