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  1. Autotrader's opinion is the Outback has graduated from a wagon to a SUV: https://www.autotrader.com/car-news/what-point-do-we-admit-subaru-outback-now-suv-281474979889004 So will the Fusion Active will be consdered a wagon or SUV?
  2. CoolScoop

    dummy acceleration question

    From Lincoln Aviator fact sheet: Conserve is an efficiency mode; the pedal response is less aggressive, while vehicle performance is tuned to optimize fuel efficiency. There's a substantial deference in throttle/transmission response and ride/handling between Normal, Conserve and Excite on mine. It's performance is amazing on 87 octane... I haven't tried anything higher!
  3. CoolScoop

    An Interesting Comparison

    My Aviator GT was built on Dec 5th last year and I've had zero issues so far, knock on wood! The 2021 models should be even better but they won't be getting Sync 4 yet... that may not happen until a mid cycle refresh.
  4. My memory is fading, but I'm thinking the AMC Eagle beat the AWD versions of these vehicles by a few years. Plus the Eagle was a true raised crossover from an existing platform. I believe the Autotrader article above is correct on this one...
  5. Not according to this: https://www.autotrader.com/car-news/amc-eagle-no-seriously-was-first-crossover-suv-265257
  6. CoolScoop

    An Interesting Comparison

    https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/lincoln/aviator-4-door-suv/2020 Ford didn't wait for the 2021 model to make proper modifications... they fixed both the 2020 model Aviator and Explorer way back in May and had them retested! And that original subpar rating would 'possibly' cause a left foot injury in one test... so I'm not losing any sleep over mine being built well before May!
  7. CoolScoop

    Trade in Raptor for Aviator Black Label GT?

    Just curious... are you into serious offroading with your Raptor or are you more into how it looks and the resale value? In addition to being part of Ford Performance, I think another reason Raptors hold their value so well is its uniqueness. But that may change with competition from the Ram TRX.
  8. CoolScoop

    Trade in Raptor for Aviator Black Label GT?

    You can trust mustangchief on this, he is NOT exaggerating... the Aviator GT is that good!!! Plus the $6,534 tax credit is icing on the cake!
  9. CoolScoop

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    For reference, here's the recommended pressures by wheel size: https://tirepsi.com/lincoln-aviator-tire-pressure
  10. $2750 in my region and Hybrids and Titanium 2.0s are hard to find....
  11. 2021 Edge is getting SYNC 4 and 12-inch center stack screen... from Ford Media Center: "Reverse sensing system is now standard on all series. A power liftgate replaces hands-free foot-activated liftgate on the Convenience Package and ST-Line. SYNC® 3 has been updated to SYNC 4 with 12-inch center stack multifunction screen. Six speakers come standard on SEL and ST-Line. Manual-folding mirrors with power/heated glass with security approach lamps and LED signal indicators added to Convenience Package for SEL only. Edge ST adds standard six-way power passenger seat and heated steering wheel. 2021 Edge features new acoustic-laminated front row side windows, which help reduce road noise. Eight-way power driver’s seat and four-way passenger seat is standard on SEL. Six-way power passenger seat is standard on Titanium and ST. A heated steering wheel is optional on SEL and ST-Line and included on ST. Steering column power tilt and telescoping with memory is available on Titanium. New colors: Carbonized Gray, Lithium Gray"
  12. CoolScoop

    Windshield issues

    The pinholes/specs seem to be fairly common in other brands also: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/windshield-specks.128671/ https://priuschat.com/threads/tiny-windshield-specks-in-bright-sunlight.98979/ Maybe there are micro perforations in the plastic sheet that's laminated between the two layers of glass. All windshields have it to meet safety standards, plus the accustic winshields in higher end models use a different type of plastic sheets that reduce noise while allowing thinner glass to save weight.
  13. ^^^ https://www.thedrive.com/news/34736/2021-ford-bronco-sport-the-28k-baby-bronco-is-built-for-off-roading-too
  14. The only Escape retail incentives in my region are 0%/60 plus $1000 trade assist or $2750 cash back plus $1000 trade assist... the 0%/72 offer is over.
  15. CoolScoop

    PHEV production

    This isn't Ford's first PHEV so they know how to make them safe, but like you said... all manufactures have recalls. They'll get whatever problem the Kuga is having worked out and delaying production of the Escape until it's corrected is the right call. I have an Aviator GT and love it, but I'll always be a little concerned about it sitting in the garage. Not because its a Ford product... because all lithium batteries have the potential to become unstable for various reasons. I don't have that concern with our 2010 Fusion Hybrid because it has the old style NiMH batteries.