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  1. CoolScoop

    2021 Escape Titanium - items deleted

    My daughter's 2020 Titanium does show a speed sign but it's based on navigation/location not from actually reading signs, so it doesn't work everywhere. Speed sign recognition is new for 2021 according to the order guide and according to this thread at fordescape.org the 2020 has the required hardware and it can be be activated via Forscan: https://www.fordescape.org/threads/speed-sign-recognition-for-2020-escape.116496/
  2. Let me spec that for you... for best performance/fuel economy for the buck (after the tax rebate): Corsair Grand Touring 301A with: 20" wheels; tow package; perfect position seats; technology package; removable package tray (cargo cover). Since Blue Diamond is no longer available, go with Red Carpet paint and the Ebony/Medium Slate interior that includes the aluminum trim... your welcome!! Red Carpet is the same awesome color as Fords Rapid Red. Medium Slate was new with Aviator so it's a different shade of gray than the previous Slate... it's a rich looking gray that really goes well with the gloss black and aluminum trim.
  3. CoolScoop

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    ^^^Both our Aviator and daughters Escape have Fords new pull twice method to open the hood. The first pull pops the hood and the second releases the safety latch. IMO it's a big improvement over the ancient pull once then find the safety latch under the hood method...
  4. CoolScoop

    Plastic type rattle noise

    Actually, while Aviator shares the base chasis with Explorer nearly everything else is unique. They don't share body panels and the interiors are completely different. The Aviator has more sophisticated suspension components, with a SLA front suspension while the Explorer has struts. They also had different design teams with each doing their own thing independent of the other... so the Aviator isn't a rebadged Explorer with makeup like in the past. My dash panel around the HUD fits well with the adjacent trim pieces. My engine covers are all snug and use the typical expanding push pin type trim fasteners... sounds like they changed them to grommets for '21.
  5. Correct, the shaker was optional on the original and it should be optional now. They could have done more than raiding varius part bins and adding a cue ball. Some of us care far more about style and heritage than all out performance... at car cruises the shaker always draws massive attention. The difference for those like me, who have been waiting 18 long years for an updated Mach 1, is must have versus not interested... and disappointment. If I traded my '03 for a '21 I would be Scoopless instead of CoolScoop, LOL.. both on forums and at car cruises. But on the bright side I can start saving for a must have Bronco now instead!
  6. CoolScoop

    Plastic type rattle noise

    My 2020 GT doesn't have any rattles, plus fit and finish is fine on mine. What kind of fit and finish issues do you have on your 2021?
  7. Agree! I always wanted a '69 or '70 Mach 1 since high school.... so needless to say I was one of the first to order one when the '03s were announced! The '21 Mach 1 is awesome but it's not a heritage car like the '03-'04 models. There should at least be on option package with all matte black striping, wing type spoiler, comfort-weave leather seats, and especially a shaker hood scoop thats die cast with the original dies!
  8. Performance wise it's more than worthy to be a Mach 1... but in my 'unbiased opinion' it still needs a hole in the hood (at least as an option) to earn the name:
  9. Its modular genius!!! You can impress your friends with heavily battle scared bumpers, grill, fenders, fender flares, tubular doors, rock guards, wheels and tires... then take the wife to a fancy resteraunte in a shiny Bronco with perfect stock components and running boards! It's going to take a whole lot more than a Hemi to update the Wrangler, lol!
  10. CoolScoop

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    https://youtu.be/gmAU8MJoJU4 New Mustang Mach-E "Electri-vacation" Christmas commercial with the Griswolds...
  11. Shows quick and easy swapping of parts for the SEMA build with squared off wheel openings plus Q&A with Ford designers, including their own model and tranny preferences... plus it sounds like dealers will be getting accessorized Broncos for their customers to see in "the first part of next year".
  12. Holy modularity... I must have one of these!
  13. I've been a big fan of the new Lincoln interiors since sitting in the then all new Navigator at an auto show. We love our Aviators interior, but after seeing all the photos of the new Nautilus my wife and I both think that huge screen is on the edge (pun intended) of being too big. Maybe we're just accustomed to ours but that large screen mounted horizontally looks to be more of a distraction than the vertical mounting in the new Edge. While we would love to have Sync 4, we would still prefer it with our current screen size because it looks great without dominating the interior... but they do need to eliminate the black borders. Even with our older eyes we don't need giant icons or a bunch of windows open at the same time. It's a car... not a home theater, lol!
  14. CoolScoop

    2021 Escape Titanium - items deleted

    Found a forum thread at fordescape.org that explains how to use Forscan to fully enable speed sign recognition for 2020 Escapes!!