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  1. fordtech1

    Tesla unintended acceleration

    My point in posting that, wasn’t so much that Tesla has a UIA problem, it was more the reason of when you get big enough the complaints come. Tesla thinks the media follows Tesla fires now. Get millions of cars on the road and see what happens.
  2. Wow tons of information. I have to give you credit for doing the homework. To answer your question, phasers use oil pressure but the pressure is controlled by solenoids. It will run without the solenoids connected. I’ll be interested in hearing how this turns out.
  3. I would highly doubt the 04 pcm will communicate with the tcm. It would not know it’s supposed to. That’s why a phaser delete program on the 05 pcm would make the most sense. You could use original pcm and harness. But still that’s a lot of unknowns. Another option would have a custom tune made for it by a tuner. I’ll have to look up the compression ratios of each engine. I don’t know the specs on the two heads off hand. Thats a pretty ambitious task with a lot of things that may or may not work. Contact a tune shop about the pcm issues first.
  4. I have never Tried to mismatch a 5.4 3v to a 5.4 4v. I have no idea If it’s even possible. I would suspect the pcm in the 2005 will be looking for cam phasers, and solenoids, which will not longer be there. The 2004 pcm will be looking for EGR and solenoid and probably won’t know what to do with the 6 speed trans. I’m trying to remember if the ZF had a TCM that is to communicate with the pcm. My opinion is that you are about to do a ton of work and not have a good result. You might be able to use 2004 heads and 2005 everything else, plus buy a phaser delete program and eliminate the phasers out of the pcm. However, would it not just be easier to do new phasers and tensioners? If the cam bearings aren’t scored then that’s the way to go.
  5. fordtech1

    14 Nav very bouncy ride

    I believe that year navigator only has rear air suspension. However, if it’s riding really low or really high in the back, that could cause a terrible ride. Does the vehicle sit level?
  6. fordtech1

    got the transmission blues

    Does the trans fluid level go down when you start the engine. With the engine off the trans fluid is higher. Start the engine and the fluid level should be Lower because the pump is pumping the fluid. If the fluid doesn’t change then I suspect the torque converter splines are stripped and it’s not turning the pump resulting in no line pressure. It’s a known issue but was more an issue on windstar vans but would happen on Tauruses also.
  7. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/01/17/business/tesla-unintended-acceleration/index.html Welcome to the big leagues Elon. More people driving your vehicles, means more problems.
  8. fordtech1

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    I wouldn’t be too worried about long term. Most issues will show early during warranty period. Now being inconvenienced having to keep taking it back for repair, may be another story. If it takes a long time for the problems to show up, say 70k miles, fixes won’t be introduced in production for a year or so. Meaning Buying a job 1 or Job 2 production vehicle won’t make a difference.
  9. The blazer digital cluster was fairly rare. Most where that awful blue disc style.
  10. fordtech1

    5.0 "tick"

    I have a 2013 work truck that has 223k miles on a 5.0 with the idle tick. Only notice it in bank drive thru. It’s the original engine.
  11. fordtech1

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    I personally never cared for KIA vehicles. They never appealed to me. However, they obviously are doing something right. To me Kia is like a spec built house. It has pretty flooring and counter tops, but the windows are vinyl and basic materials behind drywall. The spec home ideology is make it pretty maybe they won’t notice. Ford has been guilty of this too.
  12. fordtech1

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    I have a hard time believing that a FWD biased suv doesn’t plow in hard cornering. I haven’t looked at all the skid pad results from all reviews. But some have said the explorer rides and handles well. It’s actually a positive. It’s about universal that the interior needs better materials.
  13. fordtech1

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    I wonder since Ford was trying to separate the aviator from the explorer, Instead of using MacPherson strut design, the SLA suspension of the aviator should have went into the explorer also.