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  1. taperk600

    secret ecoboost recall

    Interesting. I took delivery of mine mid-Feb....I was told the recall that's all over the news doesn't apply to mine since my build date was beyond the dates affected. But this is something new, huh ??? Keep us posted on your findings please ! Also, I know all about the anger with these $750 coupons..... I got my brochure 1 week after taking delivery....and was told I can't use it even though it took over 5 weeks to get the brochure......almost like Ford planned it that way.
  2. taperk600

    Incentives on Ecoboost F150

    Who would I contact ? Got a number that might point me in the right direction ? Dealer says they are going to "look into it" but also said they "have never seen one of these before" in reference to the brochure coupon....
  3. taperk600

    Incentives on Ecoboost F150

    For what it's worth.... I got $3500 in incentives when I took delivery of my EcoBoost Lariat in mid Feb....... And then I got the $750 brochure coupon in the mail a week afterwards.....so probably no luck with adding that in now...............
  4. taperk600

    $4 a gallon

    Rising prices are the exact reason I bought the EB too.... and left the diesel game....
  5. taperk600

    Question on Cargo Management system

    Thanks for the link and P/N's.... so you basically get charged double for not ordering it (or in my case, ordering it and not getting it) with the truck...that's a great way to get sales after the purchase..... anybody get one on their truck and want to sell it ???
  6. When we ordered my 2011 EB, we input the codes for the factory sprayed in bed liner and cargo management rails. Got neither. Bed liner is no big deal as dealer is getting it done locally as part of our price agreement. However, I'd like to get the cargo rails. Dealer said his parts department priced them out at something like $550. Something sounds wrong as when you build a truck, they are $115 for the side rails (code 68M) and $200 for the "accessory kit" that gives you the header bar, bed divider, 2 more sliding tie down cleats & 2 load bars. All I want is the 2 side rails (code 68M)...anyone got any ideas ???? Did a search here, but it seems like all the information is 2+ yrs old.... Ford not having much interest in these ?? I used them all the time on my past 2 truck.....
  7. taperk600

    Hello from LG, NY

    Long time bow-tie fan .... new eco-boost F150 Lariat Super Crew 4x4 due in any day now.... actually over due. Ordered way back before Halloween knowing it was going to take a wait. Pulled for build right before x-mas. First expected delivery date was 1/31...now pushed back to 2/19. Can't wait. Coming from 3 HD Duramax trucks.... so this little V6 better due what they claim !!!!!