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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. bigcam

    2023 Expediton

    Sorry, I waited 11 months for a 2022 and 4 items were credited on the window sticker because Ford could not supply certain standard equipment items (chip problem) Delivery date was 11/10/22.
  2. bigcam

    2022 Owners manual

    Cap, thanks much, dealer personnel not as experienced as hoped for.
  3. bigcam

    2022 Owners manual

    Just today took delivery of a 2022 Expedition Platinum after an 11 month wait. For those of you who have actually taken delivery, is there an actual printed owners manual that comes with the car ? Would like to know the facts before reporting this to my sales rep. Thanks in advance. Lots of bells and whistles compared to my 2015.
  4. The LAST THING FORD NEEDS IS JACQUES NASSER again. I (former 30 year retired dealer) lived through that worthless SOB's term.
  5. bigcam

    option code 88R

    Guys, I'd really appreciate better info if available. If the only change is "no massage", I'm all in. If more changes, no thanks. This is a Dec 10, 2021 order that I'm trying to get built before I have to stop driving!!!!!! 80 years old and a 30 year Lincoln Mercury Dealer!
  6. bigcam

    option code 88R

  7. bigcam

    option code 88R

    If this option is selected on a platinum order, what exactly seat features are removed from standard equipment? More specifically with 88R are the heated/cooling seats left? Just tryin' to get mine (early December order) available for scheduling.
  8. bigcam

    Expedition production

    Am I reading the production schedules correctly that no expeditions have been for the last three weeks?
  9. bigcam

    option 52L Auto Start/Stop remove

    Thanks! Not what I wanted to hear though.
  10. Is option 52L available on Platinum Series retail orders?
  11. bigcam

    Ford Politics

    What in the hell are you dumb bastards thinking? You latest woke political activities are going to cost you business. I have been a dealer and a life long consumer of your products. You just made my "do not buy anything from this company list" Sayonara idiots!
  12. bigcam

    2011 mustang heat

    [Thanks IB. Did some further checking and determined that the system is functioning OK. It just sounds like the air can't get out of the plenum fast enough when the fan is on higher speeds in the floor position.
  13. bigcam

    2011 mustang heat

    I have a 2011 Mustang Gt with manual air cond. When in the heat mode with only the floor outlet(s) open, it sounds like the opening is almost completely blocked off. On any fan speed above the first step it sound like the air is trying anyway it can to get out of the plenum. Trip to the dealer today (had FRPP 49 state mufflers installed - OMG) revealed no problem found. Is this correct or do we need to enlarge the outlet(s)? Any others find this to be so? This is one h---of a car. I'm 68 and this is FUN!
  14. bigcam

    How do I remove the rear head restraint?

    thanks for starting this Bubba. I would like to get mine out of there as well