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  1. For instance, the Platinum grille: vs. the ST Line grille I never liked the 2020-2024 grille/headlight interface, so I welcome the change on the new model, though I would have preferred for the outer edges to have tilted in slightly more as they move lower (creating more of a V shape, vs. the complete box look we see).
  2. I had a recall for my Bronco that consisted of adding some plastic clips on the seatbelt to keep the attachment point higher up on the pillar to make it more convenient to grab. Not saying all of Ford's recalls are like that, but it can't be ignored that some percentage of them are for minor things like that.
  3. 2025 Ford Maverick Will Be Revealed On August 1st (fordauthority.com) Ford Authority is reporting that Maverick will be "shown" on August 1.
  4. Yeah, they had to change the front and rear quarter panels to accommodate the new headlight/taillight designs, but I guess it was too expensive to change the doors.
  5. Guess it must be expensive to change the door skin lol.
  6. I couldn't find the Explorer thread, so here's a first drive of the 2025....they said the interior is much better. 2025 Ford Explorer First Drive Review: Much better inside, still good everywhere else - Autoblog There’s been a much bigger overhaul to the Explorer’s interior for 2025, fixing our biggest gripes about a chintzy, unattractive cabin and making it considerably more competitive in the segment. The cockpit is inviting, which couldn’t exactly be said about most trims in the past. Gone are the seas of grainy black plastic, replaced with interesting design everywhere you look and soft-touch materials pretty much anywhere you rest your hands. It’s more lounge-like than before, with a bit of a home theater vibe to it. The speakers are hidden behind fabric across the dash in the style of a sound bar on either side of the two digital screens — one for infotainment and one serving as an instrument panel. Below the central screen (and a volume knob alongside a row of buttons), is a nice little shelf with room for storing two phones. That’s also where the wireless charger lives, if so equipped. More at the link above.
  7. The back end and wheel wells remain my biggest pet peeves for this design. Most of the other stuff I'm ok with.
  8. I was going to mention this exact point - GM typically has skipped refreshes altogether, so a drastic change is more necessary. Ford has done this on the past between new generations on F-150 ('04-08/'09-'14 comes to mind). While changing the door sheetmetal would be ideal, I don't think it'll be the dealbreaker it's being made out to be.
  9. I like the taillight treatment better on this than the other iq models.
  10. I've had the thought for a while (as others have also said) that the current Lightning could continue on (with refreshes and battery updates) and marketed more toward the Pro customers that want a more typical pickup that's cheaper (they'd have to adjust prices once T3 debuts), whereas T3 is aimed more at non-work buyers that want the latest and greatest. Or at least have them alongside one another ("Lightning classic" if you will.....) for a few years to let everyone transition into the different T3 model.
  11. I've been saying for some time that Evos would make a good indirect Fusion replacement (because of the hatch). It seems as though all US brands are having difficulty in China, though Lincoln and Buick I think are doing well?
  12. ST would make no sense on Expy. I guess they want to have all the crossovers/SUVs (sans Bronco) to have the same trim names. This is the standard for the segment for companies with entrants from regular and luxury brands. the GM triplets are the same between the front/rear clip. Nissan/Infiniti are the same too.
  13. I think most of the issues stem to them tightening the screws too hard on suppliers, which affected part quality, and therefore vehicle quality.
  14. Cadillac Sollei is a striking electric convertible. It's also just a concept for now - Autoblog The Sollei is basically a convertible version of the Celestiq, a $340,000 limited-run sedan built on General Motors’ historic Tech Center Campus north of Detroit. They have the same length, wheelbase and electric propulsion system. “Today it is a design exploration,” Cadillac vice president John Roth said. GM’s head of design Michael Simcoe said: “This is a concept. Anything is possible, but at the moment this is just a concept.” He added it would be an “easy change” as an “expression” of the Celestiq’s architecture.
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