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  1. Since when does any company offer a discount on a hot selling product? Besides, the stockholders will make money in the long run with the profits from the vehicle.
  2. You have to guess that Powerboost is going to be an option now.
  3. ausrutherford

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    I don't believe India allows LHD vehicles, so they could always expand into the Land of Oz as well.🙂
  4. ausrutherford

    Lincoln May Expand To India

    Makes sense. They would have to begin with CKD models though or else the import fees basically make it unprofitable. Probably would do it via China.
  5. There is a rumor that Ford is canceling the cancel of the GT350...
  6. Put Capri, Falcon, and a few others on that list.
  7. The fact that McDonalds is on this list proves it is worth as much as their crap-taste-ic hamburger.
  8. Mazda almost went under once upon a time with superior products compared to Toyota and other Japanese automakers. Ford stepped in and saved them. Fun fact if you look at the history of the auto industry. It is typically the automakers that focus too much on engineering that go under. Why? They never focus on their business.
  9. Ford has been quietly expanding its global commercial business over the past few years. Most of us just do not realize it for we live in the US though the Ranger did help here. Global Ranger sales more than doubled when they launched the T6. Some nation's sales tripled or quadrupled. Ford Trucks is expanding in Europe by offering the Cargo and F-Max in Eastern Europe and select Western nations as well. JMC now offers rebadged versions of the Cargo and F-Max in China. _______________ Now let's compare that to another company trying to expand it's commercial sales...and failing:
  10. Malls were dying before Amazon ever came to the forefront. I idea that an automative-based location that is a dead zone when the businesses are closed was a 40-year fad. That is why many are closing, redeveloping as downtown-like city centers with residential and office uses, or struggling to make ends meet hoping the other malls in the area can allow them to survive. Where would you rather shop? A downtown: Or a dumpy mall with plastic trees: The answer is obvious.
  11. I could see them adding production to ZA for it...unless the Amarok space needed locks it out.
  12. I think it would be "easy" for Europe to adopt the Bronco Sport if they changed their mind since it has the Escape/Kuga as its base. Bronco would be a lot harder.
  13. ausrutherford

    Ford Q3 2020 Sales Results

    Ford Canada sales were up 8.5%. https://www.at.ford.com/content/atford/fna/united-states/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2020/10/canada-sales-sept-2020.html
  14. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    Ford Europe debuted a 5-tonne Transit yesterday. Is that comparable to one that already exists here? The difference between ton and tonne...and the Euro class differences confuse me. https://www.at.ford.com/content/atford/fna/united-states/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2020/9/ford-announces-its-strongest--most-capable-transit-ever.html