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    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    Well the tank is about 7/8 full which would be 15.75 gallons on an 18 gallon tank for the GT. 295 mi would translate to 18.73 mpg. The regular Aviator AWD gets 17 city / 24 hwy / 20 combined so 18.73 for a press vehicle that really doesn't see much sustained highway driving and is probably driven hard in many short bursts, I would say it is probably pretty decent. Of course your results may vary.
  2. Flying68

    2019 Lincoln Navigator engine issue

    Is your dealer a standalone Lincoln or is it a combined Ford Lincoln dealer? Also the bumper should be replaced if you can see the repair job. That is on the dealer. If they don't you could take legal action, plus make sure corporate knows as well.
  3. Hmm.. On mine the number is in miles and the maximum I can enter is 500, otherwise it just returns an error.
  4. The GM of our dealer flat out said he wouldn't sell any Navigator on plan pricing and no dealer in the area would either. He wasn't sure what he would do on the Aviator (this was back in April) . His biggest reason was that he was selling every Navigator he could get almost before it arrived and at MSRP. MkC's on the other hand they discount immediately (advertised) to within a $1000 or so of invoice and sold us ours at invoice with no negotiating. On the Aviator it will depend on how many they get and how fast they sell. Fortunately I have no immediate need to get one so I can shop multiple dealers or let inventory build until I get what I want at the price I want.
  5. I think that exclusion was specifically for a private cash offer, not plan pricing.
  6. Dealers are not required to accept X-plan and if they do, they can limit what models they accept it for. Just because they will sell you an MkC or Nautilus on X-plan doesn't mean they have to sell a Navigator or Aviator on plan pricing. Ford specifically excludes certain models.
  7. Who is getting a 10% discount on an X7? Do you have any listings that back that up? 2% to 5% is a lot more realistic and you would probably be hard pressed to get that.
  8. Flying68

    Aviator For the Weekend

    Probably just didn't get them to fit right. Happens sometimes.
  9. Flying68

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    That is a sweet deal. Care to divulge how/where?
  10. This is a dealer stock unit just wanting to figure out when it might actually arrive. Thank you. 5LM5J7XC8LGL02460
  11. Flying68

    5 star tunes on Explorer

    Could be. Either way it is interesting to see that the OEM line shows about an 11% driveline loss at peak torque, but a 23% loss at peak horsepower. So the engines appear to be putting out more initial torque than Ford advertised, or there is something funky going on during these dyno runs. For comparison: ST via Car and Driver is 400hp @5500 / 415lbft @3500 rpm. Lincoln has the same horsepower but published 415lbft @3000 rpm for torque. Livernois had 322hp @5000 and 406lbft @3400 (theirs has a strange hump between 3000 and 3700 rpm. Some of this may be due to temperature, pressure, and humidity, but wouldn't think they would be as far apart as they are. In both cases though the engines look like they are getting more boost down low and the peak horsepower is coming in 5000 rpm and peak torque at 3500 rpm. The horsepower looks to flatten out from 5000 to 5500 rpm, the torque rise makes a break over around 2500 rpm and has a gradual rise to 3500 rpm (I would assume this is where the turbos are reaching peak boost). You might also find out if they are using manual mode to hold the 1:1 gear ratio on the pull (7th I think).
  12. Flying68

    5 star tunes on Explorer

    I think 5 Stars two highest pulls are both E50 runs, the 311/372 run is stock tune on 93 octane. Here is there chart with the 93 octane performance tune added.
  13. Flying68

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    Dealers are not required to accept plan pricing. On Navigator's, supply has been constrained enough that they could sell every one they were allocated for sticker. Larger dealers might be more willing to deal, especially if they have several on the lot. I think the supply has finally started to pick up. Hopeful that the 2020's are more plentiful.
  14. Flying68

    5 star tunes on Explorer

    First thing I see is that their stock 93 octane run doesn't come close to Livernois's stock 93 run, makes me wonder about the variation in the motors. 5 Star's looks much closer to what a normal engine should be. Second thing is the tune on E50. Either use E85 (more common) or keep it at 93 octane for a direct comparison with stock.
  15. Flying68

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Maybe this will be a good candidate as a swap for the 390FE in the 60's large sedans. I know a Coyote is too wide to fit between the shock towers on my old man's 61 Sunliner.
  16. Flying68

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    FYI, from what I have heard the 2020 Lincoln Play system will still be the same overall operating system, but will have the built in DVD. Haven't confirmed if it is single or dual, but based on digging through the Voxx-Hirschmann Automotive information, it appears it will be a single DVD on one side only.
  17. Flying68

    Aviator Reviews

    Already posted in two other locations.
  18. Flying68

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    In what world is a buyer cross shopping a Honda Clarity with an Aviator GT?!
  19. Flying68

    Expedition MAX vs Navigator L - Worth the $?

    If you are more price conscious and concerned about value the 2019 Expedition Platinum is probably the best value right now. Shop around and you can find dealers with great deals below invoice as they start clearing out the 2019's (2020's arrive ~Novermber). I have test driven both. Room wise they are the same. The Navigator has more comfort and more power which is a little offset by its heavier weight. The HUD on the Navigator is awesome. That being said though I am still leaning heavily to the Expedition mainly due to price difference, unless I can find a Lincoln Dealer willing to make a deal (my local dealer won't budge off of MSRP yet). The pick up and delivery is great. Sometimes they don't always leave a loaner if it is just a quick oil change, but most of the time they will. You do have to schedule in advance for that, but it isn't an issue. We have an MkC and they usually use another MkC or MkX for the loaner. They haven't upgraded to the Nautilus yet. I think the Navigator owners get another Navigator, but the one ours uses is the Select or no option Reserve.
  20. There are no facts that say they could have put in a 30% larger battery. They may have been able too, but they also may have been limited by the available space under the floor. Every design comes with trade-off's. What we do know is that they designed the batter and motor to fit within the existing structure without changing any interior volume or any significant reduction in fuel tank size. Perhaps wait a few years until the full BEV 3 row SUV arrives. If I decide to go with the Aviator it will be the GT.
  21. Flying68

    Aviator For the Weekend

    No, adaptive suspension is a self adjusting system like a MagneRide type system, just maybe not that specific brand.
  22. Flying68

    2020 Aviator

    Thanks, the "currently in production" was what I was wanting to know.
  23. It will be interesting to see what the final ratings on the electric motor are and what RPM they are achieving peak torque and power on the combined system. Either way looks like a winner. 20 to 25 miles EV range would make my daily commute gas free. Figuring about 4600 miles a year commuting at my current 18 mpg on the '12 Explorer, and figuring $2.50 gallon for gas and I am looking at around $630 per year saved in gas. Factoring in $0.10/kWh it would break even over 8 year life. But that doesn't include any benefits on city MPG or non-commuting driving.
  24. Flying68

    Aviator Cargo Area Dimensions

    The 2020 Explorer is 48 in wide behind the 3rd row and that is pretty even with the 3rd row folded because the cupholders sit flush with the seats when folded. My 2012 Explorer is 42 in wide at the narrowest point with the 3rd row folded.