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  1. stpatrick90

    Sync and the iPhone 5

    My company issued BB was replaced by and an iPhone 4 and I have to say that in terms of most of the functions I need to complete it is a step backwards. The iPhone isn't compatible with half the work related functions we use whereas the BB worked with everything. I never thought I would say this but I want my Blackberry Bold back. I just wish I could have a work issued S3 because I love my personal phone.
  2. stpatrick90

    Yahoo Ford C-Max article

    Motortrend seemed pretty impressed by it too
  3. Oh I am certain Ford is hurting missing those 6 sales.../sarcasm I am certain that over the last few years that my glowing recommendations have swayed at least number of people into Fords, talking works both ways. By all means though continue to have your little pity party and be happy in your car that I even refuse to have as a rental.
  4. Pot meet kettle Seriously who is the person still harping on about a car they don't even own anymore? Yep that's right it is you. Let it go, we all know you had problems with your Focus and that you think your Corolla is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We just don't want to hear about it anymore. Take your own advice and stop :beatdeadhorse:
  5. I hope to have the opportunity to drive the 2.0 sometime. I was lucky that I even got to test drive the 1.6L, it was the only Escape they had left and right after I got back the dealership got a call from a person who wanted to know if they still had it in stock and once they told him it was still available the person told them he was driving there to purchase it. Turns out the guy lived a good hour away.
  6. Wait I didn't realize this was another thread about how much you hated your Focus... You don't even own the car anymore yet you take every opportunity to complain about it. Move on. Back to the Escape Last week Tuesday I had the opportunity to take a new Escape 1.6L AWD for a test drive while the Explorer was getting an oil change and the passenger headlight replaced (wife pulled too far forward in the garage) and I have to say that it is an impressive little motor for such a hefty car. If our boat wasn't as big, I wouldn't mind owning the Escape instead of the Explorer.
  7. stpatrick90

    2013 Escape oil leak

    Wrong on a few counts. GM and Ford Jointly developed the 6F transmission, but individually developed their own software for them. So it is not accurate on any level to call it the GM 6speed. Generally it is stated that Fords software tuning was better than GMs and my experience with both sets of programming mirrors this. Also the Fusion was not the first car to get the 6F. When the Fusion debuted it used an Aisin unit which I believe the MKZ and Fusion 3.5L still uses. The Edge was the first Ford with the 6F. The Taurus also got the 6F in 2008 when the 500 was redesigned. The Fusion didn't get the 6F till 2010 when it was redone and it was only on the 2.5L and 3.0L and in this iteration had teething problems.
  8. Umm no they are right and you are wrong. If you look closely you will see that each Boxster variant that I listed is blue and underlined...in the world of the internet that generally means they are a hyperlink and if you just so happen to click on them you will see that it takes you to the EPAs official website. Unlike you I provide proof for my claims. Also it still stands that if you are able to beat the MPG ratings for your current car that the ST would do the same. You can ignore the new ratings all you want but at the end of the day I am going to listen to the EPA more than a man who drivels about his Porsche Boxster.
  9. 2001 Porsche Boxster 2.7L manual 17city/25hwy 2001 Porsche Boxster 2.7L auto 16city/23hwy 2001 Porsche Boxster S 3.2L manual 17city/23hwy 2001 Porsche Boxster S 3.2L auto 16city/23hwy If you can beat the EPA estimates by as much as you claim, doesn't it stand to reason that the ST should be able to do the same?
  10. stpatrick90

    CD: Taurus SEL AWD

    C/D Taurus test car had AWD so the number they reported was correct, however they admittedly could have presented that more clearly. Also a FWD Taurus would scoot to 60 a few tenths quicker than an AWD one.
  11. stpatrick90

    All New Escape a Runaway Success

    This implies that the new Escape is somehow less than satisfactory for the North American market which is simply ridiculous. All indicators seem to say that the new Escape easily satisfies everything the old Escape did. Styling is subjective, and we all know you don't like the styling of the new Escape. I can guarantee that if the new Escape were a box on wheels like you want that it would still have less ground clearance than the old Escape, fuel efficiency gains have to come from somewhere and reducing ground clearance is an easy way to accomplish some gains in efficiency.
  12. stpatrick90

    Yet another 2015 Mustang Render

    Compare 1980,1990, 2000 and 2011 sales for the top 10 cars sold in the UK For 1980 1. Cortina (RWD) 2. Escort (RWD then FWD when the new style was released) 3. Mini (FWD) 4. Marina (RWD) 5. Allegro (FWD) 6. Fiesta (FWD) 7. Granada (RWD) 8. Capri (RWD) 9. Cavalier (RWD) 10. Chevette (RWD) 7/10 were RWD For 1990 1. Fiesta (FWD) 2. Escort (FWD) 3. Cavalier (FWD) 4. Sierra (RWD) 5. Astra (FWD) 6. Metro (FWD) 7. 200 (FWD) 8. Nova (FWD) 9. 205 (FWD) 10. Orion (FWD) 1/10 were RWD For 2000 1. Focus (FWD) 2. Astra (FWD) 3. Fiesta (FWD) 4. Corsa (FWD) 5. 206 (FWD) 6. Vectra (FWD) 7. Mondeo (FWD) 8. Megane (FWD) 9. Clio (FWD) 10. Golf (FWD) 0/10 were RWD For 2011 1. Fiesta (FWD) 2. Focus (FWD) 3. Corsa (FWD) 4. Golf (FWD) 5. Astra (FWD) 6. Insignia (FWD) 7. Polo (FWD) 8. 3 Series (RWD) 9. Qashqai (FWD/AWD) 10. Mini (FWD) 1/10 were RWD Your whole notion that RWD would increase sales is simply misguided and completely ignores reality. If you look at the sales over the past few decades Ford seems to be consistently the company that has best responded to the market seeing as they are the company that always has 2 out of the top 3 cars in sales in the UK.
  13. Don't give the Canadian dollar too much credit, for the last 3 or so months it has been on average slightly below parity. 2011 onward the USD has generally held stronger value to the CAD despite a few month period late last year where the CAD was above parity slightly.
  14. For what it is worth I agree with Nick on this one. Since our Explorer has received the update it has been working so much better. I don't deny that some people may still be facing issues but I feel that there are more people who do not still have issues. Only the people who have issues still are going to go out of their way to say something, someone who has a system working properly doesn't have the need to go out of their way to say that their system is working well.
  15. If I remember correctly when Ford debuted "ice blue lighting" I believe they stated it was the best color for night time driving.