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  1. mustang let back

    2021 Escalade Front end shown in Teaser

    its still a RATTLELAC,from Garbage Motors.
  2. mustang let back

    Mustang Mach 1 coming back in 2021?

    i hope it will not be electric like that mini van mustang.
  3. mustang let back

    GM accuses FCA of Corrupt Bargaining

    Garbage Motors goes after fiat dodge!!WOW!!
  4. Oh,i hope not!!That would be a disgrace!!
  5. Last time i checked,michigan is just one state.I do think fca got fined millions of dollars for cooking the books,or INFLATING sales,so what he says means nothing to me.
  6. mustang let back

    GT500 Reviews

    The Crapmaro zl1,1le destroyer is here.
  7. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    We know you look stupid, we don't need a reminder.
  8. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Ah,someone can't handle the truth!Let's see Every Year Ford has sales on cars and trucks.Rebate here discounts there,4th of july sales, and all the other sales that they have, and guess what, some of those sales are thousands OFF OF whatever they are having sales on. Gm and fiat dodge does it, along with the rest of the INDUSTRY. So the stupidity is with you.
  9. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    My bad spell check captain, it was a typo from the phone.
  10. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Selling a car for 2 or 3 grand cheaper is not going to make or brake FORD.Im not interested in buying an xl f150
  11. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    You might have a good point on redoing the MUSTANG. My suggestion to them would be make it all aluminum like the f150, make a cheaper V8 version like the old LX MUSTANG, and give people V8 options, 5.0,5.8,or 7.0.If the price is dropped alot, they would sell more. The prices now on Mustangs are high. 105K fully loaded GT500. My 2014 GT500 was 62K. What in the hell happened to where the new one is over 40K more!!! Ok I know the DCT they say is 20k by itself, but dang.
  12. mustang let back

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Not only that in certain parts of Chicago, dodge gives people 84 months to pay on their cars. I know a guy that bought a trackhawk that way, and he is on his second transmission now.