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  1. Which fifth wheel hitch are you guys using in the factory OEM mounts? I picked up a 20k lb B&W to fit the puck mount system in my new truck. The hitch was only used a couple times and I got a great price for it compared to paying new, about $600 less than a new one in Canada. I was only able to get one arm latched on either side for the ride home, adjusted them when I got home and had a nice warm garage to do it in. Now I just need to sell my above bed rail mount hitch.
  2. Same trip, I was in the middle of nowhere and fuel wasn’t cheap so I just put in enough to get me home. Total of 1642km’s and the truck said 12.8L/100km’s.
  3. First road trip, no complaints here about the range!
  4. The 7.3L was definitely an option for me until the numbers came out. Not saying they are bad but I wasn’t getting one unless it had 500 or more torque. So I decided to go with the 6.7 which will tow my 9500 lb fifth wheel like a champ. My new truck has the 3.55 gears which will be plenty. My 6.2l 250 had the 3.73 gears which pulled fine, the 4.30 would have been a lot better though. I have pulled my trailer on the flats and through the Rockies and it managed....manual mode and my foot to the floor and just listen to her scream. Where I live it gets crazy windy and I found the wind worse than any hill I have had to climb while towing as the hills have a end, where you can push the wind for hours straight and a fifth wheel catches a lot of air. My parents bought my 6.2l 250 off me so I might get some more seat time in it yet, I only put 101k km’s on it in the 8 years I had it. I hope they enjoy it(and my dad will finally get to drive a real truck now, he’s a Chevy guy). Lol
  5. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    Installed some led’s under my Tonno pro today. Wired into #1 up fitter switch. Pretty happy with my purchase and the install was a breeze, these up fitter switches are a great idea.
  6. I went with the diesel this time for the fuel economy while towing my fifth wheel, if I can get 10-12 towing that will be a pretty significant increase over the 8-9mpg I normally got with my 6.2L. Plus the larger fuel tank with the long box, I’m looking forward to towing next camping season.
  7. This is taking a long time, I don’t put a lot of km’s on in a year. I am currently half ways through my first tank of fuel and have 600km’s on my trip counter and DTE still says 610km’s. Approximately 180 highway and 420km’s around the city. Avg of 15.5L/100km.
  8. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    So I decided to order the Tonno pro, just arrived this afternoon. Box looked to be in rough shape but it looked good when I opened it up. It is a quick install and it will be easy to remove if needed. It should be easy to sweep snow off versus sweeping out the box before bringing into the garage.
  9. Ramrod79

    Strange behavior from my 2016 F250 Lariat

    Akirby , he must have the 6.7 diesel or the 6.2 gas as he has a 2016 f250.
  10. Ramrod79

    F-350 Tonneau-Covers

    I have been looking for a cover as well for my 2019 F350 8’ box. I’m looking at the Tonno pro hf 353. No rails to install and looks like it would be easy to remove if needed.
  11. I guess I will have to find out on my own if I ever make it home.
  12. Hey guys, just wondering how far can you go on a tank of fuel(diesel) with your 181L/48g tank?
  13. Ramrod79

    Got my first diesel!

    Yeah it’s a good thing my side of the garage is a tandem(39feet), not sure it would fit on the wife’s side, my 2011 ccsb just fit with my toolbox behind it.
  14. Ramrod79

    Got my first diesel!

    Thanks akirby. It is definitely a big truck, pretty impressed with the short amount of seat time I had in it. That fuel tank is something else, fuel gauge didn’t even come off full on the drive home. The dealership must have topped it right off.
  15. Picked up my first diesel Saturday. 2019 F350 xlt CCLB, Ingot silver, only got to drive it home from the dealership I purchased it from(200km). Had to leave town for work for a couple weeks. Really enjoyed the drive. Coming from a 2011 F250 xlt CCSB with the 6.2L. It was a fantastic truck but it was time to upgrade, can’t wait to tow the fifth wheel next camping season.