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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Talk about best laid plans... . From Automotive News 2/13: “Ford is suspending production of the F-150 pickup and Transit van at its Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri for one week starting Saturday to help conserve natural gas amid a cold spell in the Midwest.”
  2. realworld

    2021 Bronco Sport Media Reports

    It’s definitely not Alto Blue 🤣
  3. realworld

    Covid Impact on Production

    But manufacturers are certainly thinking about it. Ford has ordered freezers for vaccine... https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2020/11/24/ford-covid-19-vaccines-employees-pfizer-freezers/6406489002/
  4. realworld

    Sync 3.4 on 2019 Edge

    A fresh appearance means...50 shades of pale blue. 😁 Update required to install the newest Navigation map update.
  5. realworld

    Escape PHEV will be 21MY

    Oh no... fires on similar European model during recharging delays US launch. https://www.autonews.com/regulation-safety/ford-delays-launch-plug-escape-after-european-fires (subscription required)
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    Sense of Accomplishment!

    Successfully installed both the 2019 update for Sync 3 and the no-charge update to Navigation system maps. Talk about feeling a sense of accomplishment! 🤣
  7. realworld

    Sense of Accomplishment!

    See images above
  8. realworld

    Sense of Accomplishment!

    Followed these notifications from FordPass app...
  9. Proof that a light foot and cruise control can really get great gas mileage from my 2019 Titanium. 2.0L EcoBoost with AWD. A steady 60mph on 2-lane roads. Way beyond expectations!
  10. realworld

    Dual Note Horn on ‘19 Edge?

    I’m extremely happy with my ‘19 Edge Titanium. Or was, until I blew the horn! El cheapo single note horn? Reminded me of my ‘81 Escort wagon. 🤢 Is this standard on ‘19 Edge, or Houston, do we have a problem? Thanks.
  11. I now have 7K+ miles on my ‘19 Edge Titanium. While I’m satisfied overall with the car, I’ve been really disappointed with the performance of the “lane centering” function that’s included with optional adaptive cruise control. Let me explain. First, my only previous experience with lane centering was on a 2019 Kia Optima sedan that I drove several hundred miles. That experience was excellent, with the centering function so smooth and seamless that I was compelled to briefly remove my hands from the steering wheel to see if the system was actually functioning. It was. Like the Edge, lane centering on the Kia was mated to adaptive cruise, and was switchable off/on. My Edge is a totally different story. When active, steering is noticeably tugging left and right and this becomes really tiring. The vehicle “ping-pongs” from left lane edge to right lane edge, never really ‘centering’ the vehicle. And forget about even lightly banked freeway curves, totally ineffective at keeping the vehicle centered. i’ve considered whether this is Ford’s way of making darn sure the driver keeps their hands on the steering wheel. If so, this effectively neuters the system’s capabilities. Or is this just darn poor execution? Thoughts?
  12. realworld

    2019 Edge Titanium Lane Centering Performance

    Note that “Lane Keeping” is NOT the same as “Lane Centering”. Lane Centering is part of adaptive cruise control and can be turned off while continuing to use adaptive cruise. The switch is in the group of buttons for cruise control on the steering wheel. Check your manual for info. Meanwhile, “Lane Keeping” is a basic standard feature and can itself also be turned off (switch at end of turn signal stalk). HTH.
  13. realworld

    2019 Escape Order Guide

    2.0l Ecoboost + trailer tow is now fleet only on SE and SEL. With deletes and other ordering limits, buildable choices have been reduced as previously advertised.
  14. While speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference recently, Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of global operations, described areas for cutting costs. According to an Automotive News report, Hinrichs mentioned reducing manufacturing complexity as one area. According to the report, Ford also plans to save money by reducing complexity. That includes a tenfold reduction in orderable combinations of the next-generation Escape crossover. Guess this means the SEL model, reinstated for 2018, will disappear...again? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ http://bit.ly/2mtMFo5
  15. realworld

    Nav missing from Info Display?

    Nav info disappeared from that space for the 2015 model year. Now that space can be occupied by lane keeping display on your '17 Titanium.
  16. 4-wheel discs remain standard on Hybrid models. I'm not sure why.