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  1. Enigma-2

    Climate control issue with heating

    Try a HVAC module reset first. Press the climate control button, defrost button and power button at the same time. Then press the climate control button again within 3 seconds and it will go into a diagnostics mode and reset.
  2. Enigma-2

    2013 Edge PTU Issues

    PTU is full time and can't be turned off. Changing the fluid every 30,000 miles will extend to unit more than anything else.
  3. Enigma-2

    Ford Protect Extended Service

    I have an older Lincoln MKX and buy extended warranties to offset major hits. For example the 3.5 NA engine is known for the water pump failing internally and destroying the engine. Ive seen costs running ~$5000-$6000 for a new engine. PTU failure is also a common concern that will run ~$1600. (In-fact, I had the PTU replaced under my previous extended warrant). What I actually found was it's not the single hit, but a series on small hits that add up. The first time I used my last extended warranty was to replace a vacuum hose. It was located on the back side of the engine and the dealer had to pull the manifold and other parts to get to it. ~$400 in labor (+ parts) for a simple hose. The seat lumbar broke, ~$600-$700 for parts and labor. Because I had an extended warranty, I had everything fixed that the garage found. One other thing to consider is the cost. The dealership will price it for as much profit as they can get. What I did is go online and get quotes for my car. I then made an appointment with my dealers controller (the VP) and got his price. I then hit him with what I can buy for online and he instantly matched. I then hesitated and pretended not to be impressed and he bettered the offer by offering a $0 deductible if I had all work done by their shop ($100 If I go anywhere else). (I plan on having done there anyway.) So I let him sell it to me. (2009 MKX, 100k miles and I still got another three years). The first extended warranty more than paid for itself. My current one, who knows. It's piece of mind knowing if a major expense occurs, I'm covered. Plus a loaner (can't remember how many times they gave me a loaner, plus free road service (I used this service when I picked up a lag bolt and tire went flat in the middle of nowhere. Also in a heavy downpour when I blew the sidewall on s curb in a $$!# CVS parking lot). Called Lincoln and they sent a tow truck and HE changed the tire. (AnD got completely soaked & dirty in the process). So don't forget to consider all the other little things that the warranty covers.
  4. I realize that this is an old thread but just ran across it and thought I'd add to the discussion. There is another way of wiring the camera so that it comes on with the ignition and turns off when the ignition is off. Plug the camera into a wiring harness that's connected to the mirror. That's only a few minutes, took me less than 5 to plug in the harness and add a couple of wire ties for strain relief. Works ok, and no wires dangling down to get in the way. Here's what I use to power my radar detector: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I1XF4XU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_aJSeBb13APNAM You would choose a harness for your particular mirtor and camera connection.
  5. Note that traffic is separate from your Sirus radio and weather subscriptions. Try contacting Sirus and have them send a reset signal. (Your will need your radio ID and be in the car when the signal is sent.)