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  1. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    As they promised, Ford is returning to many European markets. Poland: https://intercars.prowly.com/61132-ford-trucks-enters-poland Hungary: https://www.fordtrucks.hu Romania: https://www.ford-trucks.ro Bulgaria: https://www.fordtrucks.bg Greece: https://www.ergotrak.gr/index.php/el/proionta/kainourgia/varea-fortiga/ford Czech Republic: https://ftrucks.cz/cs Among others as well.
  2. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    JMC also has a rebadge of the Cargo.
  3. ausrutherford

    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    The CR-V, Rav4, and Rogue all have multiple plants producing them. Escape has one...that it shares with the Corsair.
  4. ausrutherford

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    It would be hard to believe that the Escape interior would fit in the baby Bronco. That would be like trying to fit the F-150 interior in the Transit.
  5. Ranchero - city hugging truck Ranger - commercial with some desert runner status Bronco truck - lifestyle, convertible truck...the profit king!
  6. You can make the Ranger off-road friendly. But the Bronco's appeal is that even the basic versions will look and feel somewhat off-road ready. And again, no convertible for the Ranger.
  7. FCA is not going to sell any Gladiators to a fleet customer. The Bronco truck would cover the lifestyle truck. You can't make the Ranger into a convertible truck. The Bronco truck? Yes! Ranger would cover the normal truck buyer and commercial/government sales. The compact truck does not need to be a Bronco. Remember that the Bronco family is suppose to be off-road friendly. I do not think that would be the aim of the compact truck. Its aim would be for the buyer who rarely using a truck, but wants one for the convenience in city environment they live in. And I still hope they call it the Ranchero. That aim was the same for the original Rancheros.
  8. Judging by all the PR and likely sales of the Gladiator. Id say it's 99.9% likely. It would also be rather cheap to do. 95% of the engineering is done with the Bronco and next gen Bronco.
  9. ausrutherford

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    The logo dent still makes it asymmetrical technically.
  10. UAW doesn't have the money to pay its members for that long.
  11. Basically, GM is going to rougher deal than both Ford and FCA for the union will have spent so much time and money on the strike on GM.
  12. I had been told the Bronco truck is based off the Bronco proper.
  13. I pay 11% as a government employee. Just as a reference...
  14. ausrutherford

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    It is not like the Range Rover got renamed when the Sport, Evoque, and Velar came around...
  15. ausrutherford

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Moodys: "make everything in Mexico and we will upgrade you." Ford: "No" Moodys: TRIGGERED