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  1. rmc523

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I'd say definitely on the F-150 BEV. Model Y they might be able to eek out a few units before Mach E. We'll have a better idea of timeline in 10 days.
  2. rmc523

    GM October 2019 Sales

    It'll be interesting to see next month's results too with the strike/inventory issues likely taking affect.
  3. rmc523

    GM October 2019 Sales

    I tried to point it out in the chart, but figured I'd explain it better here - in order to reconcile the errors in previous estimates, I had to "correct" September YTD figures to GM's official Q3 numbers - in their reporting, they've started combining Yukon/Yukon XL and Escalade/Escalade ESV, which screws up my separate YTD figures for those models in the main chart - I included combined YTD figures at the bottom of the chart for both. I'll consider editing the chart for next year and combine the figures to make it easier to reconcile, but for now this is how I did it.
  4. I know you're talking about inventory, but just to note, those sales figures for Explorer include PI-U. What's also great to see is that all utilities are up for both the month and year (MKC is down YOY, but as Corsair arrives, it may eek out a YOY gain), so it's not just Aviator volume alone that's accounting for the Lincoln utility increase. Those would be US only figures.
  5. what's with the bizarre post format?
  6. Oh yeah, I love how it's hidden on Aviator. And hate that it's not on Explorer. I'm hoping that Expy/Navi get that setup for a next gen model (I'm assuming they can't/won't make that change on a refresh)
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/18/hummer-electric-gm-hamtramck/ More at link above.
  8. It's naturally a fear. And was also one of the reasons we didn't get Ranger years ago.
  9. I was referring to the fronts of both. I didn't think to see if Aviator got that setup for the rear wiper, but with the spoiler, I'd guess it's a normal setup....perhaps @Bellanca can chime in and let us know. Explorer got regular nozzles all around.
  10. rmc523

    FCA October 2019 Sales

    With how time seems to be flying by these days, it may be due for a refresh soon.
  11. The Aviator has a really cool wiper nozzle setup - the entire blade is the nozzle. Explorer didn't get it, though. My mom picked up her '20 ST last night and it has the regular nozzles under the hood.
  12. rmc523

    GM October 2019 Sales

    Thanos. lol Thanks for pointing that out - I had to keep scrolling to get everything and obviously missed them.
  13. I wouldn't mind a retractable window either - though I assume that'd also mean no rear wiper? On that Baja model, the roof did seem more chopped than I expected, so I don't know if that's an indication.
  14. I'd love to see something with some decent sound insulation.
  15. rmc523

    Site Problems?

    Well, I guess traffic issues are a good problem to have, no?
  16. Has anyone else been having problems with the site not loading with errors and whatnot coming up trying to get here?
  17. rmc523

    Bronco R Prototype

    Clearly you haven't seen mine
  18. rmc523

    Bronco R Prototype

    I got some intel last night that we're definitely seeing the overall general shape here. We already knew, but 2 and 4 doors are for sure. The front fascia will be different (obviously), but the source saw it a few months ago, when things were still in design and saw different options. I pried for more info, but wasn't able to get much more.
  19. rmc523

    Black Label availability

    The center of the "Nautilus" letters are black (with chrome outline) on BL models. They used to do the same with the "LINCOLN" script on the back, but I don't know if they changed that.
  20. It'll be interesting to see how they juggle things. It seems like plans keep changing too.
  21. rmc523

    Bronco R Prototype

    A couple thoughts - it's possible we're seeing the 4 door wheelbase here, so pillar positions would obviously change for a 2 door if that were the case. Another possibility - they could have the exterior visual pillar be slim, with part of the pillar hidden behind glass (it'd be large from the inside, but slim from the outside).
  22. Sounds so far away, but I know it'll get here like that *snaps fingers* I mean. You really think Ford would go through all the effort of bringing back Bronco as a proper Wrangler competitor, and then just stick EcoSport's less than ideal swing gate on it? That'd make zero sense. Again. It's a door that swings open. There's no other name for it.