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  1. 2013 Ford Focus ST Sport Technologies. That is what that ST badge stands for in case you didn’t know. After years of begging and pleading with Ford brass to bring over some hotter versions of some of their cars, they decided to give in a little and brought the Focus ST to our shores. Read more at 2013 Ford Focus ST: Child's play. Follow Car Fanatics Forum on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Follow Car Fanatics Blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  2. If sharing is caring, the folks at Ford care about the Fusion Energi. They started caring by sharing the same powertrain that motivates the C-MAX Energi: a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 that makes 141 hp @ 6000 rpm and 129 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4000 rpm. Matched with a 35 kW, 47 hp permanent magnet AC synchronous motor, system output is 188 hp with a peak of 195 in charge depletion mode. It also shares the eCVT transmission, regenerative braking and front-wheel drive configuration of the C-MAX models. Read more here. Follow us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/carfanatics Facebook: facebook.com/CarFanaticsForum and https://www.facebook.com/CarFanaticsBlog Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/carfanaticsblog/
  3. supremor

    2013 Ford Escape review

    Car Fanatics Blog Change can be a good thing. As much as you may like the status quo, when something comes along that is better in every way, it makes you wonder how long you have been missing out on something that was just so good. Read more here.
  4. supremor

    2012 Ford Focus review

    Car Fanatics Blog Canada After having tested the Cruze a few weeks ago, I was keen to see what Ford had to throw against what I felt was a very, very good compact car. Read more here.
  5. Car Fanatics Blog Canada Photo credit: Ford The unique styling of the Ford Flex has been a hit and miss in the past years. Some love it and some don’t but the more you see it, the more it kind of grows on you. Read more here.
  6. supremor

    2013 Ford Mustang review

    Car Fanatics Blog Canada Photo credit: Ford For those of you that don’t know, I’ve just finished a week and a half with two different versions of the Mustang V6. Now, many a gearhead will walk up to you, ask you if this is a V6 or V8, and when you say V6, they’ll walk away. Read more here.
  7. supremor

    2013 Ford Taurus SHO review

    Car Fanatics Blog Canada Photo credit: Ford When Ford announced it was bringing back both the Ford Taurus nameplate and an SHO version in 2009, it was greeted with enthusiasm and probably a bit of skepticism. Read more here.
  8. Car Fanatics Blog Canada Photo credit: Ford Well, here I am, trying to summarize the thoughts in my tangled brain after spending 72 hours with this unapologetic monster. I still have the soundtrack of the supercharged 5.8 litre running in my head and everything out there seems slow and dull. Read more here.
  9. I like ice cream. I know that’s not exactly a ground shaking tidbit of personal information since pretty much anyone who doesn’t suffer from dentinal sensitivity or lactose intolerance falls into that same category. More here. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. In the world of hybrids, the Toyota Prius casts a very long shadow. Despite a myriad of alternatives from other manufacturers, the Prius walks away with the hybrid sales crown month after month. More here.
  11. Most of us have been driving for quite some time. We’ve picked up habits, mainly due to a traffic-driven mob mentality, that aren’t conducive to optimizing fuel efficiency. More here.