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    2015 F150 XLT

    Thank You ...Thank You ... Thank you Here it is :)
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    2015 F150 XLT

    BUMP 1FTFX1EF6FFB75965 Thank you very much for your time cyberdman. Appreciated very much.
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    2010 F150 Ticking Noise

    YT90SC, you were so right. Found 2 missing exhaust studs on #4 cylinder. The other 6 are really rusty. From doing some googling, it appears to be a common issue. 5 years old and rusted out.. I hope they have a better stud now on the new trucks
  5. wtwe2step

    2010 F150 Ticking Noise

  6. All I have it the VIN from the dealer. Any info would be appreciated. Curious where it will be built and when. Thank you very much 1FTFX1EF6FFB75965
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    Hello from Waldorf MD

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    Hello from NJ

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    This is a great site
  10. Do they place a priority on factory orders over normal production?