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  1. jhockaday

    Raptor assault driving school Utah

    Glad I could help some There are 2 others that went all they said was it was a great class.
  2. jhockaday

    2008 retire :)

    Hi all I have been a member for a while I was sure that I made a intro post but cant seem to find it so here goes again . Started at Ford in 1978 worked at EVB for 18 years then moved into powertrain calibration on the Escape. In 03 Moved to building #4 to finish out my 30 years doing fastener testing for the hex-chrome removal. Retired in 08 and took the salaried buyout in 2011. Just been a bum doing many off road event with my 12 Raptor, just ordered a 18 Raptor last week. Again I feel like a kid waiting for christmas to come hahaha
  3. jhockaday

    Raptor assault driving school Utah

    So a small update from friends at the ford raptor forum. I have met some cool guys here. There are drivers here from Maryland, Florida, Texas and Kentucky that I know of so far. We were told at the dinner that Ford performance school has a total of 18 trucks available and all are supercrew 801 and 802's. The elevation here is 4500 asl and if the weather holds we are going up the mountian trails to about 7600. As for the actual driving there will be track, whoops, rock crawling, an open area for freestyle driving and drifting through turns and even a desert portion for Baja. As they said in the welcome video "Don't drive our trucks like you own them, drive it like you stole it" No joke, a literal quote from the welcome video! Tone You can use a gopro, cell, fly or whatever you want. We nust finished and I will write things up when I get back home. You wont believe how capable this truck is and what it can do. On the rock crawl at one point our side angle was at 30 degrees. It felt like we were going to roll over! The instructor was even rocking the truck and it was rock solid. Hitting the baja section I hit 70mph two seperate times. Baja mode and mud/sand are the shit. Here are some more pics till I 1. No plans to have the diff lock in 2wd. With the increased power and torque Ford deemed locking the rear in 2wd would lead to shredded diffs. 2. Hill descent is badass. The had us go over a 30 degree decline with both feet on the floor with just hill descent on and we crept down at a crawl. It kicked ass. Apparently is also works in reverse and in mud. 3. When you clean the front windsheild it also sprays and cleans the front camera. When everything is covered in dust and mud and yoi need to use the camera for crawling yoi have no idea how convenient that is. 4. When using baja mode and the whole field is covered in dust, your parched and you need a/c dont forget to turn the recirculator. Dont ask me how I kn I know what happens and you dont. I know, it should be common sense. Sue me lol! 5. Trust you truck. I had no idea how capable this thing is until I took the class or how intuitive the driving modes are. Kinda boring videos but eh what the heck.
  4. jhockaday

    X plan pin for 17 f250

    How about retires giving them out? I have given a few out to guys on our Raptor forum without any trouble but I do use the private message to talk
  5. jhockaday

    Raptor assault driving school Utah

    I have a few friends from the ford raptor forum that have I will ask then and see what tehy say.
  6. jhockaday

    Wrong type of Raptor ride.

    Ha ha ha ya I saw that we have seen so many crazy Raptor mishaps. Like this one lol
  7. I did a lot of snowpacking in Munising, Mi with Don Black before they made everything drive by wire. No place could create snow below -20f. Have they found a way now to create artificial snow in a closed area now?
  8. jhockaday

    Dearborn R and E

    What type info? I retired from there in 2008 but I still have a lot of friends working in a few different buildings around.
  9. Does anyone know where to get the exact DTP production numbers? Just looking for a idea of how many F150's were made for 2012. Thanks
  10. jhockaday


    The best money I ever made at Ford was during the Clinton years.. 13k profit sharing was awesome