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  1. https://www.autoclassics.com/news/420003/lincoln-continental-evolution-video/
  2. https://wtmj.com/national/2020/03/16/the-latest-uk-asks-ford-rolls-royce-to-make-ventilators/
  3. It’s funny because it’s true!
  4. fordtech1

    Feelin' a little shaky

    If it only happens when braking, the rotors are warped. Have the rotors resurfaced or replaced depending if they are thick enough.
  5. fordtech1

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    86 mark VII (First car) 00 Taurus ( beater car) 1997 F150 xlt (bought to fix and sell) 03 Taurus centennial edition 06 Fusion 06 mariner hybrid 12 Fusion 05 Focus ST 07 F150 fx4 13 F150 fx4 15 Escape
  6. You are correct but the local ford store has several 2019 escapes and 4-5 2020 escapes. Not sure if that’s the problem. I’m seeing a few here and there. I sat in a 2020 the other night, it was left unlocked, it was such an upgrade from my 2015. I could get my long legs in the back seat which is a task in my 2015. I’m digging the hybrid. May have to trade up one day. Also, I think it looks much better in person than in pictures. The Corsair was at the same dealer and man that thing looks so much better than the MKC.
  7. Regardless of what the critics say and the forum folks think. I see the new explorer everywhere around here. I used to see the previous generation a lot. But not I’m seeing the new one everyday. So something must be right. Arm chair critics and car magazines don’t buy cars. The general public does.
  8. They need to pull all the codes out of all the modules. There will be stored codes that helps determine what the computer is seeing that makes it go into limp mode.
  9. In dealership life when I started, carburetors were rare. Actually anything pre-port injection was old. More I think about it EEC-IV was phasing out. The super star II was only used for air suspension diagnostics. WDS (aka wont do shit) was coming in and SBDS was fantastic on old stuff but was on the way out. Hard to believe it’s been 24 years since I was a lube rack kid.
  10. That was before my time. I didn’t realize Ford used the turn signal lever as a horn prior to airbag. Not sure why they would do that. It’s totally awkward in a panic situation. Of course I think GMs old cruise control on the turn signal is awkward also.
  11. Yep. In the Tempo. Fleet Tempos got airbags first and they put horn on end of turn signal stalk. It was very awkward. I only saw one in the dealership. But by the time airbags hit main stream in the 89 continental they moved to the thumb buttons on steering wheel.
  12. fordtech1

    Preferred oil for 3.5 ecoboost?

    In my opinion, you can use any synthetic or synthetic blend that’s a good quality. Rotella is a good product. I use motorcraft synthetic blend because I change my oil in my 3.5 eco every 5k miles. It’s priced right and won’t give ESP any ammunition to deny coverage if I have a engine related claim. Maybe it’s overkill, but it’s easy to keep track and the tires get rotated at the same time.
  13. Between the broken spark plugs and the old blown out spark plugs it’s exhausting. I can’t tell you how many countless vehicles that were well maintained in which I worked on didn’t have those problems because they were well maintained by quality technicians. Could those designs been better? For sure, but they haven’t been in production since 2002 and 2008. Time to let it go. But bad news sells and people like to hold on to the bad.
  14. When I was in Ford Asset program, I heard that story. They said the Mark VIII had more computer power and communication networks than a space shuttle. Another thing I saw that the guys at Ford did, was put on a video making fun of the Chevy trucks. It was called “like a crock” it had a Chevy truck with fenders falling off. Very funny. My instructor showed it to us. They took the song like a rock and changed the lyrics. Wish I got a copy. Those were good times for sure!
  15. fordtech1

    You took your Hyundai WHERE?

    Wow, I didn’t read the comments. I rarely do anymore because of the foolishness of people. That is why you don’t buy an old rental car.