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  1. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/09/16/2020-ford-explorer-lincoln-aviator-quality-control-issues/ This report is even more critical than freep's and also talks about what people on some forums are saying, including a quote from this forum.
  2. CoolScoop

    Homelink on new Fords?

    Just downloaded the Explorer owners manual (2nd printing) and Homelink operation is described on page 157.
  3. CoolScoop

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Congrats... Expeditions are awesome and you won't regret it. We put 160K trouble free miles on our '98 1st Gen and traded it for our current 2nd Gen. Great vacation vehicle for long road trips!! I got the 3K Expy only personel cash offer also and thought hard about getting a 3rd Gen instead of ordering an Aviator, but couldn't locate a '19 equipped like we wanted.
  4. I can vouch for that... our 2010 Fusion Hybrid was purchased new in August of 2019. So it's 10 years old with 130K miles and no sign of battery degradation yet.... and It has the old style NIMH batteries.
  5. CoolScoop

    Build quality worries

    This is just an observation and not an opinion... I love Honda quality when it comes to powersports and outdoor power equipment and I've had two Honda cars in the past. But I'm a Ford guy who's had a bunch of them over there years and with five currently in the stable. That said, our 2010 Fusion Hybrid made in Mexico had the best build quality inside and out of any vehicle we've ever owned. Zero build issues... better than "Japanese" build quality.
  6. It appears retail orders are also stuck in production limbo even after OKTB was given for both models. Did they discover some serious design and/or plant issues after OKTB... is keeping everyone in the dark, including dealers, the best way to handle it... are UFOs real... will we ever know the truth.
  7. CoolScoop

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I know there were problems with those produced before OK TO BUY, but haven't they been worked out by now... or are flawed units still rolling of the line to the repair lots? Are retail orders being shipped or have they canceled the OKTB due to ongoing problems?
  8. CoolScoop

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I don't recall the F150, Super Duty and Expedition/Navigator launches going this poorly and they all switched to aluminum bodies with complicated riveted/glued assembly and additional paint prep requirements.
  9. CoolScoop

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    Maybe they should keep it really simple to make it easy to understand... like Big Bronco and Little Bronco or Gas Mustang and Electric Mustang.
  10. CoolScoop

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    There are some desirable side benefits to autostop... super duty starter, long life corrosion proof AGM battery, better bearings and special antifriction coatings throughout the engine, electric pump in the trany to maintain pressure while the eingine is off, HVAC refinements, etc. We have no problem switching between our one vehicle that has it and the others that don't. It's an older model with crude starts and stops, but we don't even notice it anymore.
  11. CoolScoop

    August Sales?

    Yep... I have a red 03 Mach 1.
  12. CoolScoop

    August Sales?

    The 5th generation Mustang would have made the best retro Mach 1 by far... they should have waited two years to usher in the 5th Gen with a limited run of Mach's instead of finishing out the 4th gen with it. That "cool" shaker hood "scoop" would have looked awesome on a 5th gen!!!
  13. CoolScoop

    Lincoln Play Entertainment System

    When you oder the entertainment system it says this... so they must have found some other place to put it!!! I'm hoping the order bank is still correct.
  14. CoolScoop

    August Sales?

    Steady declines for the three correspond almost exactly to the steady Ranger increase since 2018...
  15. CoolScoop

    August Sales?

    What's far more interesting to me is the steady decline in Tacoma, Colorado and Frontier sales that correspond to the steady increase in the new Ranger sales since its introduction.