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  1. fordtech1

    Have a AC issue

    On a 2012 Escape, the blower motor is easily replaced. There is no reason for them to touch anything related to The refrigerant. Let us know what they diagnose the issue as.
  2. fordtech1

    2020 Corvette revealed

    One of the comments were why is that Cadillac fob for a convertible if it’s supposedly borrowed from a CT5. Valid question.
  3. fordtech1

    Nausea-inducing Fumes on my '17 Sport

    Do you use the same gas station and fuel type? The smell is the hydrocarbons reacting with the catalytic converter. My mother had a Cadillac that when using one particular gas station, it smelled like that. Change stations and it would go away. Also, a heavy foot will cause that smell.
  4. It will probably settle out of court. No matter the evidence or truths, the judge/jury always side with the “poor victims” against the big mean corporation. Although Ford has not always been up front and cooperative with some of its decisions about safety or problems, I think they tried to do right for this problem.
  5. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/08/07/lawsuit-says-gm-sold-trucks-not-compatible-american-diesel-fuel/1943084001/
  6. Which means it probably is the latter. Which means epas is less likely to fail. Not everyone fails. Obviously you are salty about epas. If you had to repair yours because you were out of warranty and didn’t opt for an esp, well then that sucks. Doesn’t mean everyone will fail. I’m not even sure how this pertains to this thread. Other than he had a Nissan that the emergency braking was erratic and Nissan hadn’t come up with a fix yet and it happened a few times. The customer became scared of the car so he traded. The only real oddity of the situation is that he’s in a Ford rather than a nissan from a nissan dealer. Which now HRG explained that company owns a Ford store also, which makes more sense.
  7. You realize epas failures are rare after 2014-2015 MY? PTUs are still troublesome. However, those things can be repaired.
  8. It’s not that the Nissan had a problem. It’s interesting that they put him in a different manufacturers car all together. That’s very odd. You would think they would want him back in a Nissan. I’m sure that’s how they made the numbers work because it was a trade in and I’m sure they were light in the Explorer. However, bad PR to put a customer in another brand after they had problems with yours.
  9. fordtech1

    Aviator stop sale

    Sounds like this is mainly a transporter issue. When vehicle goes through PDI it’s taken out of transport mode which would take care of that for customers not seeing gear indicator.
  10. fordtech1

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    One little off topic opinion of mine is that brake fluid is the most neglected fluid. Ford does not have a service interval for it like most manufacturers. It’s hydroscopic so it absorbs moisture. IMO is should be changed at least when brake work is performed.
  11. fordtech1

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    I can understand what you are saying but with so many variables and if changing the fluid makes the owner feel more secure in the fact that the transmission may last longer because of shorter service intervals then so be it. Last I looked the 6f showed a lifetime fluid service of 150k. It’s my understanding that trans was tested and life expectancy is 150k. However, if you change the fluid would the life of the trans grow to 200-250? To play devils advocate, ford wants you to buy more vehicles and they want the product to last the warranty period. That’s pretty much the objective for them. I personally Check the fluid condition of my vehicles then make the call. Without sending the fluid out for analysis, changing it is the best insurance against poor lubrication from broken down fluid.
  12. 3 weeks for a torque converter ? They that far behind on work?
  13. Don’t you hate those days!
  14. fordtech1

    Tracking / steering issues

    My phone does some crazy auto correct. That’s supposed to be inexpensive. They are fairly inexpensive to rebuild the front end.
  15. fordtech1

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    Here’s my take on it. Nothing wrong with either. The only downside to flushing is there’s a possibility of containments. Also, in order for fluid to flow through the cooler lines, where the flush machine hooks up, the internal thermostat must open. Which requires 175+- degree fluid. In order to reach that they stall the converter for shorts times to heat the fluid. If done incorrectly can cause pump seal leaks or puke fluid out the vent. But that’s if they don’t know what they are doing. Some flush machines have a helper pump to help. Now that I have gave you worst case scenarios. I personally flush my transmissions. Actually on my truck I flush at 30 then change filter at 60 then repeat same every 30. A drain and fill gets bout 1/3 the fluid out. It’s about 4.5 quarts.
  16. fordtech1

    2014 Escape - A/C blows hot when idling

    Check the cooling fan first. A easy way to check if you are getting air flow across condenser is take an fender cover or sheet, turn the engine on with ac on. Then lay sheet across the front bumper. It should suck to the grille. If not then you have no flow across condenser. If the cooling fan is working and you have air flow across condenser. Next Pick up engine rpms to about 1500 sitting still and see if ac starts cooling. If so that’s indicative of a bad compressor.
  17. fordtech1

    Tracking / steering issues

    You should not be able to move the wheels by hand up/down or left to right. Naturally the wheels will turn left and right and the steering wheel will turn with it. Any play indicates a bad suspension component. Chances are you have worn out ball joints and/or tie rods. If it were mine. I would plan on doing upper control arms and lower ball joints. Check tie rods and sway bar links. Those cars are inexpto rebuild the front end. Then get an alignment afterwards.
  18. These transmissions shudder on acceleration. However, the newer models and even the older ones that have had the TCM replaced, aren’t a ticking time bomb. I would put them in the annoying category not the dangerous life threatening category. TCMs where most the culprits for neutraling out while driving or not shifting. Those failures have dropped immensely. As I’ve said several times. It’s awful to have a car that shudders and you are paying for a new car. Ford should give owners assistance to offset the depreciation. However, they aren’t death traps or specifically money pits. The two friends of mine that recently traded them for ecosports liked the focus and said it got great fuel mileage but the shudder in traffic worried them. Plus the depreciation was a concern also. If it was looking for a cheap commuter car, I’d buy one. I’m actually keeping my eye for a cmaxx energi as a put around.
  19. fordtech1

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    It’s been a really long time but I believe the 2001-2008 with the cd4e trans was not flat tow capable without adding an auxiliary pump to circulate fluid to keep trans cool. (Technically it was listed as a non flat tow vehicle) The 2009-2012 2wd 6f35 was allegedly flat tow capable but it still cooked the trans by foaming the fluid. They made several revisions on the procedure but still cooked them. Adding a auxiliary pump was still necessary to safely tow it. Then ford said the hell with it and the 6f35 is not flat tow capable. One fun fact the 2wd 5sp was flat tow capable in any year it was available.
  20. The flip side of that coin is you can get a great commuter car for cheap. Get one that is still under Powertrain warranty and if you do a lot of interstate travel it would be great. Just know the idiosyncrasies of the transmission. I’ve seen them with high highway miles and original clutch.
  21. fordtech1

    2015 Escape front suspension problems?

    However, they are causing a concern which is noise.
  22. fordtech1

    2015 Escape front suspension problems?

    So my question is how do they know the strut and strut mounts are bad? It’s very very rare you can visually see a bad strut. Unless there is a noise complaint or bad tire wear or is damaged. It’s Very hard to see that a gas strut is bad. Sway bar links can be loose or torn boots so a visual on that isn’t hard. There again, a noise complaint would be expected. Second opinion time for sure.
  23. fordtech1

    2015 Escape front suspension problems?

    Oh I understand where you are coming from. It’s still premature for any of that to fail unless it’s heavy service, aka taxi, potholes, curb strikes.
  24. fordtech1

    2015 Escape front suspension problems?

    Chances are there is a tie rod end and alignment plus some wallet flush items. But the total is all what you remember. I know a guy who has a Camry and they said he needed tires and alignment for $2500. Of course that was not the only items on the estimate. It had OEM tires and alignment plus a 40k service with all the flushes. But all he notices was tires and $2500.
  25. fordtech1

    2015 Escape front suspension problems?

    Definitely get a second opinion. If that’s the case all that is worn out. Then less than 40k miles I would ask for assistance.