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  1. fordtech1

    Extended Warranty Advice?

    Factory warranties from Ford go with vehicle. Extended service plans have to be transferred and there is a cost to do so. So yes your hybrid component warranty will stay with the vehicle no matter who’s name it’s registered to.
  2. fordtech1

    cranks but won't start

    I’m curious, you ask what to test. However, you know how to check fuel pressure and you have and know how to use a spark tester. So you have some idea already of what to do. Obviously spark fuel and air make it run. You’ve identified it has no spark but you are going to replace cap and rotor. Which if you check the spark coming out of coil and there is none, new cap and rotor are not your problem. No spark will be a PIP (profile ignition pickup) problem which could be crank sensor, which is common and relatively inexpensive. Another basic thing would be to take the distributor cap off and make sure the rotor spins as engine turns to eliminate timing chain/cam/cam gear issue. Cap and rotor would only be replaced after you get spark Out of the coil.
  3. fordtech1

    cranks but won't start

    Another shade tree way to see if it’s getting fuel or spark is take some throttle body cleaner, spray into throttle body while you try and start it. If it runs or spits and sputters, you have spark but no fuel. If it doesn’t nothing I suspect spark.
  4. fordtech1

    cranks but won't start

    Does it have spark plug wires or coil on plug? FYI Jeep 4.0 crank sensors are a common occurrence iirc. If it uses plug wires, take one off and lay it close to something metal like an intake bolt, have someone look while you try and start it and you will see speak arching during cranking. Another fun way is to pull plug wire have a friend hold the wire end and touch the engine while you crank. If they yell, then you have spark.
  5. fordtech1

    Have a AC issue

    I agree with all the above. However, I don’t see why the drier has to be replaced as long as the desiccant bag hasn’t ruptured. I see that no different that a leak that emptied the system. Applying 28 inches of vacuum should boil out all the moisture. However, it would be recommended that the system be on a vacuum pump for at least 30 Mins and let set under that vacuum for another 30. If no vacuum loss, then moisture has been boiled out. Unfortunately with a TXV and not a removable orfice tube, it’s hard to see how much trash is in the system. I suspect the system will work for quite some time without issue.
  6. Truthfully not any different than when the altima came out in the 90s they compared it to a Mercedes and it was better than the Mercedes according to the advertising. All these “car enthusiasts” magazines are about advertising dollars. I trust about 10 percent of what the media says. Just like politicians, they all have their own agenda. Im sure the Kia is a formidable suv. However, compare it to its class.
  7. fordtech1

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    There is a small dipstick on the passenger side front of trans right next to exhaust, so be careful. Unscrew the silver cap and the dipstick is under it. Check fluid with it running. You can do a pan drop and filter change. However, If you don’t have a lift and a way to pump fluid up into dipstick hole, I would leave it to a professional. Other option is a fluid exchange but personally I like to change the filter every other service. Since you don’t know if it’s been changed, I would do a filter replacement. By the way, have them check the bulkhead connector in the trans for leaks. As a matter of fact, if they drop the pan, have them replace that connector sleeve while they have the pan down. Easy thing to do and a little preventive maintenance as they tend to leak. If you have a respectable dealer, I would let them do it. If not a good transmission shop can do it as well.
  8. fordtech1

    speed specific vibration

    Thanks for the update. I didn’t see your post. Sometimes I miss or overlook or just forget to reply. Let us know. From your description it’s a high frequency vibration and a driveshaft would be a likely culprit.
  9. fordtech1

    Rear steering 2.0

    We’ve seen pictures of IRS F150 prototypes so maybe they are setting up for this already. Why else would ZF spend the money?
  10. fordtech1

    Rear steering 2.0

    I think the amount of power it required was an issue also. Of course now with battery tech, may not be an issue.
  11. fordtech1

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    I would be very cautious about a used 6f35. Personally I would go with a rebuilt one with a warranty. Or get a cheap used one and have it gone through before installing. Parts to rebuild are inexpensive. I’ve seen complete rebuilt ones with a warranty for $2-2500. Actually it may be best trying to fix the existing one. Depends if it needs both half’s of the case or just one.
  12. fordtech1

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    Good news is that trans is pretty inexpensive to build.
  13. fordtech1


    We are still doing them and it’s going to get cold again so we will probably see freezing f150 door latches again. Over the years, here are the door latches I remember. The years may be off but it’s close, 99-00 explorers, 00-03 focus, 2000-2002 Taurus , 2013-15 fusions, 2013-2015 Escape, 2015 mustang, 2017 continental, 2015-2017 f150. I feel like I’m forgetting a few. But you can see we’ve had several over and over. Seat recliners or seat backs, 99-01 explorer, 2008 super duty, 2013 Cmaxx, 2010 fusions,. Here again I feel like I’m forgetting some. My point is Ford does not learn from their mistakes. I am a very much a Ford supporter, but these recalls are embarrassing. Not to mention, replacing these parts for .4 of an hour is not reasonable. I have no issue with the occasional recall. But the over and over on the same component areas is inexcusable.
  14. fordtech1


    This is what happens when you keep getting the cheapest suppliers or you squeeze them so tight they cut corners in order to make a profit supplying your vehicles parts. How many damn times are we going to have seat recliners and door latch recalls? It’s over and over. For decades and Ford does nothing about it. The only people that really pay are the customers and the dealership technicians. We take beating after beating with Ford’s penny on the dollar pay scale for these ridiculous F-ups.
  15. fordtech1

    2015 MKC trans wont engage

    Check and see if someone disconnected the shift cable on top of the transmission in order to tow it.