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  1. pmooret

    Stay at home order

    Today’s Democratic and Republican parties are not the same old parties they use to be. The Democrats are now a Socialist party. In days of old they really promoted the unions, things were good and a lot of folks (us) got good paying jobs. After we (us) have worked our butts off for years they now want to redistribute our tax monies, take away our private health insurance and put everybody (and I mean everybody) on government run insurance. Now don’t forget that countries that didn’t fare so well during covid had government run hospitals. They also have a hard on right now for mail in ballots. I’m sure you can figure that one out. Although the Republicans are against unions they don’t seem to be as bad since Trump has been in and I look at what the alternative is to voting Republican so I vote Republican. If JFK were alive today I don’t believe he would be a Democrat. So don’t feel bad about identifying with the Republican Party because it’s no longer the party your parents warned you about when you were growing up. Oh, I forgot to mention about the Democrats being the PC police. So now if you fuck up and say hell, damn, or shit instead of being brought up front to the hot seat you get fired.
  2. pmooret

    Covid 19 Pay

    These folks who can’t even come up with a uniform procedure to report deaths (like don’t count the same person twice), provide correct data projections, and can’t make up their mind about simple things like “to wear or not to wear a mask, what will it be” want us to give up our private health insurance and let them be in charge of our health care.
  3. pmooret

    Stay at home order

    We’ve had 321 unfortunate deaths in KY and our numbers are rapidly falling. The local paint store who is a national chain has been open this entire time with curbside pickup. I called them with my order then again when I was in the parking lot to give my card info. They bring it out and put it in your trunk or truck bed, no contact. Folks can figure out how to run their businesses in an adaptive environment. This is what the KY team player sees and wonders what all the hoopla is. He has long been a fiscal conservative and I can’t wait to see what he says about the new stimulus package. He constantly questions why we give money to countries who don’t like us. He’s a no nonsense guy, wish there were more like him to stop this spending. Pelosi's new package will cost each taxpayer $10,000 in taxes to pay it off. Don’t forget he is a doctor too so he can go toe to toe with the “experts” and their charts/data/suppositions which appear to be based on the SWAG (silly wild ass guess!) method.
  4. pmooret

    Retired in March, No Buyout Check

    Finally got mine today.
  5. pmooret

    TLO pay

    Finally got bonus money today.
  6. pmooret

    Retired in March, No Buyout Check

    Retired from LAP on March 1st and still don’t have a check.
  7. pmooret

    Stay at home order

    Ahh Decker, When I was just out of high school, many moons ago, I had the privilege to see Hal Holbrook perform his one man show depicting Mark Twain. It was great. About five years ago I met with a few cousins from across the states to do some research on our family history/genealogy, in Hannibal, Missouri. Found out that Hal Holbrook was there the week before with his Mark Twain show so I just missed it. He has since retired that tour.
  8. pmooret

    Stay at home order

  9. pmooret

    Stay at home order

    Democrats know that Trump can win re-election on his economic successes alone. The hype about this supposed pandemic and resulting shutdown is all designed to tank our economy to keep Trump from winning again. The only person I can think of who could pull this off is George Soros yet I haven’t seen or heard of anything to that effect, yet. This shut down kills two birds with one stone. It also begins the process of the “sheepie” accepting being told what to do and slowly giving up their civil liberties. This whole thing reminds me of a false flag event. How’s that for another conspiracy theory!! Take it for what its worth.
  10. pmooret

    TLO pay

    Retired from LAP on March 1st still don’t have a buyout check.
  11. pmooret

    Stay at home order

    In one of the handouts it stated that you would get your bonus 4-6 weeks after you retire. I went out on March1 and this is week 6 but no deposit yet.
  12. pmooret

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    LIB is reduced again if you have a spouse for the widows benefit. Also, don’t they take out a monthly copay for your VEBA? How much is the VEBA copay?
  13. pmooret

    Company of the Future?

    Wait till you have to deal with the new NESC site. On hold for 2-4 hours. Then the rep has to check on everything, you'll lose it. But they aren't from India. Can't wait to see what happens with this company when all the folks start retiring on this buyout deal.
  14. pmooret

    CAP Vote

    Ididntdoit, I believe you are one of the few who can see into the future. I wish the 401k had been offered to us instead of the company pension. My retirement in the past 12 or so years has relied solely on the generosity (lol) of the company for any increase since we don't benefit from the upswings of the stock market. Thus, I'll be retiring on a pension that peaked 13 yrs ago. Thankfully I started a tesphe shortly after I hired in, but the company pension plan being stagnate all these years has pissed me off. Plus I have to live with the uncertainty of is the pension underfunded or will Ford go broke before I die. Never know whose stealing and whose lying. Fighting for advances for 2nd tier and freezing legacy is how we meet in the middle. Basically, by the time 2nd tier reaches out wage scale, which has been stagnant and not even kept up with inflation, we are both making a lousy wage. This was the company strategy all along. Legacy pay scale is now about five-seven dollars below what it use to be. The ironic part about the uaw fighting for no increases in our health insurance is that they then turn around and vote for a democratic who wants a single payer insurance. Best of luck in the next chapter of your new life. You'll be much happier.
  15. pmooret

    CAP Vote

    Hey Ididntdoit, I don't have time to look for another union cause I'm out of here on this contract. My list of pluses and minuses are facts, not my opinion or my vote. I stated at the beginning of the post that I wasn't surprised at the no votes and the list is why I think there were so many no votes. However, on my list I do think that no raise for our brothers and sisters who are already retired and losing their Xmas bonus too is unconscionable.