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  1. CoolScoop

    Adaptive Suspension w/ Road Preview

    You can easily turn off that feature to prevent it from lowering when the hatch is opened.
  2. CoolScoop

    Service Manual?

    https://www.helminc.com/helm/product2.asp?class_2=LNC&Sku=FCS2161720&itemtype=N Here's a link to the official Lincoln Service Manual. It's the same info dealers use and worth every penny. Helm also offers 72 hour online access to all service info for $21.95.
  3. My 2020 GT has been great so far... about how many miles were on yours when these faults started?
  4. 2022 Bronco colors leaked: https://www.motor1.com/news/525522/2022-ford-bronco-exterior-colors/
  5. CoolScoop

    The new 6.8 V8 thread

    Correct, the WSJ reports that major car companies are quickly replacing their experienced ICE and transmission engineers and staff with electrical engineers, computer programmers and battery experts... so it appears like it's already too late to save the reciprocating engine from a relatively quick demise: https://www.wsj.com/articles/gas-engines-cast-aside-electric-vehicles-job-losses-detroit-11627046285
  6. You won't need a level 2 charger until you get a full EV. Your existing 240V 32A outlet and the Corsair GTs supplied charging cable will charge it just as fast as a level 2 charger since the onboard portion of the charging system is limited to accept around 16 amps max... even when using a level 2 charger.
  7. rampagex7 provided the following info in the 'Aviator GT Order' thread: "The onboard charger on the Aviator is rated for about 3.7KW at Level 2 charging, so at 240V it will draw around 15A. I've been plugging mine in daily for over a month and even with battery depleted to 0% the max charge current I've ever seen it go to was 15.6A. (see screenshot below) My JuiceBox charging station is connected to a 50A breaker and rated to supply up to 40A at 240V; however, the vehicle's on board AC/DC charging module that actually charges the battery can only handle a max 3.7KW so it will not draw more than 15-16A regardless of how much amperage is available. If you are only charging your Aviator and nothing else you would be fine with 20A supply at 240V. My 2019 Fusion Energi has the exact same 3.7KW rating because it only draws about 14.8 - 15.2A max when charging at Level 2 (240V).  As a side note for anyone that may not know, on PHEV's and pure Electric Cars the external portable Level 1 charger or Level 2 charging station or EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) as it is technically called, does not actually charge the car's battery at all because the EVSE is supplying 120 - 240 AC power and the battery needs to be charged with DC power. All the EVSE does is negotiate with the car the amount of current to supply at the available voltage and then the car has an onboard charging module that converts the AC to DC voltage (at whatever DC voltage the battery pack requires) and based on the size of the onboard charging module built into the car it can only handle up to a certain KW rating. Most PHEV's and BEV's have onboard AC/DC charging modules that can handle between 3 - 10KW from Level 1 or Level 2 AC charging stations. I've heard that Teslas have much bigger onboard AC/DC charging modules that can handle 19KW or up 80A from a Level 2 (240V) charging station. The only way to charge your car faster is with a DC fast charging station (Tesla supercharger, CCS, or Chademo) if the car supports DC fast charging. DC fast charging bypasses the car's onboard AC/DC charging module and charges the high voltage battery pack directly. That's why a DC fast charging station can charge the battery to 80% in like 15-20 minutes. Since the Aviator doesn't support DC charging the best you're gonna get is 15-16A at 240V which takes about 3.5 - 3.75 hours to fully charge the battery." Therefore, if the Corsair GT has the same system as the Aviator GT it can't be charged any faster than the using the supplied charging cord at 240 volts. So I installed a 20 amp 240 volt circuit instead of investing in a level 2 charger. It charges a lot faster on 240 than on 120, but 120 comes in handy when 240 isn't available. The charging cord comes in a zippered pouch that doesn't take up much space in the storage bin under the cargo floor.
  8. I understand why you want to give the Aviator another chance... it's an awesome vehicle in form, function, luxury and performance! Our 2020 GT was an early December 2019 build with prefect fit and finish and no issues so far. I just received a recall letter for the rear camera firmware update, but I haven't experienced the camera glitch yet. Go for it!!!
  9. It probably includes the same dual voltage charging cord kit that comes with the Aviator Grand Touring. If so, mine is 20 ft long.
  10. CoolScoop

    2021 Bronco Reviews

    The sensetivity in auto wipe mode is adjusted by the intermittent wipe setting.... but I used it for years before I figured that out! I keep my wipers set around the mid intermittent range all the time now so they'll wipe and turn on the headlights when it starts to rain, then I tweak the setting as required for the best response. When set right they only take a swipe when needed in lighter rains and auto adjust up to full speed in heavier rains.
  11. Traxxas released a seriously capable RC scale model of the new Bronco in two colors for $550, check out the video:
  12. CoolScoop

    2021 Aviator Software startup time

    My 2020 GT hasn't had this problem either... a few seconds at start up and fast touchscreen response.
  13. Shorter wheelbases to match regular and max models...
  14. Seems to me shortened versions of the Lightning skateboard would make it fairly easy to also adapt Expedition and Navigator to full EV...