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  1. Yes, it's been done to a Mustang. Here it is: http://uglycarpictures.com/a-convertible-top-color-you-have-never-seen-before-clear/
  2. Al9

    Taurus Police Pkg

    Is this considered a Police Package, it's pretty extensive: http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-ford-taurus/
  3. Here is another one that the Mustang guys will like. I hope there is a Turbo under the hood of this Mustang: http://uglycarpictures.com/the-radiator-wont-fit-just-cut-a-hole-in-the-hood/
  4. This guy did it to his Focus and it looks horrible. I don't get it: http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-transformer-ford-focus/
  5. The spoiler and color combo is just bad: http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-ford-focus/
  6. I guess this stuff is the new thing to do to a Crown Vic, it's getting popular in south Florida. It's called a "donk" car. Here is an example so you can make your own opinion: http://uglycarpictures.com/video-ford-crown-vic-on-dub-floaters-sorry-crown-vic-owners/