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  1. CoolScoop

    Goodbye Continental

    Ahhh... you mean they should do something like this:
  2. Possible solution: buy 2.7L Bronco of your choice; purchase 7.3L Godzilla crate engine along with cutting torch, welder and heavy duty front springs; swap engines; sell 2.7L "crate" engine on EBay as new car take-off; enjoy monster V8 Bronco!
  3. I'm not pleased at all... we just got the Aviator GT so a Bronco isn't in the cards for awhile.😭 Sure glad the new Mach 1 isn't more retro, at least I can scratch it off the must have list!
  4. CoolScoop

    news coming....

    https://www.statista.com/statistics/272307/market-share-forecast-for-smartphone-operating-systems/ This is actually an excellent analogy. Apple was first in smart phones and quality mobil devices. Through inovative design and clever marketing they quickly created a loyal following that still thinks to this day that nothing else could possibly come close to competing with them... sound familiar? Many diehard Apple loyalists also believe their devices still have world dominance because they don't feel the need to look around and check out what the competition has accomplished slowly and steadily over the years. But... the world market share of Android devices produced by many companies to Apple devices produced by one company is now 87% Android to 13% Apple. The exact same thing will happen to Tesla but their loyalists will never know. Our first smart devices were all Apple too, but we decided to switch when Samsung got their act together and we're not going back anytime soon. My wife was issued a new Apple for her work phone and after having a Galaxy she hates using the iPhone. The Mach-E will take off when it's actually available and the virus thing is behind us... and soon after the floodgates will start opening with more BEV models from Ford and everyone else. Tesla will still thrive and rightly so, but some day their world market share will be closer to 13%... just like Apple. I'm not an Apple or Tesla hater and I really admire what Elon Musk has accomplished with all of his companies... he's just like Steve Jobs!
  5. Mirror mount location makes sense for removable doors. Offset antenna may be to clear something long tied to roof rack when using those front fender hoops. The billet aluminum push bumper with numerous drilled holes is a nice touch, lol.
  6. CoolScoop

    news coming....

    What happens if a bunch of people pick the same dealer when submitting their reservations... seems like the reservation system would only work if allocations are tied to the reservations instead of the dealers.
  7. CoolScoop

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Tonight's F150 reveal will be a good practice run for the upcoming big Bronco show... exciting times!!!
  8. CoolScoop

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    YouTube and Facebook links are on Ford website: https://www.ford.com/
  9. That's how I understand it also. PHEV for US is Aviator only and regular hybrid is Explorer only. Europe and China Explorers are all plug in hybrids with slightly smaller battery/motor than Aviator.
  10. Mustang will probabably need a major floorpan update to make room for a sufficiently sized battery.
  11. CoolScoop

    news coming....

    Do you have to tie your reservation to a certain dealer when you submit it or are you free to shop around and change dealers before placing the final order? Will there be any complicated dealer allocation limits for the Mach-E?
  12. CoolScoop

    2020 Escape odditly

    Could be a different rear bumper cover for trailer hitch: Engine: 2.0L EcoBoost® with Auto Start-Stop Technology and SelectShift® with Paddle Shifters ● Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic Note: Requires AWD (U9J) Note: Includes Class II Trailer Tow Package
  13. CoolScoop

    Ford vs Ford vs Ford action

    I'm the youngest of my siblings by quite a few years and dad always said I was an accident... guess he should have said I was a crash. I'm thinking it was avoidable, lol.
  14. You are deffinelty not alone! According to this article it appears the manual tranny should easily handle the torque of any engine that will fit in the new Bronco: https://carbuzz.com/news/confirmed-ford-bronco-is-getting-a-manual
  15. This is a good example of how everyone has different tastes. Personally, I think the opposite and can't even look at a Colorado of any flavor. I usually look the other way when I see one coming, lol.