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  1. ausrutherford

    Flatrock plant

    I really wouldn't be surprised if the midsize BEV ends up being calls Thunderbird.
  2. It will be considered a truck under Federal law so it can't be reported as a car like the Mustang.
  3. Just noticed that you can see the Mustang badge through the camo on the tailgate.
  4. Bronco has already been a family at Ford before...I don't seem to remember anyone being confused back then.
  5. We beat the Germans twice, so we can pronounce it the way we like. lol
  6. Let's stop this "Mustang is going die" doom and gloom. Even if Hackett were that stupid somehow (I doubt it), Bill Ford would veto that decision. It's not going anywhere.
  7. ausrutherford

    Bronco world premier Spring 2020!

    Catualian - Baby Bronco and Mach E Hermosillo - Transit Connect, small truck, and small 7-seat crossover. Maybe Fusion Active Hermosillo is the larger plant. Catualian has been underutilized for years with just the Fiesta.
  8. ausrutherford

    Bronco world premier Spring 2020!

    Fiesta production ended a few months ago. Cataualian would only have the Mach E in it. Thats not enough.
  9. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    As I said in the other thread, Ford isn't going to produce a midsize BEV crossover in a truck plant. It's not the product.
  10. No job losses though. They are being transferred.
  11. If the Lincoln-based Rivian is built anywhere, it is going to built in Illinois with the rest of Rivian's products. The mid-size BEVs will not move to Avon Lake. That is a truck plant. Also its TWO vehicles. Avon Lake is confirmed for ONE new product. Either the BEVs won't start production at the Flat Rock plant in this contract...OR Ford is moving them to Oakville to built along with the non-BEV Edge and Nautilus. The latter makes a heck of a lot more sense than them being built a truck plant.
  12. ausrutherford

    Bronco world premier Spring 2020!

    Baby Bronco is being built in Mexico. Ford has already confirmed it will sell in Brazil/Argentina. Much easier and cost effective to import from Mexico.
  13. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    The Ford-UAW contract confirmed a new product for Ohio Assembly to join the E-Series, Medium Duty, and Super Duty! Chances the Cargo comes back just went up!
  14. Ford planned a successor to the last Ford GT with a production version of the GR-1. And then the economy hit the skids and it never happened. I imagine Bill Ford wants the program to continue.
  15. The first and foremost problem is that Wall Street likes to control companies. They can't do that with Ford for its still the family that does that.