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  1. Vrefast

    2021 GT500 Build Guide

    Any scoop on when the subject build guide will be published? Know they won't be building the car until March but dying to get a build order submitted with my friendly local Ford dealer.
  2. Road and Track reports that the Shelby, the Performance Package equipped 5.0 and Mach 1 with the upgraded handling package that wear the Michelin Pilot Sport tires are not built in the months of December - February. The Flat Rock, MI plant weather doesn't allow those sticky when hot but slippery when cold tires to support being dyno'd or getting the cars up rail car or transporter truck ramps...
  3. Vrefast

    2021 Mustang Production & Scheduling Information

    When oh when will the GT500 Order Guides arrive. Dying to build one and a track day with the car...
  4. Vrefast

    2016 Mustang

    Ordered my 2016 GT Premium on August 3. Ford advised in early September of an ETA at the dealer of 10/7/15. The dealer wanted to close September strong and found the car was at the Ford distribution point on 109/29/2015 and had Ford transport it and I bought it on 9/30/15, so short answer is 8 weeks from order to delivery. 9 weeks at tops...