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  1. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Monochromatic

    Did you vinyl wrap the roof rack as well? I am considering options ... I might just order the black roof rack for the Expedition.
  2. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Monochromatic

    Here's one in white ... I don't care for the white grille and mirror caps, but one could change that. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=534494943&zip=68046&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D68046%26city%3DPapillion%26extColorsSimple%3DWHITE%26startYear%3D2020%26incremental%3Dall%26modelCodeList%3DNAVIGAL%2CNAVIGA%26makeCodeList%3DLINC%26listingTypes%3DNEW%26sortBy%3DderivedpriceDESC%26state%3DNE%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Don%26searchRadius%3D0&listingTypes=NEW&startYear=2020&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&modelCodeList=NAVIGAL%2CNAVIGA&makeCodeList=LINC&searchRadius=0&clickType=spotlight
  3. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Monochromatic

    It only comes in Black, White and Ceramic Pearl. I have viewed a white one and it looks nice I think, but I wish it didn't have the body color grille but rather a black grille. I do think as far as stock it looks best in black, but I'm never certain how much I love black rims on a black car. I do like the contrast with the black rims on a lighter exterior though. You CAN get the black rims on the Black Label as an individual option with any exterior color. I ordered a 2020 Pristine White Black Label and am doing a full chrome delete making all of the chrome black ... I ordered the factory black rims as well. Are you leaning toward the black monochromatic? What color interior are you considering?
  4. Husker4theSpurs

    Window Tint

    Anyone tinted that can recommend? If a person goes 20% up front will it match the rest of the windows? Some have suggested adding 35% to the factory tint in the rear to make it even. I think I'm leaning 20% on the front, untinted windows.
  5. Husker4theSpurs

    Ambient lighting color

    Other people have reported this ... bad software it sounds like. Will be a fix out soon I'd bet.
  6. Husker4theSpurs

    Finally put order in ...

    Wanted to say thanks for all the input around here ... it really helped! I was really torn between doing the Reserve L in Monochrome Pristine White w/Dark Slate interior OR Black Label L in Pristine White w/Chalet. I ended up going with the Black Label as I liked the interior just a touch more and liked some of the other niceties. I plan to black out all of the chrome and getting the Black Label allows me to have the black labels and lettering from the factory. Hoping to order a black grille from a Black monochromatic package rather than have it painted myself. I may try and see if I can order a gloss black roof rack that's available on the Expedition rather than wrap it in vinyl. It was a nice touch of Lincoln to allow the black rims as a stand alone option on the Black Label as well and the pricing strategy worked with me. I was seeing a $4600 difference from the Reserve I would've ordered and the Black Label. I didn't necessarily want or need the heavy duty towing package, but oh well. My only fear with the Chalet is that the kids will destroy that light of an interior, but I guess I get some included details anyhow. The dark slate just felt like it might be a bit of a drab interior with dark tinted windows all around. I'm thinking I probably won't get it until after the New Year and maybe more likely that it'll be mid to late January. Once again, thanks for all of the sharing and input--it really helped me make a decision.
  7. Husker4theSpurs

    Subtle 2020 change - door handle chrome

    Awesome ... look forward to seeing the pics! Congrats! Hopefully I'll be a Navigator driver in January.
  8. Husker4theSpurs

    Subtle 2020 change - door handle chrome

    What did you end up going with line and options wise?
  9. Finally saw a 2020 in person. I wanted to see the monochrome look in person and the new black rims (I like them a lot). Also wanted to see the Pristine White on the Navigator (liked it a lot as well). I also noticed that they reduced the amount of chrome on all of the door handles. Instead of it being the entire face of the handle it is a small strip along the top of the handle. I kept thinking I noticed this in the photos I had seen online, but wrote it off as the lighting or whatnot. I like it personally. When we order ours, I plan to black out the chrome and the thinner black line might look nicer than a chunky black block.
  10. Husker4theSpurs

    Build or wait?

    To the OP ... given all you've stated I would go the X-plan route and order one. It'd be to you in 6-8 weeks maximum--some dealers will just change the options on one they have coming in so it could even be a little shorter. I have not checked the Costco pricing, so you may want to try that first as well. Around here there have been quite a few times I haven't had a local dealer that participated in the Costco pricing so would have to drive a ways to find one that did. If you know you are going to be purchasing sooner than later, I would first ask your preferred dealer if they accept X-plan. If they do, then go ahead and get a membership to the Mustang Club of America for $25 for a year and you will have your X-plan pricing locked in for when you do order. Some dealers ONLY accept X-plan on ordered vehicles (or at least prefer that over an on-the-lot vehicle). Assuming you want the console in the second row? That tends to show up most often on lots. If you want a second row bench you should especially order as finding one would be near impossible. I am seeing an MSRP of $94,330 for your build. I am seeing an X-Plan Price of $89,255 for your build. I would imagine that's about $500 to $1000 over invoice?
  11. https://www.mosescars.com/new-St+Albans-2020-Lincoln-Navigator-Reserve+L-5LMJJ3LT4LEL00469 Have seen some Pristine White Monochromatics as well. What are people thinking of the factory black rims?
  12. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Build Your Own - Come On Already!

    That's good to hear ... did they just have them sitting around as an accessory already? They had a grille blacked out too? Are you sure you were looking at THE monochromatic package rims or maybe they just customized one and had it there?
  13. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Build Your Own - Come On Already!

    It's finally up. I have some decisions to make. I used to say I liked the rims with the "Select" package best, especially if I was to powder coat black. Now they are the standard 22" rim for the Reserve while the 16 spoke that were standard on the Reserve prior are a +$995 option (the previous option rims for the Reserve are no longer available). Ideally I think I'd love the monochromatic rims, but I'd like the Pristine White exterior but don't want the white side mirrors or white grille that would come with the monochromatic package. The monochromatic package is $3495, but I'm thinking those rims as an accessory through the dealer alone are $2000-2500. Powder coating any of the rims would be $500-700. You can add the monochromatic rims to the Black Label package for $995. I was planning on adding the black label badging to a Reserve for $500 anyhow. Then all I would have to do is black out the grille and all the chrome to get where I wanted, but then I'd have the Alpine interior versus the Dark Slate. Damn, this is going to take some thinking ...
  14. Ford's has been up for about a week ... come on Lincoln! I want to get to building! Been thinking about going with the White monochrome to get the factory black rims ... but then I would end up painting the grille and getting the black mirrors as well. Maybe cheaper to just powder coat the Reserve wheels and paint the grille black and call it good? I would really like to see the black rims in person before deciding. Sometimes I just consider going with an Expedition in the Stealth package.
  15. Husker4theSpurs

    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    Did I read somewhere that the co-pilot system is more of a lane-centering system than a lane-keep system??