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    svtenthusiast reacted to alpinedaddy in Ford 2015 April sales down 1%   
    Delays on custom ordered vehicles is probably not helping sales. I was told that due to dealer stock orders and allocations is the reason my Fusion I ordered is going to take so long. So Ford doesn't seem to want the customer who already wants it ahead of a dealer that just wants it for the showroom. I see a flaw in that way of doing things.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to Hydro in Ford 2015 April sales down 1%   
    Taking the Blue I.V. out of my veins... I am a little concerned with Ford's future. Not meaning going out of business , but keeping their new customers and maintaining sales volume. Here's my opinion or should I say my experience. My last two new Ford's ( 2011 F-150 FX4 and 2014 Fusion Titanium) have been the worst I've ever owned. Both have been back to the dealer more than my previous 10 new Fords. Let's also not count my 2008 F250 6.4L because that also saw the dealer way too much and had quite a few recalls along with a oil leak they couldn't find or fix. My F-150 still has a driveline clunking issue that can't be fixed even when they had the truck for over a month. Being on F-150 forums this is a MAJOR problem even through the new 2013's. The Fusion rattles like a '89 Hyundai and has electrical glitches. Another HUGE problem will be with the EcoBoost engines. That's pretty much all they offer now and the vast majority of owners on forums and in public talk about how miserable their mileage is. Yes, driving habits make a difference, but even when we try to get close to the EPA figure, it doesn't happen. Even keeping up with traffic should net you pretty close, but I'm 6mpg off in my truck and the fusion is barely averaging the city claimed mpg with 60% freeway and 40% city driving (22mpg). Our Fusion which has been on three road trips has only managed 25 MPG on all highway runs with very little city driving. Mind you, this is keeping up with traffic in the fast lane so speeds vary between 68-80 mph. Our last Fusion with the 3.0L averaged 31.5 MPG going even faster around 75-85 mph on those trips. I wish they still offered that engine. These boosted motors do crap mpg wise with keeping up with traffic or being a little aggressive. Word of mouth is getting out to stay away from the EB unless you want great power, but crap MPG. Just this past weekend 4 people at the resort we were staying at complimented the car and asked about the engine. I didn't lie and once they heard what I said, they said "we've heard the same thing". This is the future engines which Ford is heading and has we worried. I will not buy another EB engine. They do nothing MPG wise with my driving style and I'm not alone. So if Ford doesn't offer non boosted power plants that make good power I'll be leaving.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to jcg1005 in Adaptive Cruise and Heavy Rain   
    I completely disagree with you, as do others I suspect.
    The owners manual specifically states you can "wait a few minutes" for the system to resume normal operation when a sensor is blocked / obstructed.
    It does not do that. Period. There is no argument here. It fails and the only way to reset it is to stop, turn the car off, and resume. That is not "waiting a few minutes for normal operation to resume".
    My experience only plays into the fact that I may use the system when others would not due to conditions. I have NO PROBLEM with the system disabling due to weather. My issue is with the steps that are required to resume normal function.
    The way it functions is not acceptable for the long term. I have no choice but to deal with it at this point. I am not the only one who has this concern.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to jcg1005 in Adaptive Cruise and Heavy Rain   
    ??? Am I asking to be flamed on here? Do you somehow think that this conversation isn't a valid one?
    25 years in law enforcement with real driving training and driving in weather of all sorts does make me something of an expert in operating in adverse conditions. I didn't know I needed to post a resume along with my comments.
    The fact is, the system fails too soon, and doesn't reset without stopping the car. You mean to tell me that it is acceptable that if I drive through a brief downpour while on a long trip that if I want my adaptive cruise control back, I have to stop? Simply doesn't make sense, and that is exactly how it behaves.
    Perhaps if you were actually driving one of these vehicles, you would understand the flaw.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to azulejost in 2014 MKC Spied   
    The opposable wipers seem to add unneccesary complication to the wiper function. Everytime you lift them off the windshield to clean it during a fill up they shift around up and down a bit which is a nuisance. They're also less aesthetically pleasing in action than traditional tandem units. Perhaps that would be acceptable if the "rain-sensing" wipers would work with any regularity or predictability. I'd much prefer standard, preset intermittent speeds than the Escape's maddening wipers.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to chevys in Ford pulling MFT Tech Training   
    If MFT is so good then Ford needs to send their own goons down to the dealerships to train people. Problem solved. I have yet to hear anybody say I bought a Ford xyz because I had to have MFT. That would take a special kind of idiot. I sympathize with the sales people to have to fool with it and then get the wrath of the consumer because its a shoddy product to begin with.
    There has never been a single day of my life that I got out of bed and thought gee I dont know how I am going to make it through the day without the aggravation of My Ford Touch.
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    svtenthusiast got a reaction from EBFlex in Ford plans to improve hybrids' mpg with software changes   
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    svtenthusiast reacted to carlton4270 in Ford plans to improve hybrids' mpg with software changes   
    Tanner,Xgman, all,
    I finally have some encouraging news to report. I got my MKZ Hybrid back from the dealer on Tuesday. So far it appears freeway mpg has improved by about 3.5 mpg (10%) since the update. City mpg seems around the same. I will be testing thoroughly this weekend. The fact is, however, the software update was not successfully done initially, as I had argued for over a week. Ford tried to fight me on this initially, giving me a story about driving conditions, driver habits, etc..
    The fact is, as indicated in my previous posts, the software update did not have the impact on the powertrain which it was designed to have.
    I understand that to finally resolve the issue, after two weeks in the service shop, Ford had to compare the config on my Mkz Hybrid with the config on a an Mkz which was performing appropriately post update.
    All seems to be going well now. I will update you all next week.
    I love my 2013 Lincoln MkZ Hybrid. On the other hand, Lincoln Motor Co has some work to do in the area of diagnostics, listening to customer discussion and feedback, and communicating with dealers.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to phil1336 in Ford plans to improve hybrids' mpg with software changes   
    Let me put this Daytime Running Light issue to bed once and for all. I took delivery of a 2013 Ford SE C-MAX 2 weeks ago. The selling Dealership was instructed by me to make sure that they activated /enabled the DRL`s before I took Delivery of the Vehicle. Again, the same BS. The Service Manager at this Ford Dealership in Brevard County FL said they tried and it was simply no longer possible to activate through the IDS Programmer and the Body Control Module. A week later I went to a Ford Dealership in Palm Beach County , FL. They went a step further, they contacted the Ford Tech Support Center and sent me their reply. It basically stated that (no) 2013 Ford Vehicles that were (not) equipped with Daytime Running Lights at point of manufacture, (Fleet Option #942/ $45) or Vehicles that were shipped for Canadian Registration can have the DRL activated/enabled, period, case closed, end of story! Also, attempting to do so (could) be in violation of the MVTSS, Motor Vehicle Traffic Safety Statute! Would not that make US Spec Vehicles that were Fleet Ordered with a valid "FIN" also in violation of the same law? Contacted a third Ford Dealership that shall remain unnamed. They sell at lot of Ford Vehicles to Vacationing Canadians! Asked if they could pull the Rabbit out of the Magic Hat? 1 hour later and a charge of $100 and guess what. As it says in the scriptures, "Let there be Light". They DRL`s (can) be activated/enabled. Not sure if its a software patch, a special program code or what (but), it can be done. Why Ford just doesn`t allow DRL`s to be a retail stand alone option like it offers Fleet Buyers or permit the Consumer to have them activated at point of delivery for a labor charge is beyond stupidity. If it was`nt that I`ve been a loyal Ford owner for decades, I`d look elsewhere for my next Vehicle due to their stubbornness.
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    svtenthusiast got a reaction from EBFlex in Paradox at Ford: Profits are soaring as problems mount   
    This article and many of the user comments are spot on.
    1. Yes, the EPA rating process is flawed, especially with the new technologies like hybrid. They allowed them to rate the CMAX to "similar" vehicle (Fusion Hybrid). So Ford CHOSE to rate the same because they were ALLOWED but they did not have to. They decided to take a gamble for sake of advertising the CMAX and they lost.
    2. The BSquare root of the problem still is biting them and their customers since the 2011 Edge. They should of started a full rewrite while making the current customer systems usable along time ago. The system will still continue with inherent flaws until they do so.
    3. Botched launches continue: Focus had a 6 month delay and many DCT issues. Escape had delays and many recalls with customer vehicles that were newly delivered and then out of operation for lack of part supplies for months. Fusion had a recall on all headlamps, Ecoboost 1.6, and now gas tank issues. MKZ had huge delays, quality inspections, and now gas tank recalls. These are the high level items, there are daily communications concerning TSB's and service holds/announcements the dealers have to deal with that are frankly out of hand right now.
    4. I think we can stop making excuses at this point and admit that Ford has bit off more than they can chew in both technology (MyFord touch primary) and chassis (EU platforms). If they keep plowing ahead and relishing in their profit, it will come back full circle to failure. all the customers you have drawn in by the do dads and designs will not make the same mistake twice and take their business elsewhere next time. Couple this with customer service practices that are inconsistent at best.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to aneekr in Paradox at Ford: Profits are soaring as problems mount   
    As stated in the article, Ford continues to struggle in the following areas:
    "The four pillars of Mulally's recovery plan have served the company well: quality, green, safe and smart. But Ford has had problems in three of the four areas:
    • Green, with the complaints that the hybrids didn't live up to EPA labels.
    • Smart, with the design problems that led to widespread dissatisfaction with MyFord Touch.
    • Quality, with the recall problems of the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine, the botched launches and the huge drops in quality rankings issued by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates. The C-Max was the industry's worst-scoring model in this year's J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, sources told USA Today.
    The string of missteps has surprised many industry observers after Mulally appeared to have the company on such a smooth path."
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    svtenthusiast reacted to chevys in Paradox at Ford: Profits are soaring as problems mount   
    Its more about how the company is trending as a whole. The Cmax just happens to be the latest fiasco in a series of screw ups.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to EBFlex in Don't Read this review of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ   
    That smacks of arrogance. You haven't seen any of Lincoln's financial statements either. We know exactly the same amount of information...which is we know nothing. Unless you are employed in the industry and have access to information the average person does not, your opinion is no more valid than mine.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to chevys in Don't Read this review of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ   
    You dont know the costs lincoln has any more than the rest of us. It doesnt take a whole lot deep thinking to figure out lincoln is probably in red ink. This conversation has been going on for years on this forum alone and I dont see any significant changes in product or sales as a whole. The whole division looks like is been left on a vine like the Ranger just to bleed out. The perception of lincoln I have is a tarted up Ford product. Evidently, I am not the only one when you look at the sales.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to EBFlex in Chrysler July 2013 Sales: Up 11%. Best July in Seven Years   
    You are a bitter person. God forbid we compliment them for not only getting things right but also making very nice and exciting products...probably the most exciting of the big 3.
    And again, you rag on GM and Chrysler to no end, but get very defensive when some people say they don't think Lincoln is profitable at this time.
    Do you work in the industry? Do you have knowledge that the regular lay person doesn't? Are you a consultant for companies of this size?
    What is it that you do?
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    svtenthusiast got a reaction from 97svtgoin05gt in Is my Transmission Possesed?   
    Yes, the transmission is alot more responsive to throttle input after the TSB update.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to ice-capades in Decontenting already starting on 2014 Escape   
    Unfortunately, Ford just keeps messing up the model line-ups with more and more vehicles... the Escape, Focus and Fusion lines in particular. The SE "Plus" option makes no sense at all and just confuses the Market and hurts residual values. The SEL trim level should have stayed in all these vehicle lines and included the standard leather seats which were long established on the SEL series. On the Escape Titanium, the 2.0L EcoBoost should have remained the standard engine but the standard seats should have been upgraded to leather only. If the Titanium series is to be the top-of-the-line then treat it as such and equip it as such.
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    svtenthusiast got a reaction from ehaase in Compact cross over comparison   
    We get it. You don't like anyone in a (public) forum speak from personal real world experiences that may not match other peoples view of Ford through rose colored glasses.
    The consistent mantra around here to convolute a civil conversation into a personal attack regarding someone's opinion because it's against FMC is irrational, immature, and tiring.
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    svtenthusiast got a reaction from ehaase in Compact cross over comparison   
    We get it. You don't like anyone in a (public) forum speak from personal real world experiences that may not match other peoples view of Ford through rose colored glasses.
    The consistent mantra around here to convolute a civil conversation into a personal attack regarding someone's opinion because it's against FMC is irrational, immature, and tiring.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to twmalonehunter in Compact cross over comparison   
    Although Ford has done a tremendous job "selling" the Ecoboost, I am not, nor was I ever, sold on turbocharging as a viable method for delivering better FE. Too many variables put the engine into boost therefore using more fuel. IMO they are similar to hybrid vehicles in that they test well on EPA cycle, but not so much in the real world.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to chevys in Ford ratings in Consumer Reports, below average reliability   
    I have used CUE and its overly complicated, over kill and a general pain in the ass. Its probably better than MFT but thats not saying much. I would not give you 30 cents for CUE. Technology is supposed to make our lives better not worse. Mulally has even stated once that he thought of Ford as a technology company now. Sales are good but the hits keep on coming from the media and owners. Where this will all lead to is unknown. Sometimes you need to just get back to basics with any company and do what you know how to do best.
    There are plenty of blue oval kool aid drinkers on this site that think Ford can do no wrong just like there are GM kool aid drinkers ect. MFT is an absolute deal breaker for some people like me. This is why it needs to be a stand alone option be damned the bean counters. When something can get this messy its going to turn people on Ford like a pack of wolves. Those people may never return as a customer ever. We have seen that through the 70's and 80's with shoddy quality. So if you wonder who all of the idiots are every month that buy Corollas its probably those who have one that gave them good service for years before. Despite its shortcomings it a good basic car for point A to B.
    If you like MFT buy it but dont force it down my throat.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to BORG in Hinrich: Quality is Ford's Highest Priority   
    That's because the Ford system is very laggy, the customer shouldn't have to be patient with the interface, this is a very old problem.
    Ford's touch screens are by far the worst I've used, and I've used them all. The touch force to use the screen is very unpredictable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I spend too much time wondering if the system is just lagging or I didn't apply the right force this time. I can understand the need reduced sensitivity, but Ford has calibrated their systems very poorly. It's just a complete turd, I genuinely hate the system at this point and I really don't want to buy another one. I mean my navigation system took 5 minutes to 'compute' a 12 minute route today. It did the same thing a day before. And don't get my started on Bluetooth Audio. Nothing works right or works well. The only thing that is trouble free are the climate controls. It's enough to drive me to a Merc next time.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to BORG in Hinrich: Quality is Ford's Highest Priority   
    Interesting read, mostly because they admit to customer dissatisfaction with the touch panels and will be returning to knobs. Which is fine, they've done this with the panels in the Edge and Explorer (non Sony) and I like them best. I still prefer how Lincoln is doing it with the sliders, but controlling the temperature is not a great experience with the touch buttons. I still want to hear more about MyFord Touch progress beyond software patches, at least I hope something dramatic is going on for the future to bring this system out of the dark ages.
    As for quality, I don't doubt their commitment after the fact, I simply doubt their skill and resource commitment prior to the fact.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to BORG in Ford Takes Long Look at Launches   
    My 2013 Ford Escape is a rattle-trap, but it's just all over the interior of the car, they'd need to replace the car to fix them all. And I seriously don't have time to solve car problems, this is another reason I'm glad I lease.
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    svtenthusiast reacted to mike_in_va in Ford Takes Long Look at Launches   
    I hope they can work on the customer service aspect too. Not delivering the car is bad enough, but when they can't tell you where it is, why it is where it is, or when it might arrive that makes it a whole lot worse. Ford needs to work with its shipping partners to make sure they are providing the best quality service and that they are empowered and encouraged to give timely, accurate, and complete information.