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  1. JoeIndy

    Metal "popping" sound when starting

    My 2.0l does this too, except I've had it make the noise when jarring the car when it's cold (ie, opening the back passenger door and climbing into it to get something on the other side). I've been able to make it happen two different times unrelated to starting the car.
  2. JoeIndy

    AutoWipers - Remote start after snowstorm??

    Well, there are 5 settings on the wiper stalk for the front wipers. Mist single swipe, OFF, Rain Sensing Auto, Low, and High. Just leave them off when you don't need them and turn them to auto when you'd normally do intermittent. It senses how much rain and adjusts the speed of the wiper. When it's done raining or whatever, turn it back to off. It's not like it's always auto and you have no control or override...
  3. AM stations can broadcast HD Radio in the sideband of their frequency too. The frequency available for the digital transmission is less than FM, so you end up with FM quality over AM bands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HD_Radio#AM
  4. There's a button on the light "stack" that has a picture of a door. Press it and it illuminates yellow, and the interior lights do not come on with the doors. On the models with the vista roof, the door button is on the driver's side.
  5. JoeIndy

    My 2013 Escape Review

    The range is over 1 block with line of sight. I haven't tried further. You can configure the remote start in the driver's information panel. The options are: Heater/AC: Auto or Last Settings Front Defrost: Auto or Off Rear Defrost: Auto or Off Duration: 5/10/15 minutes Quiet Start: On/Off Restore Defaults System: Enable/Disable In the manual, the section on Remote Start and settings appears to be generic across all Ford models because it discusses heated steering wheels, cooled seats, etc. Since the heated seats are controlled by a manual dial and are not configurable in the driver panel, I imagine they will return to last setting.
  6. JoeIndy

    First impression and question

    There are a few devices where it can share the cellular data plan to the entire vehicle. It's a nifty feature that'd be great if it supported a broad range of USB Broadband devices ... but it doesn't. So it sits there doing absolutely nothing for most people.
  7. JoeIndy

    First impression and question

    Rear sensors only activate while in reverse, and are a lower pitched tone. The front sensors are in use anytime the vehicle is under a certain speed (5 mph?) and are a higher pitched tone. They might even come just from the front speakers whereas the reverse tones come from rear speakers. The front sensors aren't just straight ahead. It's also to both sides on the front of the car -- Think swinging into a parking space.
  8. JoeIndy

    First impression and question

    Odds are you're beeping because the cars are close to the front bumper. I have to turn off the parking sensors whenever we go through a drive-up window, or stay so far away from the building we can't reach. Small price to pay, imo.
  9. JoeIndy

    SEL Ford stereo vs. Sony?

    I had a SEL 2.0L with MFT and the standard SEL speaker set as a rental over the weekend (Avis). I thought the stereo was very poor compared to my Bose system in the CX-7. I've had the Sony stereo on Edge and Explorer rentals before. If the Escape Sony stereo is like those, it'll be terrific.
  10. JoeIndy

    Length from Order to Arrival

    Ordered 6/15, Got my VIN on 7/13, build date is today (7/18). Delivery is scheduled for 7/23. EDIT: I took delivery on 7/24. Tuxedo Black Titanium, so 2.0l obviously. Everything but the tow package. It's beautiful!