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  1. I have been using Android Auto with my non MFT sync. I have a mount for my phone and it is up next to the steering wheel. It works pretty well, to send a message or call someone all you have to do is say ok google and then the command. You can do all of that without touching a button. The one thing I haven't gotten it to do is read incoming messages without touching the screen. It alerts you to an incoming message, but you have to press play on the screen of the phone. I would see if you test phone can run android auto and give it a try, it works quite well.
  2. 95ripper

    Steering Wheel Replacement

    If you want to look online go to www.car-part.com you can search the country and you can most likely buy it online and have it shipped.
  3. 95ripper

    2010 Fusion GT: 340hp EB V6

    I have to respond to this, if you are not accelerating, it does matter where the system is putting the bias, you are no wheel drive. The bias only comes into play when you accelerate. The electronics needed to shift the bias are going to be a lot faster than the engine is going to be able to make power. There is no instant power with an engine. While it is fast, there is a delay, and in this delay, the computer will be able to look steering imputs, speed, throttle position and put the bias where the power will be able to be most used. In a drift, you are not fully using the power at hand, spinning tires=lost traction=not accelerating to your fullest potential.