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    Carbon Build Up

    Your engine has dual injectors. Both direct and port. The port mists fuel over backs of valves, and mostly eliminates the problem. The carbon build up problem has been occurring on vehicles that only have direct injection. And I have read of problems on Audi, MB, And BMW vehicles more than Ford engine vehicles with direct injection only. BTW....Most Hyundai and Toyota vehicles have dual injection also.
  2. Some people say to just run the car hard occasionally, helps keep it cleaned out. But to my way of thinking, hi RPM use would just create more blow by fumes to EGR , and increase the problem . Cleaner in gas tank might help keep injectors clean, but this is a problem caused by direct injectors injecting fuel directly into combustion chamber, whereas old port injected engines misted fuel directly into ports and over backs of valves, and kept the valves clean. Maybe nothing to worry about, or just a service item.
  3. Just wondering if this is really a big problem? We have a 2022 Nautilus with 2 L Turbo. Dealer service guy says he doesn't usually see problem until 75,000 miles or so. And they use a chemical process to clean out engine. Believe a Wynn product. 3 step process. Local BMW dealer seems to prefer hand cleaning....blasting with walnut media. My service guy just says this is a service item on 2 L engine. Just something you do. The Ford Ecoboost V6 and V8's have dual injectors....where port injection keeps the backs of the valves mostly clean. Have noticed Toyota and Hyundai both use dual injectors to avoid this issue. Have also read the Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost for 2024 will also get updated to dual injectors. Imagine that engine will work it's way into Explorer and other vehicles. Wonder if a de contented Aviator will also get that engine? In a lower trim level. It will have adequate tq. Something to replace the Nautilus?
  4. My wife has had her 2022 Standard Nautilus 2.0 engine and FWD since April of this year. it has been driven about 3000 miles, all urban driving. Today we took the car on a day trip....over 300 miles of 98% Interstate driving....to Jacksonville (FL) area. (Amelia Island) Is the dash estimate of fuel economy anywhere near accurate? If so.....I am amazed by this vehicle's fuel economy. Trip 2, which I zero'd out beginning of trip, said constant highway MPG driving in the 65-75 MPH range was 33 MPG. The dash has always said wife's fuel economy in urban driving is 22-23 MPG. Now to be honest....we are careful drivers, and usually drive with an eye toward saving fuel. But we don't hold traffic up either. I also filled the tank full at a Buc--ee's (fun place) on way back,, zero'd out trip 1, and drive back about 75 miles on all hwy driving....again 33 MPG, much of it at 75 MPH. Also....it just idles at 73-74 , around 2000 RPM (near as I can read the tach). And has adequate power for our use. If it was one of my past Mustangs, probably would say not enough power, but for our use of this vehicle, and where we use it, would not pay for a bigger engine using more fuel. And we're not necessarily picky about fuel costs, we just like to conserve. That little 2.0 engine makes 280 ft lbs tq at 3000 RPM, and can propel this 4200 lb (plus passengers) vehicle just fine. It has "tall" trans axle gearing for good fuel economy, but 8 speed trans can down shift for more tq with just a slight pressing of the throttle. Impressive engineering. Do wish it had dual injectors (like larger Ford engines) to clean carbon off the valves and intake, but guess I can do a carbon cleaning when necessary.
  5. Up date on hood alignment issue.....Local dealership (Parks Lincoln) fixed it. Was in body shop over night, they gave me an Enterprise Rental loaner (BMW 330I....over complicaed controls and hard to get in and out of....over rated small sedan seemed to me) Could not ask any dealership to do more.
  6. My wife's standard model with 2.0 is now a little over1 month old. The vehicle computer says she is averaging about 22 MPG in urban driving on 87. Don't know trip mileage yet. For our use, it has plenty of power, but do wish it had the dual injectors of the 2.7. Imagine some day will be doing maintenance to clean the carbon build up out. No port injectors to wash over the pistons. Shouldn't have problem on 2.7.
  7. I wish the 3.0 V6 Ecoboost was an option. Offered between the 2.3 and 5.0. That could easily make more HP and torque than the Explorer versions. Make it more of an M3 competitor.
  8. That's the only flaw I have found on her car. When standing in front....the seam between hood and fender is about twice as much on driver side as passenger side. The hood almost touches the fender. It's very noticeable and bugs my wife. Is there any adjustment that dealership can make to this? I'm not taking about a difference one would need a micrometer to notice either. Am I being too "picky"? Otherwise vehicle seems well made.
  9. Ralph Greene

    Lagano Victory at Darlington Tainted?

    I don't think going into the corner that fast, obviously to hit him from behind, reflects well on Logano. And I can hear him now crying when he gets it done back to him.
  10. No worries....I appreciate your response. My underhood is exactly like akirby. There is a nice little bolt there just like his pic shows. That question was bugging me. I'm retired from Merrill Lynch, didn't learn much automotive there. Lots of practical stuff I don't know. Now....if you want to buy some futures contracts on pork bellies....well...at one time I did that. In my old age, I'm impressed by people who know about stuff and how to do things. Lots of us know a lot about useless things in retirement.
  11. Thanks guys! I looked all over the written owners manual and the digital one. And the manual from NACO. They just keep saying exposed metal part or somilar.
  12. I carry a NOCO GB40 battery jump starter in back of wife's vehicle. Have rarely had to use it on past vehicles, because she just buys a new battery every 3 years. But have used it on other people's vehicles to get them started. When looking over her new Nautilus, I see you can't get to neg terminal on battery and use it as a ground, it's way back in engine compartment. So what ground point do you guys use? Is there a ground point designed on the vehicle? Not much exposed metal I can reach with the short cables that come with the NACO GB40. The bolt on top of the strut tower is exposed and can reach. Would that work? A better place in that general area? I have read that some vehicles have designated ground points built in place. Electricity is not something I'm knowledgeable about. Thanks
  13. After my Local Ford dealership (Central Florida) refused to sell us a loaded up Edge Titanium at X plan, the local Lincoln dealership did 2 weeks ago. So was able to buy a new 2022 Lincoln Nautilus at X plan cheaper than the loaded up Edge, although the Edge did have a couple features not on our Nautilus with premium package. Got a $1000 rebate also. The sales guy said they usually sell a Nautilus at MSRP plus $899 dealer fee these days. My X plan had a $75 dealer fee. I totally know you never out trade a car dealer, but I was satisfied with the sale and what they gave me for a 10 year old Edge with 81,000 miles. Parks Lincoln in Longwood, Fl is a very nice dealership. They are very transparent in their dealings.
  14. Yes features are nice. Our 2012 Limited Edge had most of these, but in slightly different form. I think these controls are more logical. More like how a computer works. My ordered Weather Tech mats and truck liner arrived, and will get a 2" receiver hitch on Wed for my US made 1UP bike rack. akirby....I know you originally wanted the 2.7. Are you now OK with the 2.0? The 2.0 and 8 speed auto make a good combo I think. Car has more get up than I expected. But I live where it's flat.
  15. Thanks guys LOL....Found it....but it's not on the left side. It's on the right side of steering wheel, and had been turned off. When in display, trip 2 comes just after trip 1 on the toggle....when it's turned on. Have spent a lot of time sitting in garage studying this thing. Think I've got most figured out. I've had to turn a lot of the features on. On our car, all the left side controls do is change station and volume on radio. It seemed logical to me that if there was a trip 1, there would be a 2. And when you guys affirmed that, found it. We've had the car 2 weeks now, and all I have found to complain about is the gap on the hood is about twice as wide on passenger side as the drivers side. Maybe dealer can adjust some of that out when I go in.