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  1. Ha! Ha! Good one!
  2. Call Ford marketing. They tie those to your name a address and should have it on file. If it expired or is close to, they have been extending them due to the production delays.
  3. pig9r

    External Radio Antenna

    Came across this article the other day. Seems fitting: https://jalopnik.com/why-does-a-modern-truck-like-the-2022-ford-f-150-lightn-1846955635
  4. pig9r

    $1000 Retail Bonus and PCO

    If it is classified as a public offer it should stack. I found private offers such as the first responder do not stack with PCOs.
  5. pig9r

    Concerned about order

    I’ve looked the ‘22 order guide over and I don’t see a definitive answer one way or another. Common sense would say that Tremor wheels would be paired with Tremor suspension. I too would be concerned about not getting clarification. Ask your dealer for the regional sales manager’s contact info and ask them directly. I started looking at ordering my ‘21 F250 at around the same stage (order guide out but website was previous model year) and there were several anomalies like yours. Even after the build site was up there were several errors. Here is how it showed the sport/black package wheels with the HCTP for the first couple of weeks (top pic). As time went by they made corrections.
  6. From what I understand at KTP the plans are noted on the option list but no name. Here is x plan as TAG 000X000. In the past I have seen the first initial and last name after this but they evidently don’t do this anymore.
  7. All of the lighting is LED with the black package for ‘21.
  8. pig9r

    2022 f250 updates

    Page 17 of the ‘22 order guide
  9. pig9r

    External Radio Antenna

    Probably to appease the same crowd that wants manual locking hubs still.
  10. Some of those that are closer to the factory do go straight by truck. A member in Michigan had his shipped from KTP to dealer directly by Jack Cooper.
  11. pig9r

    What am I missing F350 vs F250 w/ HCTT?

    What I gathered from the tow guide is F250 HCTTP is 10,800 GVWR and F350 is 11,400 GVWR. They are both rated to tow 20k conventional and F250 19,100 5th wheel with F350 22,000. This is comparing crew cab diesel with 160” wheel base. My ‘21 Lariat Ultimate, CC, 6.7, 160” with HCTTP has a payload of 2754. If you haven’t seen this yet it’s pretty cool if you have a vin: https://fordfleetlive.com/#/VinCalculator
  12. pig9r

    Exhaust Regens

    I am coming up on 3000 miles on my ‘21. I do a mix of city and highway driving and have found it goes into regen about every 500-750 miles. When the DPF gets to 75% it will do an active regen. It takes under 10 minutes to go from 75% to 0%. When towing it will do a passive regen from any % to 0% if there is enough load. I have read that if it doesn’t get a chance to complete a regen, it will tell you to drive to clean DPF. I enabled the DPF % screen with Forscan. You can also enable the ability to turn off auto regen with Forscan. Without watching the DPF % screen I would not have any idea it was in regen otherwise. It will regen at any speed as long as engine temp is up to normal. I pulled into my driveway with 20% left on a regen and it completed it while idling in my drive.
  13. pig9r

    2022 f350 dually

  14. Directly from the MCA newsletter: Ford Motor Company is modifying the X-Plan program for Mustang Club of America members. Going forward only Standard and Digital members will be eligible for X-Plan. Additionally, you must have been a member of MCA for a minimum of 90 days before you can use the X-Plan. The latter 90 day requirement is being added for all organizations eligible for X-Plan. More details as they become available.
  15. Costco will refer you to a participating dealer in your area. Then you will be at their mercy. Dealers pay Costco to participate so you may not always get the best. For my wife’s Honda it was the worst dealer in our area so we ended up passing. Costco and the Ford site are usually a couple weeks behind when the order guide comes out. I ordered a 21 in November and took delivery a couple weeks ago. I went the x plan route by joining mustang club of America and went to a dealer of my choice.