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  1. CoolScoop

    Aviator GT Order

    I see in another thread that yours is in production now!! What was your "scheduled to day" date and when did your primary status change from "in order processing" to whatever is next... in production or sent to plant? Did you get an ETA yet? My scheduled to day date is this Sunday, is that an approximation of when it starts production or when it will roll off the line? It's still listed as in order processing. Thanks
  2. CoolScoop

    2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    Ice/electric powered front like the new Escape PHEV with electric powered rear to make it AWD. Escape PHEV is front drive only.
  3. CoolScoop

    Aviator GT Order

    Our GTs are both scheduled to be built this week and mine is now scheduled to be built in six days, on Sunday. Did you get a build date yet? My status is still scheduled to day/in order proccesing with no windowsticker or eta yet... how many days before the build date is that info usually updated?
  4. CoolScoop

    New Owner Impressions

    I'm in western PA and in a lake effect area. We have seen winter storms ranging from 24" snows to everything encased in thick ice, plus combinations of both. The GT is all wheel drive with a winter mode so it should be good... how good depends on the tires they give us. Ice is the biggest concern with all season tires... I have winter wheels with Blizzak tires for both of our winter vehicles. With Blizzaks my wife's front drive Fusion Hybrid easily makes it up our steep driveway no matter what the conditions... and I don't have to get up early to plow and treat like my neighbor does. With the the factory all seasons it will most likely go much better than it stops. Why did I say winter vehicles... because ever since PA started making brine with magnesium chloride, undercarriage damage has been swift and brutal (see link) and rinsing the underbody at the car wash after a winter storm is useless. So instead of trading cars, we now keep the old ones as winter/park-and-ride beaters so we don't expose our new ones to brine damage and door dings. Shouldn't be an issue for those who lease or trade often. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/worse-than-salt-brine-sprayed-on-roads-will-munch-your-car-to-pieces/2015/02/22/b89294e6-b949-11e4-aa05-1ce812b3fdd2_story.html
  5. The more options/features you have the more noises it will make as it wakes up and goes to sleep... totally normal. My aging body does the same thing... but i don't think its normal.
  6. I really wanted to hold off until the Mach E and Bronco were out before deciding on our next car... but the wife said we've waited long enough. So I had to give in when she OK'd the Aviator GT for "her" next car!!!
  7. Sounds like the Baby Bronco will be perfect for her AND you... that's a win-win!!!
  8. I'll counter that bet and say sales will take off because women will continue to be its main demographic and it was styled for them. Ford knows most of us who think its boring wouldn't buy an Escape anyway.... no matter how it looks.
  9. Here's the best answer to that question: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/time-car-companies-wake-women-now-focus-industry/story?id=64087181 My wife loves the look of the new Escape... but fortunately for me she also loves the Aviator!!
  10. CoolScoop

    Aviator GT Order

    My GT order status was updated from Nov 11 build week to Nov 17 build day... that's a Sunday, how many shifts are they running on Sundays? But there's still no ETA, isn't that usually listed when scheduled to day?
  11. CoolScoop

    Order vs Buy off lot

    https://www.bumperplugs.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=1_11&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8rXIn46w5QIVEV8NCh1m2ww0EAQYBCABEgLU4_D_BwE These pre-painted/paintable plugs are one option to hide the front bracket screw holes. Click thru to Ford and add to cart, then scroll the drop down paint color list to see if yours is available pre-painted.
  12. CoolScoop

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Are Aviator Grand Touring PHEVs in production and have any been released from plant yet?
  13. CoolScoop

    Aviator GT Order

    It would be interesting to follow this one thru to delivery... what day was it produced and did it ship yet. Also, anyone with a ratail GT order get a build day and eta yet?
  14. https://www.motortrend.com/cars/hyundai/palisade/2020/2020-ford-explorer-vs-2020-hyundai-palisade-family-suv-comparison/ How about an Explorer XLT RWD vs Palisade Limited AWD on and off road comparison! Are they serious... give me a true comparison with equal trim levels and an equal number of drive wheels and let me worry about price.
  15. CoolScoop

    Aviator GT Order

    GT production at the new Mod Center line was supposed to start on Sept 30 and several of us have scheduled build weeks of Nov 4 and Nov 11... so the questions now are: Did GT production actually start last Monday? Will there be another OK To Buy for the new line even though they're starting with painted bodies from CAP? If so could that delay retail orders past the scheduled build week? Has anyone tracked any GTs being shipped yet?