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  1. Ramrod79

    Got my first diesel!

    Year one with the new truck has been great other than having to replace the windshield already and some recalls that have and still need to be checked out. I only managed to put on 10.7k km’s/6.7k miles, mostly due to work allowing us to take our work trucks home. The ride is better than my 2011 and it pulls the trailer great. Really impressed with fuel mileage loaded and unloaded, I keep it under 110km/h.
  2. Did you ever figure out your wiring issue?
  3. Ramrod79

    Which fifth wheel hitch are you using?

    First year with the new truck and new B&W 20k hitch, both worked great, the only thing I don’t like about this hitch is the lack of adjustments. My 16k B&W which had at least double the adjustability. I am now not able to open the front storage on my fifth wheel all the way which can be a bit of a pain, this is also partially due to the tailgate being so deep at the top.
  4. Ramrod79

    Got my first diesel!

    I definitely don’t park close to the store I’m going in, usually at least halfway across the parking lot. I’m more concerned about getting door dings from others though as I have no problem backing the truck into tight spots when needed. No regrets here at all with my purchase, I use it to pull my 9k lbs fifth wheel which it does with ease, and it will pull my next one as well when we decide to upgrade in the future. If you tow much you will enjoy having the 48g fuel tank. My last tank of straight towing was 700kms/438m and still had a quarter tank left.
  5. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    I haven’t had to remove mine as of yet but it would only take a a few minutes to remove, just something you would want to do before you left home.
  6. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    I am in southern Alberta and I have had a good amount of snow on it a couple times and it held up great and it’s easier to sweep off then cleaning out the box. I have also walked across it once and it held up(175lbs). It has been really good so far, easy to clean, open and close. I haven’t had to remove it yet, if you needed the whole box to haul something big you wouldn’t have the full box as they fold up into a third of the total length as you can see in my other pics(the silver truck).
  7. First pic is the on way home from vacation pulling the fifth wheel, second one is the trip to the vacation spot with the fifth wheel. Pretty happy with those numbers. That’s 10.83mpg and 11.76mpg for you guys south of the border.
  8. Ramrod79

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    Coming from a 2011 CCSB f250 gas to a 2019 f350 diesel CCLB the trailer sway is far less noticeable from the couple times I have pulled so far with the new truck and same trailer. Other than lower mpg’s I sometimes forget it’s behind me.
  9. Ramrod79

    Which fifth wheel hitch are you using?

    Pretty happy with the new hitch, no issue connecting or disconnecting from the trailer. Also no chucking or unwanted noises.
  10. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    Just found a negative towards my hard Tri-Fold bed cover, I can’t see my fifth wheel hitch at all. First time I have hitched up with the new truck and new hitch this weekend. I ended up finding a use for a small extendable magnet I broke and found that if put it on the front edge of the hitch I can see it and it was very easy to get lined up the second time. Glad I didn’t throw it out yet.
  11. Ramrod79

    Fuel filter water separator.

    Well I guess I better start draining it more frequently. Would you not get a warning as soon as some water was in the the filter even if was a small amount and be able to stop and drain before it became an expensive situation?
  12. Hey guys I was just wondering how often you are draining the fuel filter water separator on your diesels? I just hit 6k km’s on my truck and drained it, it looked fine. It was quick and easy to do, I was reading of guys draining them monthly but that seems a little excessive to me.
  13. Ramrod79

    Which fifth wheel hitch are you using?

    I finally sold my 16k. lb hitch. It worked great and the head easily removed as well making it easier to move around in two pieces. I feel like the base on my new to me 20K lb puck mount B&W hitch is lighter, but the head is much heavier and you have a pin on each side that needs to be removed to take the head off versus just lifting the handles and removing the head on the smaller hitch. Still have at least a couple months before I get to try pulling with the new truck.
  14. Ramrod79

    Which fifth wheel hitch are you using?

    Good luck selling yours, I haven’t had any luck selling my 16k B&W hitch yet.
  15. Approx. 300km’s on highway, 751km’s in town. DTE was 70km but a had taken the pic after I started filling the tank.