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  1. Charging at home is fine but charging at work, for either me or my wife, isn't even possible and how can anyone say that charging an EV on a road trip is convenient. Our neighbors took their Model X on several trips using Tesla's trip planner to carefully plan the routes for charging stations along the way. They loved the car but hated the inconvenience so much it forced them to trade it. That will change someday... and I'll be all electric when it does.
  2. We just purchased our first PHEV. Filling it with gas is quick, simple and available everywhere... but charging it is absolutely a royal PITA. Personally, I like the idea of pure EVs but I won't be buying one in the foreseeable future. I'm replacing my lawn tractor with a Husqvarna Robotic Automower/Ego rechargeable walk behind mower combo, but I'm not ready to deal with the many hassles of keeping our cars charged. I would love to have a Mach-E, but as a fun toy and not a dailey driver. Our neighbor had a Tesla Model X and traded for a Wrangler Rubicon after two years because of all the charging inconveniences.
  3. And Sasquatches will establish a momopoly running charging stations in the deep boonies!
  4. CoolScoop

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    My daughter took over the Fusion when she got her license and that's the only car she ever drove. When I finally let her drive the Expedition to get experience in something bigger she asked why it wasn't shutting off at stops. I told her they didn't have that feature when it was built and she said "I don't like it, feels weird and whats the point in leaving it run when its not moving"!
  5. CoolScoop

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    I can easily keep our Fusion running anytime I want by easing up on the brake pedal slightly as soon as I come to a complete stop. It doesn't take much and the brake still holds the car. If I do let it shut off I can also restart it without moving anytime I want by easing up on the brake pedal. It doesn't bother me at all anymore so I normally let it shut off... but it's super easy to prevent it whenever I want.
  6. CoolScoop

    Front windshield wind noise

    Didn't notice that on ours... seemed super quite so far. We're under house arrest in our county now, but I'll listen for it the next time we have an allowed activity.
  7. Been hanging out in the garage staring at the new Aviator and trying to find the perfect position for those Perfect Position Seats...
  8. Hope you're talking about Tesla owners and not us... I like having gasoline!
  9. CoolScoop

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    Whether you use it or not, there are some desirable side benefits from AutoStop that help to maintain or even improve long term reliability... beefy high duty cycle starter, long life corrosion proof AGM battery, better bearings and special antifriction coatings throughout the engine, electric pump in the trany to maintain hydraulic pressure while the eingine is off, HVAC refinements to maintain temps when stopped, etc. So AutoStop is far more than just some additional electronics and programming!
  10. From Wikipedia: "While in development, the 4.4 TD was rumored to be for use in the Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, and as an entry level diesel option for the Super Duty. No such option ever became available with Ford citing the reason as being a low demand for a vehicle with a $6000–$8000 premium over its gasoline models."
  11. The Corsair's Beyond Blue is interesting but I think its a little too much blue. Our 14 F150 Limited has blue full grain leather on just the seating surfaces/headrests in front and back that looks really good... giving it a nice contast without looking too busy. Lincoln nailed the new medium slate gray interior color... not too dark, not too light... perfect shade for a luxury car.
  12. Thunderstorms today, but here's another photo I already had... its pretty obvious how much my wife loves it by the expression on her face!!!
  13. Here's one for now, I'll take more if we have a sunny day this weekend. I haven't been able to take any accurate pictures of the medium slate interior... the shade of gray comes out too light like you'll see online. So the pics don't capture how luxurious it looks, especially with the GTs engine turned aluminium trim.
  14. When I posted this last August I had no idea at the time that I wouldn't be driving it off the lot until March. But I can finally confirm the last sentence by saying from experience.... I've driven a Lincoln and it's the best car I ever owned!!!
  15. Breaking News: New Ford patent utilizes triangular C-Pillars as design elements to cancel out the Flex Effect caused by contrasting roof colors!