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  1. sirsaint

    2019 Ford Edge Titanium

    😲, spoke to dealership yesterday and was clueless, thanks for the update!
  2. sirsaint

    2019 Ford Edge Titanium

    thanks in advance for any updated change on 2FMPK3K92KBC64422
  3. thanks in advance for any tracking information for VIN: 2FMPK3K92KBC64422N: 2FMPK3K92KBC64422
  4. sirsaint

    2017 Edge

    Update request for VIN 2FMPK3J90HBB59050 Thanks in advance!
  5. sirsaint

    2017 Edge

    VIN 2FMPK3J90HBB59050 Thanks in advance!
  6. thank you in advance for any tracking info! VIN# 3FA6P0HD0FR163887
  7. sirsaint

    2015 Escape Titanium

    Thank you in advance for any transit update. VIN# 1FMCU0J96FUA20040 Regards, John
  8. Thank you in advance for any update. VIN# 1FMCU0J96FUA20040 Regards, John
  9. sirsaint

    Escape 2013 Problems!

    same here, bluetooth works when it feels like. Has a mind of it's own. I reset the system, and seems to correct the issue for a few days. Last Friday, all of my AM/FM presets showed Sirus Channels in the icon area. Then the AM/FM when out entirely for a few hours. Once again, reset the system and went back to functioning how it should. I have almost 5000 miles, so I will be going to dealer soon!
  10. one week down and still not fixed, new computer won't ship from Ford until next week. New estimate from dealership today is another 2 weeks without my Escape. The pains of having a new year model. It is what it is, that I just happened to be the one who got a unit with a defective computer. The part is on order and will eventually be replaced . But, what is more disappointing is the level of customer service from Ford has been non existent! Ford has left me hanging. No loaner car provided, no rental car assistance. Still awaiting call back from customer service.
  11. Ford identified problem with the fuel injectors as being "computer related". Dealership contacted Ford on what direction to go and Ford said they will replace the computer. Will take a few days to get and install new computer since new year model and has to ship from Ford.
  12. 1.6 engine Brought to Ford dealer this morning and initial diagnosis is fuel injector problem. Spoke to the mechanic who checked it out and he stated something wrong with fuel injector and will be able to dive into it on Monday due to limited service crew available on a Saturday.
  13. Picked up my '13 Escape this evening from the dealership. The yellow service engine light came on. I did notice that when coming to a complete stop and upon acceleration the engine seems very hesitant. But once I'm above 10mph it seems normal. Hope it's nothing major. Oh well! back to the dealership tomorrow @ 8am..... To be continued.........
  14. sirsaint

    2013 Escape 4WD 1.6L or 2.0L, which to get?

    if you're coming down from a 5.4L V8, I would go with the 2.0 although, I test drove a 1.6 and it didn't seem underpowered. Do you want a tow package? if so, you can't get it with a 1.6 Ask yourself, what are you going to be using this Escape for? everyday driving / commuting? towing?
  15. sirsaint

    Escape incentives and purchase questions

    X-plan is the best route. But whether you go X-plan or not, you need to dump the dealership you were originally dealing with. Rebates are offered directly from Ford, not the dealership. Keep this in mind, currently inventories should be increasing very soon. Reason being, the fuel line recall has drastically delayed shipping. My Escape's build date was the end of June and was awaiting shipment on July 12 with a eta of July 23rd. Then the recall was announced to replace the fuel line. With the help of Cyberdman tracking my Escape, its was shipped on Aug 6th with an ETA of Aug 16. My point is Escape inventory has been delayed getting to dealers which may be creating a "hot commodity" view from certain dealers. Good luck with your purchase!