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    Biker16 reacted to jpd80 in Fields tried to fire Hinrichs before being ousted From Ford   
    Is there a requirement in the US to declare all funding contributions to politicians?
    We do that in Australia and it tends to keep the lobbyists in check because the electorate then sees where that funding comes from.
    In that situation, career politician become more skilled in their profession and actually do a better job of governing,
    The real concern is that ordinary people with absolutely no political savvy can be elected and make absolute mess of the situation,
    it should be frightening to think that your life could be in the hands of completely inept people making life changing decisions.
    Watching American politics from abroad is hilarious, it's like watching a dog chew its own legs off.
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    Biker16 reacted to MN12Fan in Focus/Fiesta Owners Sue for Faulty Transmissions   
    Kinda wonder how this will end up after everything that's gone on already. I bought a 2012 brand new almost six years ago and have had the stereotypical transmission issues, but nothing critical happened until about a year ago at around 65k miles when I needed a new TCM (I got the latest clutch plates in the process though because the dealership thought that was the issue originally). Since that fix the car drives quite well; better than it did originally in fact. I also had door latch failures which were finally fixed under recall. It's a shame because outside of these issues it's been a really good car. I'm hoping the car lasts with the fixes it's had because it's been paid off for a year and I like the fuel efficiency.
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    Biker16 reacted to rperez817 in Ford Motor to slash workforce by about 10 percent   
    Will Mark Fields' job be among the 10% that get cut ?
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    Biker16 reacted to rperez817 in Frustrated, Ford Gives Investors Few Answers   
    Ford doesn't have the disciplined strategies now that Alan Mulally had when he worked there. No surprise Ford has few answers for investors.
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    Biker16 reacted to LoveTaurus in 5 New SUVs/Crossovers in North America.   
    Just base on my own future purchase interest, the S-Max/Galaxy or Transit connect wagon Hybrid plug-in.
    Or, the Transit Tourneo Custom Hybrid plug-in, even better.
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    Biker16 reacted to akirby in 2018 Ford Focus Renders   
    That's just it - they make refreshes and new models like clockwork. They never go more than 3 years without at least a MCE and no more than 5 without new sheet metal.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in Ford Adding Electrified F-150, Mustang, Transit by 2020 in Major EV Push; Expanded U.S. Plant to Add 700 Jobs to Make EVs, Autonomous Cars   
    I knew this program was coming since this $5 Billion investment was announced, and that Ford was specifically looking at a high volume company wide efficiency program rather than a specific flagship product. Ford is still 2nd (a very distant 2nd) to Toyota for hybrid sales and 2nd only to BMW for plug-in sales (I believe that's the case but I'm not sure).
    And we have to keep in mind that the industry, especially electrification, moves extremely quickly and Ford's program is still FAR into the future by automotive standards. We are talking 2020 here. We also have to remember how extremely unconventional it is for a company to make it's advanced product plans so well known before a product has even been developed. By which time Ford will be surrounded by competitors who are already there anyway. Field's strategy is just to get ahead of the PR so that Ford is acknowledged as working on something bigger than just one product. I think it's a good strategy especially since costs and demand doesn't add up right now. Even if Ford is late, as long as they get there when they need to than they survive another day.
    Where I think Ford is absolutely dropping the ball is in small Crossovers, it just boggles my mind by how badly they have botched the transition from small cars to Crossovers (in addition to completely botching small cars). They are absolutely hemorrhaging customers with no plans to adequately address that for the remainder of the decade and the patched-up EcoSport is a pathetic effort. I think Ford will figure out it eventually but it's clear they are going to hurt in the interim.
    Something that also occurred to me is that Ford is dramatically scaling back small car production and offsetting that announcement with an electrification program. I know Ford in particular is actively seeking a significant reduction in CAFE regulations which they are now certain to get under Trump which means they don't need the small cars anymore to offset their increasing dependency on trucks, vans, and SUVs. They can then focus more on growing truck customers and respond to gas prices if needed. This is also why I think Ford of North America is going to start looking very different once again.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in Ford Adding Electrified F-150, Mustang, Transit by 2020 in Major EV Push; Expanded U.S. Plant to Add 700 Jobs to Make EVs, Autonomous Cars   
    Ford is calling it a "Utility", that's all. You are filling in the rest yourself per the usual.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in Ford Adding Electrified F-150, Mustang, Transit by 2020 in Major EV Push; Expanded U.S. Plant to Add 700 Jobs to Make EVs, Autonomous Cars   
    Fully electric small utility is most like the Model E we've been waiting for, and Fields talked about the previous Escape hybrid so it seems likely this is related to the new Escape.
    I now wonder what the pursuit-rated hybrid vehicles are, Explorer and Taurus?
    None of this really solves Ford's production constraints on utilities however which is worrisome.
    This must have been a VERY rushed announcement, I bet they got a wiff of something that GM is announcing in Detroit. Even the press release is full of typos.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in NAIAS 2017   
    Debating with you is like talking to a brick wall, yet the brick wall seems to have a better understanding of the world around it. I'm done, Happy New Year!
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    Biker16 reacted to Anthony in Clutch Scrubbing Works   
    So, I was starting to get some bad shudder on slow takeoffs recently on my Focus with the Powershift transmission so I decided to give the "Clutch Scrubbing" technique a try.
    Clutch Scrubbing is when you perform WOT takeoffs a few times in a row to "scrub" the clutch. Ford techs use this when you bring your vehicle in for shuddering (though it is not Ford sanctioned)

    Anyway, I did this the other night 5 times in a row on a back road and my shuddering has stopped completely. Yeah, it kinda sucks you have to go through anything to get your trans working correctly, but at least there is a somewhat straightforward method to clear up the symptoms if there is nothing else wrong with your trans. (This obviously will not work if your trans is leaking oil on the clutches)
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in Cadillac (GM) Investor's Presentation   
    That's definitely the Ford I remember, it's one of those things they had fixed under Mullally. It also explains why Ford's tech features have suddenly stopped progressing.
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    Biker16 reacted to jasonj80 in Cadillac (GM) Investor's Presentation   
    I agree with that statement, the difference that is really concerning with me is moral, company moral is plummeting and that has a huge impact on the future, when your good people that are hungry for more and better leave you are left with the employees that are not hungry or innovative; status quo and a pay check are what matter and that is what they care about.
    When you want to add feature XXXX on your car, the competition has XXXX feature on their car, our own customer care clinics show that feature XXXX is desired. But finance comes in and says no it adds XX to the cost and the feature is left out -- there is a HUGE problem.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in All new Ford Ecosport on 11/14   
    If you look at the entry pricing Ford is definitely the cheapest in many segments, particularly smaller vehicles.
    Fiesta, Focus, and Escape are among the cheapest cars in their segments. (actually they are the cheapest besides a few like Nissan Versa, hell they even undercut the Koreans)
    Ford has always aimed to be the cheapest on the market and has been cutting prices lately after years of increasing them despite price pressures from others.
    There are two sides to Ford pricing however, there is Ford at the top end and Ford at the low end, Ford certainly has the widest pricing spread among all automakers. And Ford is one of the bigger incentive spenders but certainly not the biggest.
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    Biker16 reacted to jpd80 in 2019 Explorer Spied! D6!!   
    This is very early for a 2019 Mule, could it be a MY2018 Explorer updated with 9-speed auto?
    On D6 / CD6
    As I've said before, perhaps people are expecting way more with CD6 than Ford is actually planning to do...
    Perhaps a different / better grouping of platforms that better suits various global regions?
    Subcompact / Compact platform:
    - from Ka / Fiesta / Focus / C-Max to Ecosport / Escape / MKC
    Mid/Large platform:
    - from Fusion / Mondeo / MKZ / Taurus/Continental to Edge / MKX / S-Max / Galaxy / / Explorer / Aviator.
    Regrouping those vehicles under those tow platform envelopes would do a lot for global profitability,
    it makes a lot of sense and I wouldn't be surprised if that s exactly what Ford is planning to do.
    The bulk of all car and Utility products are then covered by just two platforms.
    A North-South engine configuration paralleled with an East-West configuration would require
    the whole front end crash protection zones to be re-configured across every different vehicles.
    That for the most part would be unnecessary duplication, you choose one or the other.
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    Biker16 reacted to mustang_sallad in Tesla delivers Q3 profit   
    Out of $2.2B total revenue, the ZEV credits count for 6.3% of their revenue. If you're going to say you have to take that program out of the equation (keep in mind, this isn't government money, this is money from the likes of FCA or other automakers who aren't yet meeting ZEV requirements with their own EVs) then I would say we should also subtract any investment Tesla is making to grow from a 25,000 car a year company to a 300,000 car a year company, because that's also something that most other automakers don't deal with.
    Or should Tesla hold onto those ZEV credits so that they can sell gas-powered pickup trucks to make a profit on? I haven't ever seen you make any suggestions for what Tesla should be doing differently other than going away.
    All that said, I'm almost certain they'll go back to losses until the Model 3 ramps up, assuming they can get there. But I'm just saying:
    1. ZEV credits are a good system
    2. Tesla investing everything they earn and then some into scaling up is a much smarter move than remaining a small volume manufacturer, and it's been their plan from the start.
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    Biker16 reacted to rperez817 in GM Posts Another Record Quarter On Strong Demand For Trucks, Utility Vehicles   
    GM has also abandoned the Ford Fleet Dumping program.
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    Biker16 reacted to RichardJensen in GM Posts Another Record Quarter On Strong Demand For Trucks, Utility Vehicles   
    Both companies book revenue as soon as a vehicle rolls out of the factory. The difference you're seeing is probably in data distribution, not revenue recognition.
    And it's worth pointing out that GM's Y-O-Y profit increase was driven by NA, that the profit increase in NA was driven in large part by additional volume (see their earnings deck), and that additional volume was pumped into a market that Ford, at least, considers to be either at or past its peak.
    That's why you're going to see worse results from Ford: Because they are not going to be showing over 90,000 more units built year-over-year. They're going to be showing--if anything--fewer units built. And, IMO, with very good reason. The market is going to slow down.
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    Biker16 got a reaction from rperez817 in GM Posts Another Record Quarter On Strong Demand For Trucks, Utility Vehicles   
    Everything except Ford's Launch and Leave program.
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    Biker16 got a reaction from rperez817 in Fields Sets Ford on Dual Track   
    Sounds more like a bumper sticker than an actual strategy.
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    Biker16 got a reaction from rperez817 in Fields Sets Ford on Dual Track   
    Sounds more like a bumper sticker than an actual strategy.
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    Biker16 reacted to rperez817 in Fields Sets Ford on Dual Track   
    In the article, the Barclay's analyst and the guy who co-manages Jim Cramer's charitable fund have good explanations for the above: Ford's future plans including self-driving automobiles, electrified vehicles, ride sharing, etc. are great. The problem for Fields and Ford as a company is that they're checking a lot of boxes with insufficient attention to making them a cohesive whole.
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    Biker16 reacted to BORG in FCA Reports Sept '16 Sales: Down 1%   
    Actually, $7.4B in 2015.
    FCA is actually closing the gap and earned $1.79 Billion to Ford's $2.0 Billion in the 2nd quarter of 2016.
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    Biker16 reacted to ANTAUS in Do Consumers Even Want Autonomous Cars?   
    I support these cars for "other" people... just imagine, drivers (well cars) that actually use turn signals. Where the car picks up the slack and doesn't have like 20 car lengths in front of them during traffic. Cars that don't try to cut you off or squeeze into an impossible fit. Cars that actually turn onto the right lane, and not turn and cut 3 lanes over. I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about THE OTHER drivers who fail most of these previously mentioned points. This tech will make ok drivers, better...and horrible drivers, just as good...