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  1. Been waiting almost 3 months for a Special Order Transit 250 Medium Roof in Black to get built. When will Kansas City Plant get back online. Looks like a 5 month wait?
  2. Brought my EcoSport to Dealer to checkout Audio issues with (pop) sound and change of FM to AM when engine restarted. They did a Radio re-boot and ran some diagnostic tests. Re-programmed as Service Bulletin recommended and issue appears to be resolved. The "On-Off" Engine feature was explained that if AC is set on "Max" setting, it automatically shuts off the "On-Off" setting to compensate. Setting AC to Cold regardless of recirculate or outdoor air blend no matter Fan output, solves the mystery. The "On-Off" technology appears to do nothing to improve the dismal Fuel Economy though. Perhaps the new Escape Hybrid will be the end of this EcoSport disastrous experiment. I'm sure its residual trade-in value will be "Huge", lol.
  3. It appears that my 2018 Ford EcoSport has a new issue with its high tech Engine On-Off Technology where the engine runs constantly regardless where the Default Override Button is pushed? Another odd phenomenon is that when the Vehicle is started, about 50% of the time, a loud "Thud" sound happens and causes the Radio so switch from the previous FM Station to somewhere on the AM band? Need to push the Music Icon Button on the Radio to return to the previous FM Station. Software issue, perhaps?
  4. phil1336


    Forget the "Donut" option for a Spare Tire on the EcoSport. Mustang early 90`s and early Focus had 4 Lug Rims that will work.
  5. phil1336

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    My 2018 Ford EcoSport in Base "S" Trim with 14K miles driven in the past 15 months of ownership gets a combined City/Highway 26 MPG. For a Mini-CUV with a 1 Ltr. 3 Cyl Engine, IMO is sub-par to say the least, Of course I'm comparing this Vehicle with the one I traded in, a 2015 Ford C-Max that got 37 MPG City/Highway from day 1 until it was traded in. Much bigger, more comfortable, and vastly quicker Vehicle with (Zero) service issues. Depending on the price point of the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid compared to what the C-Max ran, that might be this EcoSports replacement, the sooner the better.
  6. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    I stand corrected! I got those numbers off the Honda HR-V Blog a few weeks ago when (someone) supposedly got this imformation from a Honda Dealer (before) Honda released its 2019 Prices an before the 2019 Honda HR-V`s hit the Dealers lot. Actually, I was expecting a more significant refresh. My 2017 Honda HR-V doesn't look totally dated. I am a Ford enthusiast, have been so since 1963, before Cell Phones an MP3. The Honda HR-V is no doubt the smarter choice then the Ford EcoSport at this price point. Superior Fuel Economy an more importantly, much better Re-Sale residual value. 6 months out and I have seen a total of "2" EcoSports on the road in SE FL? Hopefully, Ford is having better luck getting them off the lot in other parts of the country.
  7. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    Thank that I think anyone on this Site cares or is curious (but) Honda`s "Refreshed" 2019 HR-V`s Base Model has done almost 5K! My 2017 ran 20K in Base LX Trim. Its replacement does have a few added gadgets an add on but a $5000 jump? Value shoppers in the Baby CUV Market might start looking elsewhere despite being as Loyal or more so to Hondaas Appleheads are to Apple Products.
  8. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    Update on that RPM rating traveling at 75 MPH recently on I75 from Ft Lauderdale over to Naples, FL. Closer to 2600-2700 RPM. This Engine was too small for its weight an poor aerodynamics. Ford should upgrade quickly to a slightly larger EcoBoost Engine for 2019 MY.
  9. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    One of my Neighbors just traded in his 2 year old Jeep Renegade for a 2018 VW Tiguan Limited Compact CUV. Has a 2.0 ltr. 4 cyl engine with AT. EPA Fuel Economy on MSRP was to say the least, "Shocking". 20 MPG City an 26 MPG Highway. Guess the EcoSport has it beat on Fuel Economy. Priced similar to EcoSport SE as well.
  10. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    Your pretty close. 2200-2300 RPM between 70 & 75 MPH. Hope Ford introduces more of its Vehicle line to Diamond White to replace Oxford White. A much softer more luxurious White Paint IMO if you choose not to go to the Tri-Coat Metallic White upgrade.
  11. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    They are certainly not obligated to do anything whatsoever. That said, this Mini-Sport Utility Vehicle was Marketed to fill the void in Ford`s line up to compete in this currently popular sector. True, their Posted EPA Fuel Economy number were accurate. Life long Ford Buyers like myself with decades of loyalty had simple hoped for at least a marginal boost in Fuel Economy. I don't need nor want a Ford 150 Pickup Truck even if it delivered better Fuel Economy. Common sense would lead someone to anticipate that an EcoSport would be more fuel efficient then a heavier larger displacement Vehicle be it a Car or Truck. I have already beat this to death an will not add any further comment to this "Thread". One Positive attribute I should mention, the EcoSport A/C Unit is by far the best performing HVAC System that I have ever experienced in any Vehicle regardless of Brand. 94` F an near 100% Humidity in Mid-Day Florida Sun an it blows Ice Cold Air out of all vents. Only thing missing would be (micro-ice-chips) mixed with the frigid air flow. They got that right, spot on!
  12. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    Ford should take a cue from what Kia did with its newly launched 2012 Rio in the Fall of 2011. Huge build up of new advanced state of the art Auto Transmission an a brand new GDI 1.6 L 4 Cyl Engine. The Hatchback wasn't` a bad looking B-Segment Sub Compact especially in Hatchback configuration. Kia (as well as Hyundai ) with their identical Accent boasted excellent performance, handling and braking in a under 15K Vehicle. The car was actually not all that bad, (except) deplorable Fuel Economy. EPA rated at 30-32 MPG City and 40 MPG Highway with an average somewhere in between. In real time, 24-26 MPG City and 28-30 MPG Highway, "Max". Just like Ford did with its C-Max Hybrid, both Kia & Hyundai sent Cash back to buyers an those that Registered their Vehicles an came back once a year to a Kia or Hyundai Dealership, for the entire life of Ownership got a Pre-Paid Credit Card based on the Miles driven that year. I got checks from $70 to $90 every year depending on how much or little I drove that year. Perhaps Ford should consider doing something similar to appease Buyers with disappointing Fuel Economy. To Ford`s credit, unlike Kia an Hyundai that falsified the EPA Numbers, Ford pretty much put on the EcoSports MSRP the expected Fuel Economy. Wishful thinkers like myself figured that it just (had) to be better then what was Posted. I repeat, other then the ridiculous poor Fuel Economy, I'm pretty pleased with my "Baby Escape". I seriously doubt any re-engineering "tweaking" on the EcoSport via Tuning or changing Transaxle Gearing would do little to improve the MPG significantly. It is what it is.
  13. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    I agree. Common sense would lead someone to believe otherwise but I guess size doesn't matter at least when it comes to Fuel Economy. Years ago, Vehicle size & weight coupled with Engine displacement equalled MPG, obviously no longer. Guess I simple got spoiled with my 5 years of C-Max Hybrid experience.
  14. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    Guess that proves that EPA Scott Pruitt in right? No need to regulate CAFE Industry standards since its been proven that a heavier vehicle with a larger engine gets better fuel economy. Wish that worked for me. The more Beer I drank, the more weight I would loose.
  15. phil1336

    2018 Ford EcoSport Ownership 5 Month Update

    I would be very please too getting that Fuel Economy with a 4 cyl. 2 L Engine. No so much with a 3 cyl 1 L Engine.